Top 5 YouTube Channels for Premiere Pro Users

Premiere Pro 08/12/2018 4 min read

YouTube is a wealth of knowledge for creatives. There are countless channels dedicated to filmmaking, graphic design, general video, and the like. But, we wanted to round up some of the great channels that at least heavily focus on Premiere Pro and how to use it.

Here’s a collection of five of the best YouTube channels about Premiere Pro. Subscribe to these if your a regular user or are just starting to learn the software!

Premiere Pro YouTube Channels to Check Out

1. Motion Array

Motion Array YouTube

First up is the Motion Array Tutorials channel. If you’re not already subscribed, we’re really proud of it! We specialize in producing tutorials for beginners and advanced video and filmmakers. With videos such as 4 Awesome Ways To Use Masking In Premiere Pro, How To Zoom in Premiere Pro – Adobe Premiere Zoom Tutorial, and How To Use Speed Ramping To Create Flow In Premiere Pro, Motion Array focuses on creating quality content for all concerned. 

Unlike some of the other channels here, this one’s primary focus is on tutorials, so you can be sure that your time here is focused on improving your Premiere Pro, After Effects, and general filmmaking skills. And a little pizzazz, because we all need a break from time to time. 

2. Justin Odisho

Justin Odisho

Justin is a video producer who has a very prolific YouTube channel with over 700,000 subscribers. This is largely due to the fact that he offers up a ton of content from tutorials to reviews.

However, our post is about Premiere Pro, so let’s talk about that. Justin currently has hundreds of tutorials dedicated to the use of Premiere Pro CC on his channel. These tutorials range in topics from How to Censor Blur Faces & Objects in Adobe Premiere Pro to Adobe Premiere Pro: Bullet Hole / Cracked Screen Wasted Animation Effect Tutorial to 10 Life Saving Adobe Premiere Pro CC Editing Tips. In short, he has a ton of great content to help you become a better editor in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Justin also offers fun music video editing breakdowns inside of Premiere Pro and glitch art effect tutorials. There is really something for everyone here, and with Justin aiming to add something new every day, you won’t soon run out of content to watch.

3. Premiere Gal

We like Premiere Gal around here. She uses Motion Array, and that’s a plus. But, she’s also got a great YouTube channel all about using Premiere Pro. With her mission being “to create free tutorials to help people become the best video editors or producers they can be,” her channel is geared towards anyone wanting to learn more about using Premiere Pro, from beginners to seasoned vets.

She updates her channel more than once a week with helpful advice, and has even started doing some live streaming in her #AskGalLive series. There are over 248 videos in her channel such as How To Create Stop Motion Animation Adobe Premiere Pro, How to Fix the Media Offline Error in Adobe Premiere Pro, and How to Clone Yourself Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial.

Not only does she cover broad topics, but she also has some very specific topics that may come in handy for you. With her fun take on tutorials and good production value, you should definitely check out Premiere Gal and give her a subscribe while you are at it.

4. The Best Adobe Premiere Pro Quick Tips


From the title, it should be pretty clear what this channel is all about …fly fishing. Or maybe quick tips for Premiere Pro.

Over the last 7+ years, this channel has been churning out tip after tip, with almost 200 videos being uploaded. Their How Did They Do That series of videos shows off an effect, animation, or look, and then explores how it was created. And their quick tips cover just about everything you can think of.

The channel is updated a few times a month, so be sure to check in every now and then. While some topics might not be useful for everyone, digging around a little will definitely get you something that you are interested in learning.

5. Terry White

Terry White

Terry White is one of the most respected experts on the entire line of Adobe’s Creative Cloud products. While his channel covers lots of topics within Creative Cloud, it’s a great place to look for Premiere Pro tips and tricks.

Terry has one of the most popular videos on YouTube for Premiere Pro beginners called How To Get Started with Adobe Premiere Pro CC – 10 Things Beginners Want to Know How To Do. He also has videos around more specific topics like How to Do Green Screen (Chroma Key) Effects in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, and the very specific How to Take Advantage of Adobe Premiere Pro CC on Microsoft Surface Book. More recently, he’s moved away from Premiere Pro, but the odd tutorial from time to time, such as How to Make Images Move in Adobe Premiere Pro, will pop up. 

While you won’t find as much content dedicated to Premiere Pro, Terry is a master at the software. Any video he posts about Premiere Pro is one worth watching. If you’re working in teams or need an understanding of more products in the Creative Suite, this channel is a gem.

There are lots of great resources for Premiere Pro on YouTube, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. But if you are serious about creating with Premiere Pro, definitely subscribe to these channels first!