Top 24 Fun & Happy Royalty Free Children’s Music for YouTube

Royalty Free Music 03/03/2022 5 min read

If you’re making content for children, the music needs to be right for it. It needs to be bright, airy, happy, and fun to match the kind of optimistic and colorful videos you’re making. While corporate music works great for branded content and documentaries, you’ll need to dig a little deeper to find the best royalty-free children’s music. So we’ve done the hard work for you, and pulled out 24 of the best cheerful royalty free children’s background music for you to choose from. Let’s get to it!

1. My Little Toys

This sweet little track kicks off with a charming piano melody before introducing other elements around it like percussion, whistles, claps, and guitars. As well as making great music for children’s content, it would also work perfectly in lifestyle or aspirational travel videos.

Download My Little Toys Now

2. Precious Childhood Moments

Nothing says cute quite like a ukelele and whistling, and this track is predominantly that. Joined after the intro by a steady percussion, this track for family-oriented content is available in the main edit and the short edit.

Download Precious Childhood Moments Now

3. Making Waffles

Here’s something a little more involved, while still focusing on the key elements of ukelele and whistling. It layers in a glockenspiel and conjures a peaceful, calming atmosphere for your children’s YouTube videos.

Download Making Waffles Now

4. Sunny Popcorn Fields

Kick up the pace with this one, starting with an energetic drum before bringing in the jolly ukelele, whistling, and glockenspiel to make music perfect for playing outside on a warm summer’s day.

Download Sunny Popcorn Fields Now

5. Happy Jazzy Birthday!

Happy birthday! This is a lovely celebratory jazz-themed happy birthday tune, with deceptively simple catchy lyrics. Kids will be singing along in no time when you drop this into a birthday-themed video or even an e-card.

Download Happy Jazzy Birthday Now

6. Mister Clumsy

Here’s a track with plenty of character that’s just perfect for setting the tone of somebody creeping about naughtily, or as the title suggests someone a little clumsy. The sound effects and twists and turns make it a really fun little piece of music with lots of applications.

Download Mister Clumsy Now

7. Balloon Waltz

You’ll recognize this waltz melody, but have you heard it with a children’s spin before? The quirky synths and bass turn this into a charming twist on the waltz that’s just perfect for children’s videos and cartoons.

Download Balloon Waltz Now

8. Got Some Brand New Toys

Got Some Brand New Toys is a lovely, lilting orchestral track that uses strings and bells to create a calming atmosphere. It’s great for children’s content like animations and educational videos, but also casual games that adults would enjoy.

Download Got Some Brand New Toys Now

9. Happy Funny Kids Children Music

This easily loopable background music fits in any kind of comedic content you’re making, whether it’s YouTube videos for kids, amusing TikToks, or playful animations for Instagram and Facebook.

Download Happy Funny Kids Children Music Now

10. A Ticket To Childhood

With lots of depth and texture, there’s plenty to enjoy in this youthful and entertaining music. Layers of piano melodies, guitars, drums, and ukeleles create a track that’s perfect for children’s videos, travel films, lifestyle content, and even corporate adverts.

Download A Ticket To Childhood Now

11. Tree House Adventures

Guitars and drums lead the way in this lovely sunny outdoors-themed music. After kicking off with a charming ukelele, the adventure kicks in and takes you back to endless summers playing in the woods and fields of your childhood.

Download Tree House Adventures Now

12. Little Feet

Aiming for younger audiences, here’s a track that embraces woodwind and funny sound effects to tell a story. There are 3 variants here to choose from, and each one is perfect for children’s animations, comedies, and even kids-themed nature content.

Download Little Feet Now

13. The Funny Joke

Here’s another woodwind-led track, this time with plenty of staccatos to tell the story of a cheeky, sneaky character. The music has plenty of personalities that would match a comedic animation or other children’s content.

Download The Funny Joke Now

14. Mom’s Cookies

Nothing but positive vibes here! Dust off your ukulele and guitar and turn up the sweetness with this charming music track that is versatile enough to be used in any kind of children’s video content.

Download Mom’s Cookies Now

15. The Funny Flying Butterfly

What kind of music would you imagine to tell the story of a busy flying butterfly? We can pretty much guarantee it would sound something like this. A big jazz band comes together to paint a beautiful picture of nature, and there are four versions for you to choose from.

Download The Funny Flying Butterfly Now

16. Dixie Mama

Here’s another lively ukulele track, but this time with some brass and an accordion thrown into the mix to shake things up a little. Take your pick between the two versions available in this downloadable file.

Download Dixie Mama Now

17. Zoo Trip

This fun characterful track somehow manages to be calming and relaxing at the same time, with a nippy little drum beat and layers of guitars playing the melody. Choose from the 5 different edits available in the download, or combine all of them!

Download Zoo Trip Now

18. Clap Your Hands

If you’re looking for some music to get the kids dancing, this is the track for you. The drumbeat carries it along at a fast pace, and there are plenty of guitars and pianos to make up the melody. Guaranteed to get your children clapping their hands!

Download Clap Your Hands Now

19. Family Vacation

The marimba and percussion in this track will carry you away to warmer climates, and paints a picture of building sandcastles on the beach. Mix and match the five different edits in this download, perfect for family travel content.

Download Family Vacation Now

20. Engaging Fun

Driven by a ukelele and energetic whistling, Engaging Fun is a pacey, versatile piece of music that would work in plenty of children’s content and family-themed videos such as vlogs, advertisements, and animations.

Download Engaging Fun Now

21. Back To The Childhood

A driving acoustic guitar carries this bright and airy music track designed for children’s adverts and YouTube videos. There’s one main edit and two shorter edits available in the download so you will certainly find something for your video.

Download Back To The Childhood Now

22. It’s A Kid’s Pop Party

Another bright track guaranteed to get the kids up on their feet and dancing. Driven by electric guitars, this energetic pop music would sit well on any fast-paced children’s video. As well as the main track there are 60, 30, and 15-second edits.

Download It’s A Kid’s Pop Party Now

23. Children’s Party

Choose from two versions of this celebratory party song, packed with percussions, synth, claps, and a glockenspiel tied together with a child-like singing. 

Download Children’s Party Now

24. Squirrels

Squirrels! They’re so naughty, and if they had a theme tune it would sound a lot like this. Cheeky, sneaky, and mischievous, it’s the perfect music to accompany any naughty pet videos. One of the edits is a seamless loop so you will always be able to match it to your content.

Download Squirrels Now

Children’s content requires a specific kind of tone, and that tone needs to be matched by the music. The royalty-free children’s music included in this list is all available to download and drop into your projects right away, so whether you’re working on an animation, social media video, or family-themed advert, you’ll find what you need quickly and easily in the Motion Array marketplace.

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