26 Most Inspiring Christmas Background Music for Your Holiday Posts

Royalty Free Music 08/12/2021 5 min read

Everyone can record a video and put it up, but what really makes the OK stand out from the good is the soundtrack. For holiday posts, these 26 pieces of inspiring background music are a must-listen for video creators this season. The best part is they’re all easy to find right on Motion Array, here’s our curated list!

Most Popular Christmas Background Music to Download Today

1. On A Christmas Day

Featuring a 1950s flavor of sound, On A Christmas Day is the perfect track to throw behind your next Hallmark holiday film review post. Featuring mesmerizing vocals over an orchestra, this peppy track injects life into a scene.  

Download On A Christmas Day Now

2. Romantic Winter Story

If you want a jazzy tune to make the background of your next post stand out, Romantic Winter Story is a great pick. It pairs a melodic piano with upright bass and swing brushes for the perfect holiday tune. 

Download Romantic Winter Story Now

3. Days Of Joy

Days Of Joy is an acoustic ballad that pairs perfectly with a more serious, hopeful scene. Featuring grand piano, guitar, flutes, strings, and percussion, it’s great for your next holiday project.

Download Days Of Joy Now

4. Yes, It’s Christmas

Yes, It’s Christmas is a gospel-inspired tune that features a female lead backed by piano, claps, strings, and sleigh bells. Whether you’re making a brand post or something more personal, it can add the holiday mood you’re looking for. 

Download Yes, It’s Christmas Now

5. Christmas Miracle

If a warm ambiance is what you’re going for, Christmas Miracle is the tune for you. With an emotional piano, calm mallets, and cheerful sleigh bells, this is a good seasonal pick for your next post. 

Download Christmas Miracle Now

6. Bright Christmas Lights

Bright Christmas Lights features a joyful dancing piano mixed with strings, bells, and chimes that fits any inspiring holiday content. Whether you’re promoting your holiday romance film or sharing a greeting with your followers, it can certainly boost the mood.  

Download Bright Christmas Lights Now

7. Christmas Wonderment

Featuring a cinematic twirling piano backed by a light string orchestra, Christmas Wonderment makes for a great seasonal tune. Pair this holiday piece with your next social ad and get some conversions.  

Download Christmas Wonderment Now

8. Christmas Eve

The beauty of Christmas Eve isn’t lost on this track. With a festive, happy tune and 3 different edits to choose from, the piano, strings, brass, and chimes are a great addition to the holiday season. 

Download Christmas Eve Now

9. First Noel Jazz

First Noel Jazz is a hypnotic, modern take on a classic Christmas tune. Mixing piano, guitar, drums, and an upright bass, this tune is perfect for animated videos, photo galleries, and slideshows.

Download First Noel Jazz Now

10. Christmas Jazz Jingle Bells

Christmas Jazz Jingle Bells is an updated swing version of the classic “Jingle Bells.” Featuring an optimistic piano, it’s the perfect background for any holiday-themed social video.

Download Christmas Jazz Jingle Bells Now

11. The Winter

The perfect pairing for any holiday-themed content, The Winter is a fun, joy-filled track. With a cinematic sound, you can add this as the background for animations, cartoons or holiday greetings. 

Download The Winter Now

12. Christmas Chill

Christmas Chill features a powerful sleigh bell, soft piano, bass, strings, and tight beats. This seasonal tune might just provide the background music that you can add to your trendy holiday video.

Download Christmas Chill Now

13. Christmas Rock

Whether you want something to back a social ad or New Year’s greetings, Christmas Rock is a fun pop-filled tune. Featuring orchestral strings, sleigh bells, a piano, and rock drums it can add a little fun to your project. 

Download Christmas Rock Now

14. Beautiful Christmas Advertising

Beautiful Christmas Advertising is a light, quiet piece of music that’s fit to add to your holiday content. With calming bells and a soft piano, this background piece won’t take away from the true purpose of your content. 

Download Beautiful Christmas Advertising Now

15. Preparing For Christmas

Perfect for your pre-holiday content, Preparing For Christmas features a collection of peppy bells, piano, and other melodic instruments. Whether you’re building an ad or uploading a playback from a party, it’s a great background addition.

Download Preparing For Christmas Now

16. Best Christmas Gift Ever

Best Christmas Gift Ever is upbeat royalty-free happy Christmas music that will make a powerful background to your next holiday social post. With a blend of bells, guitars, pianos, strings, and drums, it makes for a festive social tune. 

Download Best Christmas Gift Ever Now

17. Magic Christmas Vibe

Providing a soft, consistent sound, Magic Christmas Vibe is an inspiring piece of background music for your next social media post. Combining guitars, strings, bells, and soft percussion, this acoustic track will add to the holiday atmosphere without taking away from the content of your post. 

Download Magic Christmas Vibe Now

18. Happy Christmas Acoustic

With a pop-filled, folky vibe, Happy Christmas Acoustic is one of the best Christmas background music tracks. There are two versions of this track, so you can (but don’t have to) include jingle bells in your video. 

Download Happy Christmas Acoustic Now

19. One Snowy Morning

Inspired by the classic Christmas instrumental music found in Jingle Bells, One Snowy Morning is an ideal fit for your next holiday project. It features warm strings, piano, acoustic guitar, and bells that make up its inspiring melody. 

Download One Snowy Morning Now

20. Joyful Santa

Joyful Santa has a groovy tune to it, featuring jazzy vibes, brass, guitars, and whistles. This background track has 4 different versions, ranging from 18 seconds to over 2 minutes.  

Download Joyful Santa Now

21. Silent Night Jazz

A jazz take on the holiday classic “Silent Night”, Silent Night Jazz features 2 versions of this ambient Christmas tune. It pairs piano, bass, brush drums, and festive sleigh bells, which make up a charming background piece. 

Download Silent Night Jazz Now

22. Christmas Ukulele Folk

Christmas Ukulele Folk combines the charming strum of the ukulele with jingle bells, glockenspiel, acoustic guitar, bass, and drums for a cheery tune. Whether you’re building a holiday ad or preparing your seasonal YouTube content, it’s a great pick.

Download Christmas Ukulele Folk Now

23. Christmas Joy

Christmas Joy is a happy, fun-filled holiday tune that works for promos and viral videos alike. It features the piano, shaker, Christmas bells, strings, and light drums for a smooth background arrangement. 

Download Christmas Joy Now

24. This Happy Christmas

There are three different cuts of This Happy Christmas, so you can find the perfect fit for your next piece of holiday content. This peppy orchestral tune will brighten any project. 

Download This Happy Christmas Now

25. Christmas Dream Solo Piano

For a slow, reflective scene, Christmas Dream Solo Piano comes in handy. It provides a soulful solo piano tune that’ll add a romantic ambiance to any seasonal project.  

Download Christmas Dream Solo Piano Now

26. Christmas Piano

For sugarplums and sweet dreams, Christmas Piano is your tune. The thrill of the gentle piano provides a calm, melodic background for your holiday social content that will lull your audience into a calm, cheerful mood. 

Download Christmas Piano Now

The perfect Christmas background music adds a delightful ambiance to your social content that elevates it above the rest of the fold. But to get that look and feel, you need to find the best fit. Motion Array has thousands of audio tracks to pick from, so the ideal fit is out there for you. 

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