15 Eye-Catching Social Media Packs for Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro 08/02/2021 5 min read

Motion Array offers a variety of Premiere Pro Social Media packs that cater to different looks, textures, and styles. Commanding attention and making your own graphics within your videos is a necessity for successful influencers and can take a great deal of time. These 15 Premiere Pro Social Media packs are some of the best available and will spice your videos up in a necessary manner.

Part 1: Full List of 15 Most Enticing Social Media Packs for Premiere Pro

1. Social Media Pack

This is a master pack of sorts that offers a variety of animations and designs that are social media-specific. Included are packs for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and others. The Social Media Pack for Premiere Pro is a great starter option for those getting jumpstarted on their social media and needing a little bit of everything, including lower thirds.

Download Social Media Pack Now

2. Scribbles Social Media Pack

The Scribbles Social Media pack gives your videos a sketchbook-type feel with 6 cute animation templates. This pack is perfect for a young female audience and can enhance videos directed toward that market.

Download Scribbles Social Media Pack Now

3. 60 Social Media Lower Thirds

Lower Thirds in Social Media are essential for directing and informing your viewers. This pack offers gorgeous, smooth animations that will give your videos a sleek professional look. They are essential for having eye-catching Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube videos.

Download 60 Social Media Lower Thirds Now

4. Social Media Pack

If you are needing to spruce up your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube videos with a minimal learning curve, then this is the pack for you. The assets in this pack include 22 lower thirds and 26 Find Us titles. There is no need for After Effects with this pack. 

Download Social Media Pack Now

5. Social Media Typo Pack

This is one of the most comprehensive free Social Media packs you can download. It comes equipped with over 60 elements and 30 animated titles. This toolkit will give you a great headstart by supplying everything you could possibly need. 

Download Social Media Typo Pack Now

6. Social Media Titles Pack

Mastering the use of social media titles is a necessity and this pack will make it all the easier. You can download a number of full-screen titles to enhance your videos and make an impression on those passing by your profile. These are ideal for YouTube, Facebook, and similar platforms.

Download Social Media Titles Pack Now

7. Hand Draw Stories Pack

The Hand Draw pack gives you 10 different designs that all stand out from one another and will impress viewers. The colors of these options are editable and it also comes equipped with a tutorial for new users. 

Download Hand Draw Stories Pack Now

8. Facebook Cover

The Facebook Cover gives you 9 different options for flashy and eye-catching transition effects. These are ideal for presentations, adverts, and slideshows. They are versatile and effective animations and transitions that will help keep a crowd hovering around your content. 

Download Facebook Cover Now

9. Facebook Social Media Elements

This drag and drop pack you can use in Premiere Pro contains a variety of templates for Facebook. Simply add your text to these well-designed elements that will make your Facebook presence more engaging.

Download Facebook Social Media Elements Now

10. Mix Instagram

This pack gives you the ability to quickly render out and apply up to 15 different Instagram stories. No Premiere Pro plug-ins are required in this pack designed to give your Instagram extra flair. 

Download Mix Instagram Now

11. Instagram Social Media Elements

These elements that can be added to your Instagram posts are some of the best available. They are designed for flexibility towards any user’s profile and posting style. You can condition the elements to match your style and be padded into your post formula.

Download Instagram Social Media Elements Now

12. Tik Tok Subscribe Elements

This pack is designed specifically for TikTokers and is of the utmost importance in building a following. There are 8 animations available that will instruct your viewers to subscribe to your TikTok account, and from there you can watch your numbers climb.

Download Tik Tok Subscribe Elements Now

13. Social Network

The clean templates offered in this pack are ideal for platforms like TikTok and Instagram. They come with varying dimensions you can employ and will give you the cutting edge in your photography displays on social media.  

Download Social Network Now

14. YouTube Toolkit

The YouTube ToolKit offers some of the most aesthetically pleasing animated scenes available at no cost. You can alternate between colors and add text of your very own to these gradient titles. 

Download YouTube Toolkit Now

15. YouTube Endscreens

These Premiere Pro bumpers are great for concluding your Behance, YouTube, and Facebook videos with class. They add a stylish touch to vlogs and promotions that you can easily manipulate.

Download YouTube Endscreens Now

Part 2: How to Use Social Media Packs for Premiere Pro 

Many of these Social Media Packs for Premiere Pro are simple to use. Simply unzip the downloads to a preferred folder and browse the media materials.

Many will be simple drag and drop videos you can place in your Adobe Premiere timeline. Others you may have to import.

  • For end screens, openings, and animations, you’ll want to place your videos at appropriate spots within the timeline.
  • For graphics and visual effects that are intended to heighten pre-existing footage, you will want to layer the media in your Social Media Pack atop your footage.

From there you can adjust the visual settings, like Overlay, Lighten, and others to accommodate your videos.

  1. Open the Premiere Pro project in Adobe Premiere Pro. 
  2. In the Project window, open up the appropriate downloads folder and browse the videos, titles, and graphics to find the animation or title you’d like to use.
  1. Once you have chosen that, open up the Edit comp that corresponds with your chosen title or animation.
  2. Back in the final comp, you should see the change taking place. Render this comp to drop into your video.

These 15 enticing Social Media Packs for Premiere Pro can enhance your output with little time and effort. It’s easy to master these videos and apply these graphics and animation without having to spend excessive amounts of time in Photoshop or 3D editing programs like Blender. The Social Media Packs for Premiere Pro are an absolute must have for video editors and influencers looking to make an impact.