Create Realistic Camera Shake Effects in Premiere Pro (+5 Templates)

Premiere Pro 28/04/2022 3 min read

Love it or hate it, there are times that camera shake is needed – from handheld camera motion to jittering film roll style, the movement of your camera can help set a tone and style for your films. Fortunately, Premiere has a unique way of copying camera movements from one clip and pasting them to static tripod clips. Let’s show you how!

Part 1: Learn to Create Realistic Camera Shake Effects in Premiere Pro

Many camera shake presets out there do a fantastic job creating a realistic-looking shake. However, sometimes you want complete control over the movements or perhaps want to replicate movement from another shot. This excellent camera shake technique uses accurate movements from another clip. 

Creating a Realistic Camera Shake Effect

For this technique, you will need 2 clips – the still clip you want to add the shake to and a shaky clip to copy the movements. If you’re looking for some free camera shake clips to play with, check out stock footage from marketplaces, such as Motion Array or Pexels.

  1. Add your still clip to the timeline, and make any Scale or Position adjustments needed.
  2. Add your shake footage to the timeline in the track above your still clip, then adjust the Scale and Position as needed, and trim the ends to the same length.
  3. Select both clips and right-click > Nest, then name the new nested sequence Camera Shake Effect. You will now only be able to see the shaky clip.
  4. In the Effects panel, search for Warp Stabilizer and add it to the nested sequence.
  5. Find the Warp Stabilizer controls in the Effects Control panel and turn the Result setting to No Motion.
  6. Next, change the Method setting to Position, Scale, and Rotation.

Wait for Premiere to finish analyzing the clip – this can take a while, depending on its length and how much movement is in the shot. 

  1. Once Premiere has finished analyzing, double clip the nested sequence to open it.
  2. Make the shaky top clip invisible by clicking the eye icon in the Layers panel.
  3. Return to the main timeline, and you will see your still clip now has the same shake effect as your shaky clip. 

Note: Do not click Analyze in the Effects panel, as Premiere will use the still clip as a source.

How this Effect Works

With some effects, it can be helpful to understand what is happening to your clips; when you know how it works, you can think of more creative uses for the technique.

The Warp Stabilizer is mainly used to remove the camera shake from a shot. Premiere analyzes the clip for the motion and creates keyframes for the Scale, Rotation, and Position to counteract the movement.

In this technique, Premiere analyzes the movement in the top clip and applies the keyframes to the nested Sequence. When the layer is turned off from within the nest, the keyframes are applied to the still clip.

Creating your own camera shake can allow you to be super precise with your effects; you can even shoot clips specifically for the camera shake. Additionally, if your project requires a combination of purpose shot clips and stock footage, you can replicate the camera shake to create a consistent look for your compositions.

Part 2: Top 5 Camera Shake Effects & Presets for Premiere Pro

1. Camera Shake Presets

The Camera Shake Presets pack includes 15 different effects, ideal for boosting your Premiere Pro toolbox. The set features everything from smooth gliding motions to jerky fast shakes.

Download Camera Shake Presets Now

2. Camera Shakes Blinking

The Camera Shakes Blinking set includes 10 unique presets mixing motion with a glitchy flicker. The subtle movement effects are ideal for adding a natural camera shake to your clips, while the stylized blinks and RGB glitch create a retro feel.

Download Camera Shakes Blinking Now

3. Camera Shake Effects

The Camera Shake Effects pack includes 14 stunning shakes every 20 seconds in length. This set focuses on small jittering movements rather than handheld shake effects, ideal for retro footage and film roll bounces.

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4. Camera Shake Flicker Effects

The Camera Shake and Flicker Effects pack includes 14 presets, each 30 seconds long. The presets include fast-paced zoom shake, flickering, and banding, evoking a similar feeling to those old 8mm home movies.

Download Camera Shake Flicker Effects Now

5. Long Shake Kit

The Long Shake Kit is a stylized set of 10 presets, ideal for events, music, and showreel videos. The extreme shakes are matched with RGB glitch, strobe, and flicker effects to create a unique movement for your clips.

Download Long Shake Kit Now

Creating your camera shake effects of your own in Premiere Pro doesn’t take long at all but can give you a way to control the finest aspects of your camera movements. From narrative films to promotional videos, camera shake can help create an authentic and exciting experience for the viewer. Check out these 20 more video camera shake effects.

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