25 Energetic & Groovy Royalty Free Dance Music for Party Videos

Royalty Free Music 10/03/2022 5 min read

Whether you’re looking for funky and funny or elegant and inspiring, finding the best royalty-free dance music for your video is a key element in matching it all together. If you’re not sure what exactly you’re looking for, these 26 picks will inspire you for your upcoming project.

Royalty-Free Dance Background Music for YouTube Videos

1. Saturday Night Feat. Erin Ezekiel

Saturday Night Feat. Erin Ezekiel is an upbeat club beat that features female vocals, dance leads, funky guitars, and tight beats. It’s ideal for a club promo video or a fashion-related Instagram reel. 

Download Saturday Night Feat. Erin Ezekiel Now

2. Fun At The Disco

Fun At The Disco features funky guitars, vocal cuts, strings, house beats, and a playful sax. This groovy track would nicely complement your next fashion vlog, or you could put it behind a party scene in your feature film.

Download Fun At The Disco Now

3. I’m Gonna Dance All Day

If you’re looking to drop some deep house music behind your next project, I’m Gonna Dance All Day might just be your top pick. Featuring synths, vocal samples, bass, a cool piano, and groovy beats, it’s the perfect pairing for inspiring reality montages and travel vlogs. 

Download I’m Gonna Dance All Day Now

4. Party Till Dawn

Party Till Dawn has a positive, happy bounce to it. This royalty-free dance track features a combination of pads, bass, synth leads, and house beats that would make a suitable pairing for lifestyle or fashion videos. 

Download Party Till Dawn Now

5. Keep This Party Pumping

Keep This Party Pumping has a hopeful, fun summer party vibe to it. Whether you’re creating the next CW show or you’re backing up a lifestyle vlog, the combination of guitars, keys, synths, vocal hooks, and tight beats will make for a smooth transition. 

Download Keep This Party Pumping Now

6. Dance All Night

If you’re looking for a royalty-free atmospheric track that adds a real dance party vibe, Dance All Night has you covered. This combination of airy synths, basses, vocals, drums, and SFX will pair great with anything from urban footage to a modern commercial.  

Download Dance All Night Now

7. My Vintage Party

My Vintage Party brings a classic hip hop vibe to the table, perfect for backing a retro scene or something modern with an aged vibe. Whether you’re creating a vlog or backing a presentation, it’ll bring a groovy atmosphere.  

Download My Vintage Party Now

8. Don’t Scratch My Life

Don’t Scratch My Life also adds a bit of a classic hip-hop vibe to the mix. Its spicy sound mixed with a funky sax is perfect to add to your YouTube videos or business presentations. 

Download Don’t Scratch My Life Now

9. Dance Like Crazy

Dance Like Crazy can really only be described as groovy. It features robotic vocals, mixed with cool bass, synths, drums, and strings. This disco-funky track will fit right in with your next commercial or film project. 

Download Dance Like Crazy Now

10. All We Have Is Dance

Featuring brass, synths, handclaps, and a variety of percussion instruments, All We Have Is Dance brings some real energy to the table. This track is perfect for introducing a vlog or video tutorial, or you can throw it behind your next promotional video.   

Download All We Have Is Dance Now

11. Night Eyes

Night Eyes is an energetic EDM house track. It features bright synths, pulsating beats, powerful brass, and complimentary pads. Whether you’re adding some audio illustration to a festival video or a travel promo, it’ll fit right in. 

Download Night Eyes Now

12. Ariel’s Dance

Summer is really in the air with Ariel’s Dance. This cool, dynamic track features synths, guitars, bass, pads, vocals, and tight beats. You can use this piece of royalty-free electro music to support anything from a TV commercial to a travel montage. 

Download Ariel’s Dance Now

13. Party Anthem

For a track that brings a combined pop and house vibe, Party Anthem is your best bet. It features a combination of EDM leads, funky guitars, risers, vocal chops, and tight beats. Whether you’re styling the audio for a club or showing off a cool new tech product, it’ll give you the audio boost you need. 

Download Party Anthem Now

14. Dancing Fever

Dance Fever is a track fit for a rave. Featuring rapid drums, bass, sound effects, sample vocals, and synths, it’ll help elevate your audience’s heart rate and mood. Pair it with your next nightlife or rave scene. 

Download Dancing Fever Now

15. Glowed Up

Glowed Up is a positive and groovy royalty-free dance music track. This electro-pop tune features plucks, FX, vocal chops, bass, and house beats. Whether you’re backing a high school party scene or showing off a lifestyle video, this track can add some real hype.

Download Glowed Up Now

16. Fancy Life

Reminiscent of something that would back a real estate show, Fancy Life is a fun, trendy royalty-free track with an elegant but elated vibe. This music features catchy guitars, Rhodes bits, bass, claps, and cool drums. Pair it with your next promotional ad or fashion vlog for some real style. 

Download Fancy Life Now

17. Start The Party

If you’re looking for a piece of chill, retro music to kick things off, Start The Party is for you. With pulsing synths, bouncy bass, claps, drums, and the added funky guitar, this royalty-free pop music is fit for a disco.

Download Start The Party Now

18. Stylish Night Cafe

With soulful piano, sexy sax, some cool base, and complimentary guitars, Stylish Night Cafe gives off a great lounge vibe. You can add this vibing beat into your next fashion or lifestyle promo for some real edge. 

Download Stylish Night Cafe Now

19. Night Lights

Night Lights is a real feel-good pop track. It features warm guitars, bass, cool drums, and synths. It’s the perfect background music for a summer travel video or a social media ad.

Download Night Lights Now

20. Caramel Color

Modern and elegant but still futuristic, Caramel Color is a light and vibrant EDM track. Fit for a fashion vlog or something summer-themed, it has a light mix of vocal chops, piano, and tight beats. 

Download Caramel Color Now

21. Upbeat Fashion House

If you’re looking for something hopeful and fun that has a real groove to it, Upbeat Fashion House is for you. It mixes a collection of saxophone and guitar with a classic house groove and deep base. It’s a great backing for one of those fast-moving, scenic city openings. 

Download Upbeat Fashion House Now

22. Dynamic Dubstep

Delivering on the title’s dubstep promise, this invigorating piece of royalty-free music is the perfect inspirational track your vlog needs. It combines melodic synths, bright clamps and stops, powerful bass, and vocals with pumping dubstep beats. Whether you’re creating a YouTube video or something for TV, it has you covered. 

Download Dynamic Dubstep Now

23. Uplifting Future Pop

Uplifting Future Pop brings things down to a slower but still powerful level. It blends future bass, dubstep, trap, and dance-pop music together for one great royalty-free dance track. It’s as versatile as the mashup of sounds that make it.

Download Uplifting Future Pop Now

24. Dance With A Stranger

Dance With A Stranger is a fun, breezy jazz tune. It combines the funky sounds of a piano, upright bass, and swing drums. It makes for the perfect fit for your next romantic comedy or cute funky lifestyle piece.  

Download Dance With A Stranger Now

25. Balkan Shuffle

Balkan Shuffle combines a dance-friendly beat backed by a horn with sexy strings to create a royalty-free piece that’s fit for the unexpected dance scene of a spy comedy. This folk-themed tune will make a great addition to your next film project.

Download Balkan Shuffle Now

Dance scenes can be a lot of fun but without a good background and soundtrack, they can lose their spark. Those looking for a great piece of royalty-free dance music that slides into your scene like butter will find these 26 as a great start to their search. And you can always find hundreds more on Motion Array!

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