29 Ambient Royalty Free Chill Background Music for YouTube Videos

Royalty Free Music 14/02/2022 6 min read

Background music is pretty much as important to your videos as the story and the visuals. The wrong kind of background music can throw off the whole project’s success. If you’re making tutorials, vlogs or corporate videos for YouTube then chill background music adds and sets the right tone. If you’re not sure where to start looking, we’ve assembled the 29 best tracks on Motion Array for royalty-free chill background music.

Part 1: Relaxing & Easy Royalty Free Chill Music to Enjoy in Videos

1. Feel Relaxation

This low-fi, soulful track is guaranteed to put your mind at ease. Lingering vocals echo around an addictive bassline. The cozy beats are perfect for vlogs, fashion videos, and intimate interviews.

Download Feel Relaxation Now

2. Another Day

This is a track packed full of memories. The rain and thunder, the melodic pipes…it’s a relaxing, nostalgic trip perfect for chilled-out YouTube videos. Simply download the track and add it to your projects.

Download Another Day Now

3. Till Sundown

This track will remind you of long, warm, sunkissed summer days on the streets, hanging out with your friends. Smooth piano and guitar slides add a beautiful melody to this already cool youthful beat.

Download Till Sundown Now

4. Luxury Chill Zone

The synths, keys, bass, and snaps in this project will seriously chill you out. This clean, luxurious vibe is perfect for fashion videos, vlogs, and relaxed presentations. 5 mixes are included in this pack.

Download Luxury Chill Zone Now

5. Cherry Lips

Smooth, lush guitar licks roll over a calming beat in this smooth jazz track. If you want to feel like you’re living in a jazz bar, this is an excellent place to start with 5 cool versions to choose from.

Download Cherry Lips Now

6. Look At The Sky

Look at the sky. What do you see? Stars, planets, the universe beyond. This smooth and calming ethereal track brings all the wonder of space into your ears with beautiful strings and synth.

Download Look At The Sky Now

7. Redefine

What does this track make you think of? A relaxing lounge? The great outdoors? Exploring other cultures? The low-fi beats and reverse effects make this a calming experience, perfect for chillout videos.

Download Redefine Now

8. Remember

With cool synths, laid-back beats, and catchy vocals, this royalty-free chill pop track feels cool and nostalgic, ideal for any relaxing YouTube content. Download it now and drop it onto the timeline to get started.

Download Remember Now

9. In The Distance

Hit the streets and explore the town with this chill, urban royalty-free lo-fi hip-hop track with casual guitars, piano, and cool lyrics. It’s all pretty relaxed and smooth, exactly the kind of music you’d find in a lounge.

Download In The Distance Now

10. Sensual Flow

Close your eyes and feel transported into a sensual world of saxophones and rolling beats. A world of fashion, luxury, and feeling good about yourself. Download and use the 2 versions of this royalty-free track.

Download Sensual Flow Now

11. Tropical Dreams

Feel the sun on your face with this bright and bouncy tropical house track, packed with cool beats, guitar licks, and syn melody. Throw it into feel-good promos, lifestyle, and fashion videos.

Download Tropical Dreams Now

12. Coffee Shop Vibe

You’ve definitely seen this video on YouTube! Speed ramps of coffee beans being ground and slow-mo shots of coffee being poured, accompanied by a thoughtful question. Well, if you’re making that sequence, this is the track to use.

Download Coffee Shop Vibe Now

13. Always In My Mind

What’s always in my mind, I hear you ask? Well at the moment, it’s this track. Smooth, relaxing, with some cool sax and synths and plenty of styles. Try it in cooking videos or vlogs!

Download Always In My Mind Now

14. Wine And Dine

This track is just the epitome of cool. Funky guitar licks, smooth saxophone, and rolling beats, it’s perfect for Friday night at the jazz bar. This would work perfectly in a cocktail recipe video. You can also use the mixdowns!

Download Wine And Dine Now

15. Be With You

Here’s a sparky little thing to get you dancing. The warped vocals have a great, upbeat tropical vibe that can be used in any kind of project that you want to feel good about. Travel videos, vlogs, product tutorials – you name it.

Download Be With You Now

16. Stylish Night Cafe

When the kids have gone to bed, it’s time to party. Hit the stylish night cafe for an evening of cool jazz, piano, and good times. This upbeat royalty-free track would be great for ads, promo videos, and fashion content.

Download Stylish Night Cafe Now

17. Good Old Groove

Here’s a track that you can apply to pretty much anything. Laid back, chill, and easy-going lo-fi hip hop beats make this an absolute dream in vlogs, tutorials, social media content, and everything else under the sun.

Download Good Old Groove Now

18. Brooklyn Nights

The big city beckons. Roam the streets with this easy-going lo-fi beat on a loop. Explore all the best coffee shops, places to eat, or just chat with the locals and let time slip away.

Download Brooklyn Nights Now

19. Don’t Wanna

Get your funk on tonight with these slick guitar licks and lyrics. If the lyrics don’t set your pulse racing then no worries – the download also includes an instrumental version. Grab them both in and use them royalty-free in your projects.

Download Don’t Wanna Now

20. French Coffee Press

The saxophone is king in this flowing jazz track. Cozy piano, sparkling guitar, and groovy bass come together to create a relaxed and romantic vibe set on the streets of Paris. Hit download and start using it in your video projects today.

Download French Coffee Press Now

21. Your Street

There’s something pleasantly familiar about this lo-fi beat. Like a well-trodden path. If you’re looking for something cozy and comfortable, try using this in podcasts, vlogs, and interviews. All you have to do is download it and you can throw it into projects right away.

Download Your Street Now

22. My Friends

This chilled-out royalty-free track has laid in some optimistic acoustic guitar over the vinyl crackle and a pleasant beat. It’s a feel-good, upbeat track perfect for summer vibes.

Download My Friends Now

23. Escape

This neutral dance track would fit pretty much anywhere, whether you’re making a vlog, tutorial, fashion video, summer holiday montage, or casual interview. Groovy, positive vibes only, please!

Download Escape Now

24. Feel The Beat

This track is a perfect combination of stylish lo-fi electric guitar, deep bass and beats, and bluesy piano. It’s the ultimate relaxing track, for when you have absolutely nowhere to go and you’re not in a hurry to get there.

Download Feel The Beat Now

25. Take It Easy

If this track was any more laid back it would be on the flow. Milky guitar licks, melodic chords, and a gentle vinyl crackle make this a gorgeous, unassuming blend of sounds for your vlogs and podcasts.

Download Take It Easy Now

26. Walk The Steps

This royalty-free track is the perfect background work vibes. Switch it on, focus up, and forget about the outside world thanks to the chill beats and soft keys. If you need something simple for your YouTube video, you’ve found it.

Download Walk The Steps Now

27. Path

There are so many rich layers of sounds in this track, it’s a pleasure to listen to even without including it as a backing track. The texture of the drums and foley is just perfect, and the vocals add to the pleasantly calming vibe.

Download Path Now

28. Whisper My Dreams

If you’re looking for something quiet and unassuming but that would work well in a corporate video, you’ve found it. A simple beat, quiet synth, and a melody that can easily be dropped into any kind of YouTube video.

Download Whisper My Dreams Now

29. Keep On Vlogging

Finally, here’s something that will blend right into the background of whatever project you want to throw it into. Podcasts? Check. Tutorials? Check. Vlogs? You got it. Creamy beats, synth, and vocal cuts make this a neutral track for any genre.

Download Keep On Vlogging Now

Part 2: Is Royalty Free Chill Background Music for Your Videos?

So how do you know if chill background music is the right kind of track for your videos? There are so many genres, so much to try out. How do you know when to use something chill?

The chill background music tracks above have been chosen because of how unassuming and neutral they are. They can be played in pretty much anything and it won’t detract from the message.

  • Let’s take an instructional tutorial video: you need something that isn’t going to clash with the voiceover. The narrative is the most important element here, so choose some music that doesn’t overpower it. Use chill tracks to act as a gap-filler when you want the visual aspect to be the main focus when you don’t have a voiceover.
  • There’s something cool and mellow about the smooth tracks, so if you’re making a fashion video or a cool promo, you need music that isn’t going to give a different vibe than what you’re after.
  • Animations and explainer videos are pretty neutral types of content, so the smooth and low-key style background music works well. Let the background track enhance the texture of your story and allow the audience to easily follow along without distractions.
  • In vlogs and podcasts, this kind of music is perfect for showing the passage of time or transition to another scene. Walking down the street, heading out on the road, accompanied by a sequence of cool urban b-roll.
  • Use chill background music with your intro and outro, something to easily transition you into the main content. It sets the tone of the video and tells the audience something even more substantial is about to begin.

Pick and match royalty-free chill music tracks into your YouTube videos. If you’re not sure whether this kind of music is right for your project, then have a think about what you’re trying to achieve. If you need background music with a more neutral tone where the music isn’t going to clash with your voiceover, then it’s probably right for you.

If you are looking for additional music options that are similar to chill music, other options include piano music, meditation music, country music as well as romantic music.

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