15 Popular DJ Sound Effects & Packs to Download for 2022

Royalty Free Music 07/01/2022 4 min read

Whether it’s a high school prom scene or you’re rebooting Wedding Crashers, you’ll need the perfect DJ sound effects to really pull the project together. Sound effects help draw the viewer’s attention to particular things and bring in an element of realism. These 15 DJ packs and sound effects might just be what you’re looking for.

Top 15 DJ Sound Effects & Packs for Social Media Videos

1. DJ Scratches And Rewinds

Whether you’re putting together a funky party scene in your TV show or need a good effect for your next presentation, DJ Scratches and Rewinds has you covered. It’s a modern take on the classic record scratch with 7 different options.

Download DJ Scratches And Rewinds Now

2. Vinyl Rewind

For those looking for the classic rewind with a modern twist there’s Vinyl Rewind. With 4 different options to choose from, this might just be the perfect addition to your game, film project, or even app.

Download Vinyl Rewind Now

3. Turntable Transitions

To add a little drama to your project, there’s Turntable Transitions. Featuring bursts of electronic percussion, dropping one of these popular DJ sound effects into your piece is bound to toss up the suspense.

Download Turntable Transitions Now

4. DJ Scratch

DJ Scratch is perfect for those looking to rev up the crowd or add a funky opening to their project. With 5 variations to choose from, this sound effect can help truly bring your film to life.

Download Dj Scratch Now

5. DJ Airhorn

Air horns aren’t just for sporting events, they can add a real bang to your next project. The DJ Airhorn sound effect adds 3 different horn blasts that are perfect for your next set or video game.

Download DJ Airhorn Now

6. Air DJ Horn Sound

For those that want the air horn feels but are looking for something a little flashier, Air DJ Horn Sound is for you. It features a strong, powerful blast that has a real modern electronic flare to it.

Download Air DJ Horn Sound Now

7. Short Vinyl Scratch SFX Pack

The Short Vinyl Scratch SFX Pack features 8 variations of a modernly updated vinyl scratch. Whether there’s a turntable in your TV show or you want something funky to add to your YouTube video, you can find it here.

Download Short Vinyl Scratch SFX Pack Now

8. Double Scratch

For something more simplified, there’s the Double Scratch. This easy to use DJ sound effects pack can slide right into your project and liven it up.

Download Double Scratch Now

9. Rewind Pack

Rewinds are a classic DJ sound effect that can easily be added to just about any project. With Rewind Pack you get 4 classic-sounding rewinds that you can choose from.

Download Rewind Pack Now

10. Record Vinyl Scratch 3-Pack

With 3 variations to choose from, Record Vinyl Scratch 3-Pack is the perfect addition to your DJ sound effect experience. These are great for everything from video games to cartoons.

Download Record Vinyl Scratch 3-Pack Now

11. Bouncing Futuristic Noises

For those wanting to add a little zip into their next project, Bouncing Futuristic Noise is for you. This sound effect features strange electronic sounds that have a real futuristic glow to them.

Download Bouncing Futuristic Noises Now

12. Vinyl Stop

For an abrupt stop that adds a little drama to your project there’s vinyl top. With 7 different sounds to choose from, you need this pack if you want to create a stellar stop effect in your project.

Download Vinyl Stop Now

13. DJ Scratch Sound Pack

If you want to take a seat at the turntable, you’ll need the DJ Scratch Sound Pack to get you there. This sound effect also features brief vocal cut-ins that help build a little more depth.

Download DJ Scratch Sound Pack Now

14. Alarming Notifications Pack

Alarming Notifications Pack is the perfect pick for those looking for a DJ sound effect that has a horror-themed air to it. Featuring 4 different choices, this burst of noise will help add a little extra to your show.

Download Alarming Notifications Pack Now

15. DJ Scratch Turntable

DJ Scratch Turntable features a quick, energetic burst of sound, perfect for your next set or simply at home. With 6 short vinyl scratches included, you’re bound to find the one that looks for you.

Download DJ Scratch Turntable Now

Top 5 Places You Can Download DJ Sound Effects & Packs

1. Motion Array

Motion Array is home to thousands of templates, motion graphics, sound effects, plugins, presets and more, that you can use in your own project. Chances are you’ll find something to level up your next project here. 

Visit Motion Array

2. Artlist

Artlist features a collection of royalty-free sound effects and music that you can access for your own projects. Their personal licence covers platforms like Facebook and YouTube, but for larger commercial and broadcast projects you’ll need an upgraded licence. 

Visit Artlist

3. Soundsnap

Soundsnap features over 450,000 effects that you can purchase through or download through a subscription. Used by big brands like HBO and Disney, you’re in good company. But that does mean that you’re paying a higher price upfront. 

Visit Soundsnap

4. Sound Bible

Sound Bible features a variety of free sound effects from an airplane landing at an airport to a hyena laughing. Whatever you’re looking for, you might just be able to find it for free on this site.

Visit Sound Bible

5. Zapsplat

Zapsplat has a few free sound effects and music that you can download for your own YouTube, TV, and film projects — but you’ll have to look at the details of their specific licence to find out what specifically you can and can’t do. Whether you’re looking for animal sounds or jazz music, they’ve got something for you.

Visit Zapsplat

Dropping the right sound effect into your next project can really dial up the professionalism. Motion Array has thousands of sound effects that you can pair with your perfect scene. Make your next project your best project!

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