Top 25 Stylish & Modern Premiere Pro Slideshow Templates

Premiere Pro 07/05/2021 6 min read

Slideshows can be used for all sorts of exciting projects, from business presentations to showreels, but creating these dynamically animated compositions can be time-consuming and frustrating. Premiere Pro slideshow templates take all the hassle out of the process, allowing you to concentrate on your footage and titles rather than fiddly transitions. So, check out our list and get downloading today.

Part 1: Top 25 Premiere Pro Video Slideshow Templates

1. Dynamic Urban Media Slideshow

The Dynamic Urban Media Slideshow is a fast-paced and energetic composition, with a massive 34 titles and 20 media placeholders. The stunning glitchy style is best suited to fashion, music, and events promotions, or anyone wanting to create a concrete urban feel to their video.

Download Dynamic Urban Media Slideshow Now

2. Yeah Okay Dynamic Slideshow

Containing 11 media and 18 text placeholders, the Yeah Ok Dynamic Slideshow is sure to grab and keep your audience’s attention. The energetic video brings together speedy film roll style transitions and huge typography elements for a unique and modern template.

Download Yeah Okay Dynamic Slideshow Now

3. Typo Twerk Fast Glitch

The Typo Twerk Fast Glitch template is a stunning, energetic opener with an exciting and engaging design. The entire template packs a punch with a massive 65 media and 34 title placeholders, ideal for announcements, product launches, and event promos.

Download Typo Twerk Fast Glitch Now

4. Calm Inspiring Minimal Slideshow

This beautiful slideshow project gives the impression of a magazine layout, split-screen image, and text effects, with ample paragraph text space. Both calm and inspiring, this minimalistic slideshow can be used across a range of industries and video types.  It is perfectly suited to projects with longer messaging.

Download Calm Inspiring Minimal Slideshow Now

5. Urban Media Opener Slideshow

The Urban Media Opener Slideshow project not only contains 16 media and 32 title placeholders but it also comes with both horizontal and portrait versions. The fast-paced title elements are bold and highlighted perfectly by the urban style flourishes and background elements.

Download Urban Media Opener Slideshow Now

6. Memories Slideshow

The Memories Slideshow is ideal for weddings, events, and holiday videos, with a slow and emotive style. The large photo wall design contains 36 media placeholders and transitions beautifully using elegant lens flare and light leak effects.

Download Memories Slideshow Now

7. Modern Media Slideshow

This sleek and modern slideshow is incredibly versatile and would suit a wide range of project needs. The clean design has multiple text elements, allowing you to add website and social platform details without distracting from the bold, cut-out style titles.

Download Modern Media Slideshow Now

8. Modern Cinematic Slideshow

The Modern Cinematic Slideshow has a unique twist! The slide appears on screen as a part of the scene and transitions to full screen in a swift flying zoom. The whole template design makes it ideal for video websites or magazines, where you want the feeling of clicking through pages on a website.

Download Modern Cinematic Slideshow Now

9. Clean Slideshow

The Clean Slideshow template features 12 images and 24 title placeholders in a versatile and stunning design. The white letterboxing and parallax style transitions create a cinematic feel, with the simple titles that stand out above your images and video clips.

Download Clean Slideshow Now

10. Slideshow Opener

The Slideshow Opener template offers a unique glass panel style design, creating magnified portions of the screen. Combined with bokeh effects, light leaks, and simple, bold titles, this clean and vibrantly animated project is ideal for photography and corporate presentations.

Download Slideshow Opener Now

11. Dynamic Trendy Media Opener

The Dynamic Trendy Media Opener is, as the name suggests, trendy and dynamic. 31 text effects and 41 media placeholders crash together in this fast-paced and exciting slideshow, ideal for announcement videos, events trailers, and opening title sequences.

Download Dynamic Trendy Media Opener Now

12. Vintage History Slideshow

This creatively designed slideshow is ideal for art, history, and travel-based content. The vintage look is created from stained backgrounds and ink splash transitions, using photo frames for your media elements, with handwritten titles and flourishes for an old-world feel.

Download Vintage History Slideshow Now

13. Trendy Dynamic Media Opener

The Trendy Dynamic Media Opener is incredibly versatile and can be used for any content with a modern and creative edge. The split-screen video wall and fast-paced camera movements make this energetic project an engaging watch for your audience.

Download Trendy Dynamic Media Opener Now

14. Event Promotion Slideshow

This dynamically animated template can be used for a lot more than event promotion. The animation and design are consistent between slides, allowing you to easily shorten or extend the project to your requirements.

Download Event Promotion Slideshow Now

15. Presentation

Presentation is the ideal template for any presentation; a modern and clean design that could be used across a variety of project types. With a website layout feel, the design is familiar to your audience, allowing you to focus on your messaging.

Download Presentation Now

16. Futuristic Slideshow

The Futuristic Slideshow is ideal for your sci-fi and tech-related openers and promo videos. The glitchy transitions and lens flare flourishes provide a futuristic style, while the double image layout creates a unique and eye-catching design.

Download Futuristic Slideshow Now

17. Dynamic Slideshow

This highly stylized modern Premiere slideshow template is sure to grab your viewer’s attention. With boxed windows for your media, this striking design offers full-screen typography animation and contrasting graphic flourishes.

Download Dynamic Slideshow Now

18. Fashion Media Opener

This energetic slideshow template project is ideal for fast-paced fashion, events, and photography videos. With zooming, wiping transitions, and bold typography messaging, the Fashion Media Opener is a dynamic, modern, and exciting project.

Download Fashion Media Opener Now

19. Modern Digital Slides

The Modern Digital Slides project offers a corporate design ideal for business presentations, promo, and communication videos. The angled media windows and graphical flourishes give the design a hi-tech feeling, while the simple text elements make the messaging the focus.

Download Modern Digital Slides Now

20. Big Scrolling Slideshow

For those projects that require a powerful slideshow, look no further than the Big Scrolling Slideshow. This boldly designed Premiere Pro template has 96 media placeholders, presented in scrolling film reel style squares. From weddings, holiday memories, to special events, this impactful template has a lot to offer.

Download Big Scrolling Slideshow Now

21. Sparkle Slideshow

This gracefully designed Premiere Pro template offers a gentle approach with soft lens flare and light leaks. Easy to customize with 14 media placeholders, Sparkle Slideshow is excellent for video intros, presentations, and family photo albums.

Download Sparkle Slideshow Now

22. Modern Cinematic Slideshow

With 13 text and media placeholders, the Modern Cinematic Slideshow is a simple but beautifully designed project. The clean and minimalistic transitions are ideal for big bold messaging, letting your photos or videos speak for themselves.

Download Modern Cinematic Slideshow Now

23. Happy Moments Slideshow

If you’re looking to give your memorable moments a retro feel, this fun Adobe Premiere template has what you need with its unique polaroid presentation. Featuring 37 editable text layers and media placeholders with easy-to-add transitions, Happy Moments Slideshow is ideal for making your special occasion videos something to remember.

Download Happy Moments Slideshow Now

24. Slideshow

Slideshow offers a modern and elegantly designed template with 16 placeholders for your media that is super easy to customize. The template is ideal for photo slideshows, special occasions, live events, presentations, and all forms of social media videos.

Download Slideshow Now

25. 100 Photo Mosaic Slideshow

This stunning Premiere Pro template has room for up to 100 media placeholders in photo frames which you can easily layer to create a beautiful mosaic slideshow. A stylish way to display your family photos, product videos, slideshows, or make an impact with your photography portfolio.

Download 100 Photo Mosaic Slideshow Now

Part 2: How to Use Premiere Pro Slideshow Templates

Premiere Pro slideshow templates are super easy to use, even for beginners. Each template may have a slightly different folder structure, but you will quickly be able to find your way around.

  1. Choose and download your template. 
  2. Once downloaded, double-click to open the zip folder, then double-click on the Premiere project to open it.
  3. Once opened, you will see the whole project in the timeline. You will need to keep this tab open so you can always see the finished view.
  4. The bottom left of the screen is where you will find the project browser, which lists all of your folders and assets. Click on the folder labeled Edit to open it.
  5. Each scene or slide will have its own folder; click on the first one to see its contents. 
  6. Now, you will see a list of assets with instructions as titles, such as Edit Media
  7. Double-click on the element with media in the title to open it in the timeline.
  8. The timeline you see will either be blank or contain a placeholder image
  9. Delete any placeholder and drag your media to the timeline.
  10. Click back to the Final Sequence tab and check you are happy with your image/photo scale and position. Once you are pleased with how it looks, you can close the timeline tab for the media.
  11. In the scene folder, you will also have compositions labeled Text or Title – double-click to open in the timeline.
  12. Using the Text Editor tool, click on the screen and retype the text element. You can adjust the color, font, size, weight, and alignment in the Effect Controls panel.
  13. Go through each scene folder, opening each customizable element and replacing it with your media or titles.

Slideshow templates are great for creating stunning content quickly and impressing your viewers and clients. We’ve listed some of our favorite Premiere Pro slideshow templates, but Motion Array has hundreds more for you to explore, why not head over now and have a look. 

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