Top 30 Hard-Hitting Breaking News Sound Effects and Background Music

Royalty Free Music 18/11/2021 5 min read

There’s nothing quite as telling as a hard-hitting news opening. You know when that fast-paced orchestral number gets going at 6 PM it’s time to learn about what’s going on in the world. Whether you’re trying to spice up a nightly broadcast or you want something ear-catching for your next YouTube video, these 30 breaking news sound effects might just be what you’re looking for.

Find the Best Breaking News Sound Effects & Music

1. Broadcast News Report Notifications

Breaking News is a short melodic chime made using a combination of the marimba and digital keys. The pack comes with five different chimes that would make an excellent game chime.

Download Broadcast News Report Notifications Now

2. This Just In

A short, dramatic clip perfect for breaking news, This Just In is made with a combination of strings and FX. With only six seconds of sound, it’s perfect for a news cut-in.

Download This Just In Now

3. Good News

Good News has a little bit more of a technology flare to it making it great for a science or corporate project. At 3 seconds it’s short and sweet but still has a little excitement in it.  

Download Good News Now

4. News Report

If you’re looking for playful and mysterious, News Report might be the breaking news background music for you. It combines a hoppy piano with a subtle combination of strings and a xylophone.

Download News Report Now

5. Cyber News

Those looking for a futuristic, dramatic breaking news intro music might just find their ideal track in Cyber News. It combines synths, percussion, and FX to make an intense track.

Download Cyber News Now

6. The News

With a hint of a twinkle, The News is a charming, light-hearted news intro track perfect for the beginning of your next YouTube video. It crescendos up and ends with an enchanting twill.

Download The News Now

7. News Bulletin 

News Bulletin is a fast-moving, modern track that’s perfect for a more serious project. It combines guitars, drums, synths, brass, and pads for a real sports corner feel.

Download News Bulletin Now

8. New Technological Ideas

With an inspiring feel, New Technological Ideas is perfect for your next corporate commercial. It combines pads, keys, drums, synths, and plucked guitars for a positive and light feel.

Download New Technological Ideas Now

9. Top News

For breaking news intro music that rivals competitors, you need Top News. With an empowering piano, brass, strings, bass, and synths it’s perfect to open your next project. 

Download Top News Now

10. Time For News

Trendy and upbeat, Time For News is the perfect lighthearted opener for your next YouTube video. It combines the enchanting sounds of the piano, guitar, bells, pads, and an airy beat for something truly unique.

Download Time For News Now

11. Latest News

If you’re looking for a longer opening track, the Latest News clip might just be for you. Just over a minute long this upbeat clip has an air of urgency to it and combines modern synthesizers with a classic orchestra.

Download Latest News Now

12. Stock Market News

Stock Market News is a more atmospheric track that combines an electronic vibe with drums, guitars, and percussion. It has a real corporate air to it that would work well as the backing to a business segment.

Download Stock Market News Now

13. The News Today

Built for an epic introduction, The News Today breaking news background music has a modern-traditional sound to it. It combines electronic echos with a peppy news-sounding background. 

Download The News Today Now

14. Latest News

Latest News features a traditional growing orchestra that fits any good ole fashioned newscast. With strings, percussion, brass, and pianos, whether you’re prepping a work of fiction or a nightly show, this could be the perfect fit. 

Download Latest News Now

15. Breaking News

Breaking News is the perfect opener to a modern news broadcast — whether it’s going on YouTube or prime time. It has a fitting urgency to it and combines motivational electronic elements.

Download Breaking News Now

16. Stay Informed

Featuring an orchestra, percussion, and synths, Stay Informed is an excellent choice for breaking news sound effects download. You could easily add this as the intro or background for a full news show, sports segment, or even a political review.

Download Stay Informed Now

17. Latest Developments

Perfect for sharing breaking news, Latest Developments 30 and 60-second clips, as well as a full choice that’s over two minutes. It combines piano, strings, and energizing synths in a motivational piece.

Download Latest Developments Now

18. Information Overflow

Information Overview feels like the opening for a high-end nightly news show. This short but impactful piece combines bold strings, brass, percussion, and compelling synths.

Download Informational Overflow Now

19. There’s Always Some Great News

If you’re looking for a piece that’s powerful and intense, look no further than There’s Always Some Great News. It combines piano, strings, bells, horns, drums, and synths fit for a serious TV report.

Download There’s Always Some Great News Now

20. A Remarkable Report

With a spirited but authoritative air, A Remarkable Report is ideal for a nightly news intro. It combines the use of dynamic strings and driving percussion that could play for royalty.

Download A Remarkable Report Now

21. Information Flow

It’s not hard to picture Information Flow as the opening or closing theme to the nightly newscast. It combines strings, piano, horns, synth bass, and orchestral percussion for a pulsating piece.

Download Information Flow Now

22. Best News Ever

Best News Ever is a classic, upbeat news score. It features a synthetic beat against joyous strings to pull together a truly impactful opening.

Download Best News Ever Now

23. News Story Sensation

Quick, fast-paced, and serious, News Story Sensation is the perfect cut-in for some truly breaking news. It features dynamic orchestral sounds for a true news sound.

Download News Story Sensation Now

24. Spread The News

Spread The News is another classic news opener. This breaking news background music features majestic strings and a contemporary echoing beat that adds a modern edge.

Download Spread The News Now

25. The Breaking News

Featuring five different length choices, The Breaking News is the perfect opener for a fast-paced, heavy-hitting news show. It features a rhythmic clash of strings, percussion, pads, and synths.

Download The Breaking News Now

26. Headline News

Headline News features a melodic piano, brass, electro beats, and fast-paced strings. Whether you’re creating a weather report or a cutting-edge YouTube video, it might just be the perfect fit. 

Download Headline News Now

27. What Happened Today

Offering something a little more melodic than a classic news intro, What Happened Today features pads and swells, synth harps, and percussive bass.

Download What Happened Today Now

28. Dramatic Countdown

Dramatic Countdown is a futuristic piece that’s a perfect fit for a TV ad or game show. With drums, spacey leads, strings, brass, guitars, and drums, this energetic beat is great for a dynamic show.

Download Dramatic Countdown Now

29. Daily Report

If you’re looking for something light and inspiring, Daily Report is for you. It features a piano, harmonics, synths, and a steady beat that’s fit for corporate presentations or travel blogs. 

Download Daily Report Now

30. Hot News

Hot News is a young, fresh take on the traditional news opener. Featuring a collection of strings, guitars, pianos, and a pulsing rhythm it’s a fit for your next broadcast.

Download Hot News Now

The perfect breaking news sound effect for your next project depends on the tone you want to set. Epic news openings often feature serious, fast-paced, orchestral music while quick takes go for something fresh, quick, and ear-catching. But whatever you’re looking for is out there waiting for you on Motion Array.