Top 12 Psychedelic & Trippy Video Effects Templates for Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro Video Effects 28/08/2021 5 min read

Who says you need to keep footage the way it came out of the camera? Open up Premiere Pro and start playing around with things. Add warping, footage-bending transitions, and jarring psychedelic colors. Check out these fun trippy video effects templates from Motion Array, and if you want to create your own then read on to learn how to use 3 of our favorite Premiere Pro effects.

1. Psychedelic Effects

Warping images and weird colors make lots to play around with when using this template package. This project contains 8 video overlays and 8 audio presets that are ideal for your music clips, YouTube videos, and social media posts.

Download Psychedelic Effects Now

2. Liquid Psychedelic Transitions

Easily transition between your footage using these cool warping psychedelic animations. Add amazing glitching, melting transitions in your music videos and promos. This template is super easy to use!

Download Liquid Psychedelic Transitions Now

3. Aberration Shake Transitions

Aberration Shake Transitions contains 16 awesome animated transitioning effects. The warping, colorful transitions look great in music videos but also in presentations, promos, and social media videos.

Download Aberration Shake Transitions Now

4. Bizarre Anaglyph Effects

This is a great pack of effects if you’re looking to create something like a dream sequence. Weird, warping mirrored images, strange colors, and twisting camera moves create a very strange but very cool set of Premiere effects.

Download Bizarre Anaglyph Effects Now

5. Neon Bloom Effects

Teleport into the future with 10 awesome visual effects for your Premiere projects. They’re super easy to use and can be dropped right onto your footage to create instant colorful results.

Download Neon Bloom Effects Now

6. Dark Lens Effects

Looking for something a bit more creepy than psychedelic? These warping visual effects for Premiere Pro would look right at home in a dark fantasy or horror film. Enthrall your audiences in moments by dragging and dropping the effect onto your footage.

Download Dark Lens Effects Now

7. Punk Tv Effects

This pack contains 12 different punk-style and glitchy presets to choose from. With a dark, grungy vibe it would be right at home in punk-themed music videos.

Download Punk Tv Effects Now

8. Dark Prism Effects

Trippy, psychedelic movements and neon colors combine to make this awesome kaleidoscope of footage effects. This Premiere Pro template has no need for plugins and its beautiful designs are ready to drop right into your project.

Download Dark Prism Effects Now

9. Flex Bloom Transitions

Jump between shots with these incredible bloom transitions that curl and sweep around your footage like magic spells. With 10 cool-looking options to choose from, enhance the look and feel of your teasers, promotions, music, and events videos. 

Download Flex Bloom Transitions Now

10. RGB Hits

Use these colored RGB hits to add some uncertainty and unpredictability to your footage. Perfect for dream sequences, superhero sequences, and any other creative video projects. The transitions are also available at different speeds.

Download RGB Hits Now

11. Crazy Lens Transitions

Crazy, warping camera lens transitions are a lot of fun to work with and this pack is no different. There are 29 included in this pack, and each of them distorts the clip in a really creative way.

Download Crazy Lens Transitions Now

12. Psychedelic Transitions 2

Psychedelic Transitions 2 is a slick Premiere Pro presets pack that contains 13 fast, trippy transitions. The high-energy, multicolored transitions would look great in any kind of music video, social media video, or commercial.

Download Psychedelic Transitions 2 Now

Part 2: Create 3 Trippy Video Effects with Premiere Pro

Want to create some trippy video effects of your own? There are some pretty cool effects already built into Premiere Pro to play around with. Try them individually or combine them to create interesting results.

1. Mirror Effect

This effect reflects the whole clip. Choose the point in which the image reflects itself and adjust it for different results.

  1. Search for the Mirror effect in the Effects panel.
  1. Drag it onto your chosen clip in your timeline.
  2. In the Effects Controls panel, adjust the X angle of the Reflection Center.
  1. Apply the effect multiple times on the same clip and adjust the Reflection Angle value to create interesting kaleidoscope effects.

2.  Turbulent Displacement Effect

This effect gives the footage a loose, warping, liquid look. Enjoy adjusting the values to change the intensity of the effect.

  1. Search for the Turbulent Displace effect in the Effects panel.
  1. Drag it onto your chosen clip in your timeline.
  2. In the Effects Controls panel, adjust the Amount value to increase the displacement
  3. Adjust the Size value to increase the size of the bubbles.
  1. Adjust the overall style by selecting from the dropdown options under Displacement.
  1. Add some animation to the effect by moving the playhead to the beginning of the clip, and setting the values to 0, and hitting the keyframe icon. Move the playhead later in the clip and adjust the values to change them over time.

3.  Echo Effect

This effect creates a lagging, duplicated image on top of the footage that can be quite overwhelming if not used carefully, but look awesome when used properly.

  1. Search for the Echo effect in the Effects panel.
  1. Drag it onto your chosen clip in your timeline.
  2. Adjust the Number of Echoes value to change how many image duplicates there are. It’s a strong effect so try and stick to around 2 or 3.
  3. Change the Decay value to affect the intensity of the effect.

Note: This effect is demanding on your computer so if you have trouble with playback try reducing the quality of the playback to ¼, and rendering the clip before you preview it.

Post-production can be the most fun stage of the filmmaking process, and trippy video effects let you take your footage to the next level. Try using Motion Array’s trippy video effects templates to adjust the colors and animations of the footage, and if you want complete control use the existing echo, mirror and turbulent displace effects to create unique images.