28 Best Royalty-Free Classical & Spanish Guitar Music for Creatives

Royalty Free Music 10/02/2022 5 min read

You don’t need a full-on orchestra to enhance and spice up your next romantic project, a simple guitar music can help fill that gap. Whether you’re looking for Spanish or classic-style guitar music, check out our lists for some of our popular tracks. Use them for an amazing background ambiance for a classic cafe or dance scene for a wedding or getaway travel videos.   

Part 1: Top 12 Romantic Spanish & Classical Guitar Music for Valentine Videos

1. Seville Romanza

Seville Romanza is a haunting piece of royalty-free music that features a Spanish guitar duo. Whether you’re looking for the perfect track to back a wedding video or a romantic film, it could fit the bill.  

Download Seville Romanza Now

2. Happy Spanish Guitars

If your project calls for an energetic, fun track to back it up, Happy Spanish Guitars might be what you’re looking for. It features a combination of acoustic guitar, bass, maracas, and drums.

Download Happy Spanish Guitars Now

3. Romanza Barcelona

This Spanish flamenco-inspired piece is perfect if you’re looking for something sexy and romantic. Romanza Barcelona is beautifully arranged for an intimate, passionate scene. 

Download Romanza Barcelona Now

4. Suspensive Little Song

Suspensive Little Song features the main guitar arpeggio along with solo parts. Recorded with a classic Spanish guitar, this little ditty is perfect for romantic and emotional scenes.

5. Flavours Of Spain

If you’re looking for something inspired and fast-paced, Flavours of Spain is for you. This track features a fiery fast-moving guitar with flamenco rhythms. Whether you’re advertising a resort or putting together a tropical blog, it might fit perfectly for you!

Download Flavours Of Spain Now

6. Spain

If you’re looking for a passionate Flamenco track, you should hear Spain. It features guitar leads, bass, castanets, and percussion. It’s a good addition to a summer project or a vacation video.

Download Spain Now

7. Dance Of Love

If you’re looking for something upbeat and fun, Dance Of Love is for you. It features fast guitars, piano, claps, guitars, trumpets, and percussion. It’s a great fit for your next lifestyle video.

Download Dance Of Love Now

8. Spanish Flamenco Comedy

For something seductive and sultry, there’s Spanish Flamenco Comedy. It features the Spanish guitar, castanets, trumpets, light percussion, and base. It’s perfect for the fancy party dance scene of your next action-paced spy comedy.

Download Spanish Flamenco Comedy Now

9. Guitarra Y Castanuelas

Guitarra Y Castanuelas has a lively Latin vibe that features guitar, bass, castanets, and percussion. It’s perfect for summer romance flicks or cute, fun romantic comedies.

10. Tango Mango

If fun is what you’re looking for, Tango Mango is for you. It is a positive, inspiring royalty-free track with some heavy, lively Spanish inspiration.

11. Pure Roses

The Pure Roses features an exotic vibe dripping with Spanish influence. Featuring guitar, claps, and percussion. It’s perfect for your next travel vlog, vacation video, or romance-filled scene. 

Download Pure Roses Now

12. Romanza In E Minor

Elegant and romantic, Romanza in E Minor features a classic Spanish guitar with flamenco inspiration. This pleasant and sensual track is perfect for your next inspiring but moody project. 

Download Romanza In E Minor Now

Part 2: 15 Royalty-Free Perfectly Romantic Music for Dreamy Videos

1. Classical Guitar

As promised, Classical Guitar features a charming classical guitar backed by soft strings. This track would fit perfectly with 

Download Classical Guitar Now

2. Crystal River

Chances are you’ll feel a bit nostalgic and soulful when you listen to Crystal River. This piece of royalty-free music is perfect for your next nature documentary, travel vlog, or emotional commercial.

Download Crystal River Now

3. Polaris

Polaris has a deep, longing vibe that could fit perfectly with an intimate or emotional montage. Whether you need royalty-free music for a wedding video or a commercial project, this might just be it.

Download Polaris Now

4. Comida Junto Al Mar

Comida Junto Al Mar has a tangy playful vibe. It features a solo Spanish guitar that has a distinct flamenco influence. You’ll find strumming and guitar hits that could fit perfectly with your next cooking vlog.

Download Comida Junto Al Mar Now

5. Autumn Colors

Featuring a classical guitar, soft piano, and inspiring strings, the Autumn Colors is a sweet tune. This piece might fit perfectly with your next nature documentary or backdrop of an emotional scene.

Download Autumn Colors Now

6. Dreamtime

Dreamtime has a quiet, sentimental vibe featuring an acoustic solo guitar. This piece is calm and disarming with an air of hopeful optimism. Whether you’re building a springtime-inspired project, or something a little more romantic, it might fit perfectly.

Download Dreamtime Now

7. Sunrise Etude

Sunrise Etude features a classical guitar that is inspired by both classical and romantic periods. This elegant and soft royalty-free piece of music is perfect for your next family project.

Download Sunrise Etude Now

8. Quiet And Peace

With a calm, romantic vibe, Quiet And Peace is a royalty-free classical guitar piece. It has a real dreamy air to it with a dab of inspiration to help underscore your next personal romantic project. 

Download Quiet And Peace Now

9. Love Me Under The Stars

Featuring a twirling classical guitar, Love Me Under The Stars is a powerful, emotional piece. With its romantic and sweet tone, it might just fit perfectly as the backdrop to an equally as powerful scene.

Download Love Me Under The Stars Now

10. Beauty Like Swan

Beauty Like Swan is a quiet, melodic acoustic guitar piece that has some real emotional vibes behind it. It’s a quiet slow song that might fit perfectly into your next engagement montage or romantic film.

Download Beauty Like Swan Now

11. Ode To Zoe

Ode To Zoe is a Bach-influenced track that features a solo classical guitar. It’s an elegant piece that could fit perfectly into your next travel vlog or historical documentary-style piece.

Download Ode To Zoe Now

12. Bouree In E Minor

Featuring a twirling and playful but gentle classical, baroque-style guitar, Bouree In E Minor is an elegant tune. It could be the perfect fit for your next TV drama or romantic film.

Download Bouree In E Minor Now

13. Flowers And Candles

Flowers And Candles is a slow, sentimental piece driven by a classic guitar. This calming, romantic melody is perfect for a wedding video, family slideshow, or an episode of your dramatic TV series.

Download Flowers And Candles Now

14. The Distance Between Us

For a calming, slow, romantic guitar piece, there’s The Distance Between Us. Whether you’re making a harrowing telenovela or adding a background to an emotionally-charged scene in your next rom-com, it might just be the perfect fit.

Download The Distance Between Us Now

15. Ode To Troy

Ode To Troy is a Baroque-style piece that features a calm and pleasant guitar and cello. It has a regal, romantic vibe that is perfect for the grand ball scene in your next royal romance film.

Download Ode To Troy Now

Your next valentine’s project or romantic travel vlog deserves the perfect track to back it up, so we’ve gathered our favorites. You have even more choices in the Motion Array marketplace and pick your favorite one today! Add several romantic tracks to your arsenal and make your own creative mark in your clips.

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