24 Best Cinematic Sound Effects Packs for Trailers & Movie Openers

Royalty Free Music 02/02/2022 5 min read

Sound can turn a video project from an ameature show to a full-fledged professional film. It helps anchor your audience and pull them into the story, and it can help raise the tension or swoon the viewers. If you’re looking for something big, bold and impactful for your next project, then these cinematic sound effects are a must-listen!

Top-Notch Cinematic Sound Effects & Atmospheres for Epic Trailers

1. Cinematic Swoosh Impacts

Cinematic Swoosh Impacts splashes into your ears sounding like something you’d find at the start of a fast-paced video game. This free download has a real sci-fi feel with risers and deep drops that’ll make a speedy transition that much more interesting.

Free Cinematic Swoosh Impacts Download

2. Points Of Suspense

This dark, powerful sound effect is exactly what you would describe as cinematic. Featuring 10 different sound risers paired with bowstrings, and other spooky elements, Points Of Suspense is the perfect addition to your next horror project.   

Download Points Of Suspense Now

3. Tense Heartbeat Cinematic Trailer

Your pulsating medical drama needs the Tense Heartbeat Cinematic Trailer to help build suspense with its dark heartbeats and risers. With four different variations, you can build the right ambiance for your project.  

Download Tense Heartbeat Cinematic Trailer Now

4. Horror Ambient 

Horror Ambient brings in a real creepy cinematic atmosphere with its mystical sound backed by a consistent suspenseful mood. You can practically picture the fog rolling in on your next Halloween graveyard scene.   

Download Horror Ambient Now

5. Cinematic Glitch Impacts

This royalty-free SFX pack features six different glitch-inspired sounds. From glitchy hits and woosh impacts to explosions, you could add these tracks to your next Matrix-inspired project.

Download Cinematic Glitch Impacts Now

6. Trailer Hits And Braams

With a real Lord of the Rings feels, Trailer Hits and Brams gives you access to six different effects that feature cinematic hits, risers, and brams. Any of the sounds in this pack could easily slide into your next trailer or transition.

Download Trailer Hits And Braams Now

7. Deep Impacts

Deep Impacts provides exactly what it says it does, three different variations of foreboding “impact” sounds that you can add to your next project. Whether you’re looking to fit a trailer, intro, or something else.

Download Deep Impacts Now

8. Orchestral Cinematic Braams

Orchestral Cinematic Braams features six variations of hybrids hits, risers, and braams that you can use to back a suspenseful scene. Whether your characters are cresting the top of the hill for battle or you’re running the opening credits, it could be the perfect pick.

Download Orchestral Cinematic Braams Now

9. Mysteries Of Deep Space

Calling all sci-fi creators, Mysteries Of Deep Space provides you with three versions of a truly deep and space-appropriate sound. These atmospheric pieces can provide your next project with the suspenseful backdrop it needs.

Download Mysteries Of Deep Space Now

10. Atmospheric Game Drone

With three long pulsating sounds, Atmospheric Game Drone can add a real synth-driven dramatic feel to your next project. Whether you’re building a scary intro or approaching the final moments, it just might be able to help guide your viewers through.

Download Atmospheric Game Drone Now

11. Magical Garden

If space and fairies are what you’re looking for, Magical Garden is here to deliver. This sound effects pack brings a futuristic atmosphere with a light crystalizing sound that hits and just a little magic.

Download Magical Garden Now

12. Horror Strings Screeches

Reminiscent of Psycho and other classic horror films, Horror Strings Screeches uses violins to help elevate suspense. Whether you’re going in for the kill or you’re opening your next feature, this might be a stellar find. 

Download Horror Strings Screeches Now

13. Trailer Cinematic Piano Hit

There are five variations of an impactful piano hit featured in Trailer Cinematic Piano Hit. From small suspenseful horror to epic dark ambiance, if you need that one perfect hit, you might just find it here. 

Download Trailer Cinematic Piano Hit Now

14. Booms

Booms provides a collection of futuristic booms that have just a hint of space built-in. If you want the creek of otherworldly creatures, or simply something to help build suspense in your trailer, you might just find it here.  

Download Booms Now

15. Growl Darkness Feedback

Growl Darkness Feedback is a track that provides cinematic ambiance in the form of an electronic growl. Perfect for a deep space adventure or a monster movie, there are three different variations to pick from.  

Download Growl Darkness Feedback Now

16. Movie Project Backgrounds

Movie Project Backgrounds is a collection of SFX built with sci-fi drama in mind. You get four different variations of a creepy, deep atmospheric sound, paired with shrieking metal drones for effect. 

Download Movie Project Backgrounds Now

17. Transition Sound

With three different variations of futuristic transitional sounds, you can really help your next project take off. Transition Sound features three whooshy hybrid elements paired with strong hits and impacts.

Download Transition Sound Now

18. Trailer Tension Glitch Loop

Trailer Tension Glitch Loop is a dark and futuristic track that will pair perfectly with your next trailer. Featuring a rhythmic guitar glitch loop that’s filled with tension, your audience will be on the edge of their seats. 

Download Trailer Tension Glitch Loop Now

19. Panic Emergency Alarm Pack

Looking for the perfect panic alarm for your next zombie feature? You’ve found it! Panic Emergency Alarm Pack features a traditional panic alarm beat with some added suspense, drama, and a little sci-fi edge. 

Download Panic Emergency Alarm Pack Now

20. Epic Drums Fill

Epic Drums Fill is a fast-paced and upbeat set of cinematic intros that will help kick your next project off. The perfect adventure intro, this pack features big hits of acoustic drums and hybrid elements to create a crescendo of excitement.  

Download Epic Drums Fill Now

21. Trailer FX

With the cinematic level of something you’d find in a sci-fi horror, Trailer FX can really spice up your next feature film. It features a combination of edgy risers, dark piano notes, and hybrid drops to create sound-infused tension. 

Download Trailer FX Now

22. Cyber Epic Sound

Cyber Epic Sound is the perfect intro piece for your next project. It features three variations that create a big sound with edgy synths, deep bass, industrial hits, and a few glitchy hits thrown in for good measure. 

Download Cyber Epic Sound Now

23. Epic Intro Effect

Epic Intro Effect could work swimmingly for your next futuristic mystery. Featuring piano notes, risers, edgy braams, epic hits, and a few glitches, it can help really set the mood. 

Download Epic Intro Effect Now

24. Aggressive Beat Sound

Aggressive Beat Sound is a punched-up intro piece that could be used for a sci-fi or futuristic fantasy project. With quirky synths, epic beats, and spacey pads and brams, you’ll be able to give your audience the excitement they’re looking for.

Download Aggressive Beat Sound Now

Helping your audience define their experience through sound is a pinnacle of film storytelling, and finding the right pieces to do the job is crucial. These cinematic sound effects don’t fit the bill for you? There are thousands of other film elements to choose from on Motion Array!