30 Must Have FREE Royalty Free Music Downloads

Motion Array Royalty Free Music 01/06/2019 5 min read

Whether you’re on a tight budget project or a hobbyist filmmaker looking for cost-efficient options, there are tons of quality, free royalty free music tracks out there for download. And just for you, we’ve put together a collection of Motion Array’s favorite downloads you really should have — 30 tracks in 6 different styles or genres.

With styles ranging from chilled-out ambient to upbeat rock tunes, and a mix of full-length tracks and concise sound bites perfect for musical logos, this diverse list covers tons of different uses. Whatever your musical needs, you should find something suitable here!

Even if you don’t need something specific right now, if you can get quality music for free, why not? Once you’ve downloaded these royalty free music (free of charge), you’ll be covered for whatever project comes your way next!

Top FREE Royalty Free Music Downloads

Ambient Music

1. Inspirational Corporate Ambient

This piece would make a great backing track to any scene involving people, harmony, and teamwork. It’s a chilled but driving beat with elements of guitar, piano, and soothing strings. Great for commercial projects, this optimistic track would be suited for presentations or promo vids.

Download Inspirational Corporate Ambient Now

2. Soft Piano Ambient

Download this gently inspiring track to back your advertising, presentation, promo, or vlog. Beginning with piano and a steady percussive beat, it keeps the pace and adds some horns for effect. It would make a lovely backing track for relaxed yet inspiring scenes!  

Download Soft Piano Ambient Now

3. Corporate Ambient Inspiration

This composition is energizing, yet calming. The constant kick drum provides a driving beat and clean electric guitar plays throughout, creating a feeling of buzzing energy.

Download Corporate Ambient Inspiration Now

4. Inspirational Breeze

Here’s something a little unique. With a goosebump-inducing windy start, an almost eerie bassline, and various electronic and hybrid SFX scattered throughout, this one feels a little off-balance. The drumbeat kicks in slow and strong and creates a down-to-earth, heavy atmosphere.

Download Inspirational Breeze Now

Corporate Music

5. Chill

As its name suggests, this composition is an easy, chilled out tune with a hi-hat and bass beat and handclaps for joyful effect. A bright electric guitar harmonics lick brings a feeling of calm. This is the track to use to let your viewers know that everything is going to be all right!

Download Chill Now

6. Modern Piano Corporate Theme

Check out this quietly uplifting track to bring an air of gentle relaxation to your video. The arrangement features a lovely piano melody, underscored by light synth and percussion.

Download Modern Piano Corporate Theme Now

7. Corporate Harmonics

This bright, motivational composition is sure to inspire action! With an ear-catching start of guitar harmonics, it leaps into a loud, upbeat tune that’s energetic and exciting.

Download Corporate Harmonics Now

8. Corporate Timeline

If this doesn’t motivate and inspire, nothing will! It makes a great backing track to any corporate video or presentation, with a bouncing beat and an electronic melody.

Download Corporate Timeline Now

9. Happy Ukulele

This cheerful little tune is guaranteed to bring a bit of light-hearted fun to your promo video. Ukulele strums and hand-clapping make this a real crowd-pleaser and will bring the joy!

Download Happy Ukulele Now

Rock Music

10. Stylish Rock


Distorted guitar riffs and a heavy drum beat with a wandering bassline make a powerful rock anthem type tune. Handclaps create a crowd-like feeling and added synth and electronic elements make this one pretty unique and rocking.

Download Stylish Rock Now

11. Sport Rock Dubstep

Need something in-your-face and loud? This dynamic track uses classic rock instruments mixed with a dubstep beat to create one high-energy tune. Electric guitar leads this one with a catchy riff, and the drumbeat comes down with some electronic and synth elements in the mix too.

Download Sport Rock Dubstep Now

12. Make It Loud

Sharp guitar riffs and a confident beat will have you tapping your toes to this one for sure! An anticipatory build-up in the middle adds something different to this composition. It’s a head-banging, cheery tune that would work superbly for sport, adventure, or energetic vids.

Download Make It Loud Now

13. Going Up

Warm and rounded acoustic guitar introduces this arrangement. It’s a shiny, hopeful track that stirs up feelings of determination and intent.

Download Going Up Now

14. Acoustic Rock Song

Positive vibes will be all around with this as your background tune! Soft rock with a stylish walking bass line, this one will bring a sense of smooth confidence.

Download Acoustic Rock Song Now

15. This Rock

This classic, moderately-paced rock piece is a simple guitar, bass, and drums composition that does exactly what it’s meant to — livens up a scene. Ideal for a video that needs an upbeat and entertaining theme.

Download This Rock Now

Pop Music

16. So Happy

This track is super light-hearted and enjoyable. It makes an easygoing backtrack to joyful, fun scenes. You won’t be able to avoid grinning when this is playing!

Download So Happy Now

17. Summer Beauty Lounge

A funky, danceable pop arrangement that adds a bit of color to any scene. Perfect for sports, adventure, food videos, or anything that’s chilled and fun.

Download Summer Beauty Lounge Now

18. Summer Dance


This electronic-melody song will make you want to get out of your chair and move! It’s an action-inspiring, drum-pounding beat, reminiscent of summer parties.

Download Summer Dance Now

19. Achievement

A funky, electric tune with a quick and vibey keyboard melody. Synths add some flavor to this upbeat piece, and the overall effect is a motivating, persuasive track.

Download Achievement Now

Electronic Music

20. The Future Bass

A powerful dubstep track that will hit you right in the heart! Don’t let this one slip through your fingers it’s perfectly suited to any video with a bit of action or adventure.  

Download The Future Bass Now

21. Success and Motivation

A club-style hit, this one will have the masses on their feet! This one is a great anthem track with its driving beat and electric melody. Your scene will feel like summer noontime.

Download Success and Motivation Now

22. 8-Bit Arcade – Fighting Dudes

If you grew up in the 80s, you’re going to love the nostalgia this tune brings! An old-school game-style theme will add something special to any arcade scene. It’s a bit of a specialized one, but see how creative you can get with it!

Download 8-Bit Arcade – Fighting Dudes Now

23. Inspiring Cinematic Dubstep


A sudden, dramatic beginning and some anticipation-building string action bring the drama from the start with this piece. An electronic vibe and power beat make this one a great accompaniment to any energy-filled, intense action scene.

Download Inspiring Cinematic Dubstep Now

24. Percussion and Bass

This rough-and-tumble composition would make an amazing backing track to chaotic scenes. A running bassline and percussive drums, in conjunction with short, effective electronic sound bites create an almost panicky mood.  

Download Percussion and Bass Now

Logos & Trailers

25. To Grand Cinematic Logo

This little logo is a sweeping, epic orchestral swell to lift the mood and create a hopeful, heroic atmosphere.

Download To Grand Cinematic Logo Now

26. Free Glitch Logo

Short and spooky, this glitchy musical logo would be great for promotion videos, presentations, tech, sports, or gaming edits.

27. Hybrid Epic Trailer

When your scene needs something dark and intense, this is the one! Drawn out strings and a subtle beat create a feeling of anticipation before launching into something cinematic and increasingly epic. Choirs, synths, and strings bring a real orchestral feel to it, and the sense of triumph is almost tangible!

Download Hybrid Epic Trailer Now

28. Epic Staccato

A full orchestra gives this track depth. It’s an emotion-evoking and heart-pounding tune that’s suited for victorious and heroic scenes.

Download Epic Staccato Now

29. Cinematic Suspenseful Piano

Download this quietly suspenseful piano melody logo for your creepy reveal. It has an echoing quality that makes it sound surreal.

Download Cinematic Suspenseful Piano Now

30. Blockbuster

This arrangement has a lot of bone-shaking power in it! It’s not long, but every beat hits hard and the orchestra brings a dramatic element to it.

Download Blockbuster Now

Free royalty free music is at your fingertips! Make the most of these downloads even if you aren’t in the middle of a project right now  ̶ having an assortment of tracks ready to drop into an edit is always helpful.

From bouncy pop tunes to modern electronic compositions, whatever mood you have to convey is sure to have a corresponding musical piece here! Scroll through the rest of the library to find more hidden gems to add something special to your next project!