Learn to Make a Shuffle Transition in Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro 29/11/2018 2 min read

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to easily create a shuffling transition effect in Premiere Pro. The best part of what we’re about to show you is that does not require duplicating lots of layers. There’s also a tip in there we picked up from Jarle Leirpoll on how to add motion blur. Ready to make this cool shuffle transition? 

How to Create a Shuffle Transition Effect

Before getting started, check out our Premiere Pro transitions tutorial if you need a quick refresher. If you’re a pro, just dive in! 

Step 1: Set Up Your Timeline

  1. To begin with, import a couple of images into Adobe Premiere Pro.
  2. Create a New Sequence and give it a name.
  3. Drop the image down into the timeline. You’ll probably want the image to last for about 5 seconds or so, or whatever you need.

Step 2: Apply Animation

  1. To animate it, head on to Effects > Transform
  2. Now, set the keyframe under Position at about 1 second. Go to the beginning, and pull the image out of the frame.
  3. For setting the second keyframe, make this an Ease In keyframe. Right-click and select Temporal Interpolation > Ease In

Step 3: Add Motion Blur

  1. The reason why we recommended using the Transform effect, is to add a bit of Motion Blur
  2. Uncheck the Use Composition Shutter Angle.
  3. Increase the Shutter Angle to about 40 or so. Now you should have some nice motion blur!

Step 4: Prepare the Shuffle

  1. Next, drag the original image sequence into another sequence. Name it something like “Shuffle 01.”
  2. Head on to Effects > Echo and apply that to your video.
  3. Now, under the Effects Control > Echo Operator, change to Composite In Back.
  4. Change the Echo Time (seconds) to -0.1. And enter the Number of Echoes as 7. This will create 7 different instances of this image sliding in.

Step 6: Add a Drop Shadow Effect

  1. To separate the different layers, you’ll want to add a Drop Shadow effect. To do this, click on Effects > Drop Shadow, and apply that to your layer. 
  2. To make the Drop Shadow effect visible, drag it above the Echo Effect, or else you won’t be able to see it. 
  3. You can then change the direction to be 90 degrees and adjust the distance and other parameters according to your needs from Effect Controls

Pro Tip

The more you soften the Drop Shadow, and the more that you increase the Shutter Angle, this will result in longer rendering time. Just be aware of that when using this effect!

Now that you’re all set, give this shuffle transition a try in Premiere Pro. If you get stuck somewhere, we’re here to help you out! Plus you can always stay inspired by checking out our library of Premiere Pro transition templates and transition plugins