5 Sites Premiere Pro Video Editors Should Follow

Premiere Pro 29/12/2018 4 min read

As a Premiere Pro user, there is a ton of information available all the time. From tips and tricks to software news, you could probably fill your day reading up on things instead of getting your work done. Luckily, we’ve handpicked 5 sites that you should follow to get lots of great information easily, giving you the time you need to actually work, while being on the pulse of the Premiere Pro world.

5 Awesome Premiere Pro Websites

1. PremierePro.net


PremierePro.net is the brainchild of editor and teacher Jarle Leirpoll. Leirpoll is a big part of the Premiere Pro community and we even recently featured Leirpoll in an interview for the blog.

Along with being a working editor who uses Premiere Pro exclusively for his edits, Jarle has also written a book called The Cool Stuff In Premiere Pro. Along with the great advice from his book, Jarle keeps a regularly updated blog with techniques, news, and free stuff.

Some interesting topics include “To Transcode Or Not To Transcode” and “Camera POV Templates for DSLR and Video Cameras.”

Expect to come to PremierePro.net to learn some tips that you wouldn’t find everywhere else. There are things for beginners, but experts will find plenty of juicy bits as well.

2. Premiere Bro

Premiere Bro

If you dig into the Premiere Bro about page, you’ll see this “Premiere Pro, bro.” That about sums it up, yeah?

There’s the Product category highlighting things like plugins. You have the Promo section highlighting various pieces editing in Premiere Pro, and then the Blog news, tips, and this and that.
There is plenty of content here to make a visit worth your while, and it’s well organized for easy browsing.

3. Adobe Premiere Pro Blog

Adobe Blog

If you want solid news on what’s happening with Premiere Pro, what better place to go than the source? Adobe keeps their own Creative Cloud blog and regularly put up posts on Premiere Pro.

Lots of what you’d find on the Premiere Pro blog is news related to updates, features, and announcements. But Adobe doesn’t leave it there. They post educational topics like “Working With Immersive VR Video,” and promo posts like “Disney’s Pete’s Dragon Soars Into Theaters With Help From Adobe Creative Cloud.”

While many of the other sites give a personal user’s touch and fan’s perspective, you shouldn’t skip over the posts here that are the closest you can get to the source.

4. ProVideo Coalition

ProVideo Coalition

While ProVideo Coalition isn’t a Premiere Pro only site, Premiere Pro users will find plenty to read up on here.

First of all, ProVideo Coalition is a prolific blog that covers all types of film and video topics including gear, and news. They have sections for production and post-production. There is a ton of good information around the whole industry.

But a quick search for “Premiere Pro” will give you a large set of results for you, the Premiere Pro user. When we searched, we got over 140 pages of results, although the Premiere Pro posts don’t happen every day, there are a lot of them.

At ProVideo Coalition, you can expect to find the usual suspects for Premiere Pro, news announcements, feature explanations, and educational posts. But it’s definitely worth stopping by on a regular basis for all of the other content ProVideo Coalition serves up.

5. VashiVisuals


Like Jarle Leirpoll, Vashi Nedomansky is a filmmaker and editor who is also a big proponent of Premiere Pro. In fact, he has worked with some big-name directors, helping to set up their post workflow in Premiere Pro.

Vashi also has a blog that covers a range of topics, largely centered around Premiere Pro. Here he talks about projects he’s worked on, like post-production on Deadpool. He also discusses techniques and gives away free stuff.

Vashi is definitely a Premiere Pro expert and someone to look to for advice and trends in the Premiere Pro community.

Bonus: These sites are all great for keeping up with what’s going on in the world of Premiere Pro, but you can also get the latest news from Adobe’s social feeds for Premiere Pro.

Check out their Twitter feed, and their Facebook page for quick links and tidbits.

Do you have a favorite site for Premiere Pro news or tips that we missed? You can always let us know in the comments below!