Top 17 Music Video Templates & Presets for Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro 26/09/2022 4 min read

One of the best ways to get your hands wet with video editing is by working on music videos. You can use stock footage from Motion Array or use your own actual video clips with friends that feature cool dance moves, close-ups and fun royalty-free music! We have compiled a great list of popular music video templates, effects and presets for Premiere Pro to help you get started.

Part 1: 12 Best Music Video Templates for Creatives

Want more inspiration? The best list of professionally designed, ready-to-go music video templates features different styles from hip hop and retro to rock and summer vibes. Create kickass music videos that are addictive and groove-worthy!

1. Digital Music Intro

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Fast-paced and modern, the Digital Music Intro is an excellent addition to your Premiere Pro collection. With modern text animations and trendy transitioning effects, use it in your next music event prompts or music party invitations.

2. Vintage Rock Times

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Create a vintage look and feel with your music clips easily within Premiere Pro! Containing 11 media and text designs with an old-school grunge style, Vintage Rock Times is perfect for introducing your upcoming music tracks and projects.

3. Endless Summer

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Feature endless love and romantic scenes using this great music video template, containing 56 media holders and 19 text holders with retro VHS paper animations. Add lyrics or chorus words to help immerse your audience deeper into your song and love story.

4. Hip Hop Promo

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This modern inspirational video is a great video blog or music video template to start your promos for an event or concert. An action-packed and fast animated intro or opener to your music festivals, gigs, club nights, discos, after parties or upcoming event videos.

5. I Don’t Love You

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Another vintage look and feel template design, emulating an 8mm film and film burn scenes. With a total of 45 media holders and 19 text holders, mix and match it with your upcoming music events, concert intros or promos.

6. Rock’n’Roll

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If you love rock and roll, this grungy and dynamic template is one of the best options on this list. Featuring 8 freeze-framing video sequences and 29 photo slots, plus many text placeholders, create unique behind-the-scene promos or short social media clips.

7. Hip Hop Urban Opener

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This is another cool hip-hop-style intro template to better present your music channel online, as well as the new singles you are releasing. Smooth glitch transitions add a touch of sophistication and professionalism to your work.

8. Rewind VHS Opener

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If you are looking for a more unique music video template with cool effects, the Rewind VHS Opener is a smooth and modern style for your projects. Showcasing smooth rewinding to the beat of music and stylish glitch noise, get ready to wow your viewers with the best announcements or promos.

9. Band911

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Definitely a more extreme promo video, Band911 is a great example of using more than one media or style in one. Featuring modern transitions and a grunge cinematic look, you will not be disappointed. You can mix it with other templates on this list.

10. Instagram Music Stories

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Designed with social media reels and stories in mind, dazzle your audience with this modern music video template. Easily showcase your new tracks, excite your followers and make them want to listen more.

11. Dance Promo

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Nowadays, dynamic transitions in videos really add more to the appreciation of music and dance. Enchant your audience with fast-moving scenes and never lose their attention.

12. Music Intro

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Announce your upcoming events or new music coming out with the Music Intro. Split screens and colorful transitions make this music video template a great tool to impress your audience with action-packed and energetic online content.

Part 2: 5 Cool Music Video Effects for Video Editors

1. Trippy Music Effects

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Cool and creative, the Trippy Music Effects preset is a great way to select certain scenes from your video content and enhance the look and feel. Save a lot of time and create unity within your projects.

2. Surreal Dramatic Effects

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3. Psychedelic Effect 3

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Another more dreamlike style, the Psychedelic Effect is one of the favorites among users. Add a modern trippy effect to your upcoming videos, especially around music videos, vlogs, or game videos, including Facebook and YouTube videos.

4. Underground Prism Effects

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Containing 36 super cool-looking and creatively animated trippy Premiere Pro presets, use them in your presentations, slideshows, promotions, and event videos. Add a layer of mysticism and suspense, while also filling the screen fully and grabbing the attention of your audience.

5. Flicker Effects

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Last but not least, Flicker Effects is a great way to transition from one scene to another within your music video. Make your video cool, appealing, and stylish with 15+ easy-to-use effects with full controls to adjust them as you need and create your signature look.

Demonstrate superior musical skills using these creative and kickass music video templates. Within less than a few hours, create and publish amazing music videos right in Premiere Pro. Motion Array can now provide many different selections of video templates, and a great place to see what you can use for your next project is this handy list. Entertain yet also inform your audience, while also capturing their full attention. 

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