Top 15 Free & Paid Gun Sound Effects for Editors

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Action films are known for one main thing – guns, guns and guns. The most thrilling scenes include shots being fired to defeat the enemy. So it’s essential to make sure the sound of gunshots is clear and powerful for a professional production. Make your gun fights look and feel more realistic with gun sound effects! 

Of course, you have the option of making gun sounds on your own, like Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, but they will only suit some types of video.

So browse our selection of the best gun and weapon sound effects for your next video game or adventure content.

1. Modified Gun Blasts

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Featuring 4 modified guns with powerful single and burst fire shots, this free sound pack is an excellent addition to your foley arsenal. You can use it in many different projects, including sci-fi games, western or action films, animations and any other cool social media project.

2. Heavy Machine Gun

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A favorite of gangs or cartel shootouts, machine gun sound effects are a must for action movies. This pack features a set of 4 different strong and fast heavy gunshots that can be used in one or several scenes. Remember to use it with your war games or animations!

3. Gun Shot

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Hear reloading gun click sounds, blasting booms and additional bullet casings dropping within this collection of 3 gunshot sounds. Definitely a great option for crime scenes, war content, trendy action intros, teasers or even creative transitions.

4. Laser Gun Shot

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Futuristic and out-of-this-world blasts will be a tremendous ambient sound in your sci-fi video game or short film. The Laser Gun Shot features a set of 5 different single, double and multiple bursting shots; a versatile pack for your projects.

5. Medium Plasma Gun Load And Shoot

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Another great pack of 3 medium-powerful plasma gunshots and blasts that will mix well for your sci-fi alien genre video. It can also be used with your next action fight sequence, animations and any other cool project.

6. Chain Gun

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You cannot complete a shootout in any action movie without a Gatling gun. From movies like Red, Expendables and even Rambo, this amazing set of 4 chain gun edits is sure to pack a punch for your video game, animation and action warzone-style content.

7. 9mm One Shot

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Whether you work on historical content or a period movie, this pack of 3 gunshots creates an easy way to enhance duel scenes or dramatic close-ups of soldiers. It can also be used in different categories of computer games and animations.

8. Gun SFX Pack

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With 7 distinct booming sounds of a person using a gun, this Gun SFX pack is ideal for video games, action crime films, robbery scenes and military or war-related videos. Create a professional video production by featuring single, double, and multiple ambient weapon-related shots.

9. The Machine Guns

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Another tremendous automatic machine gun pack on our list, the set features 9 various firing sounds, with empty cartridge shells pouring onto the ground. It perfectly matches historical WW2 projects, documentaries, battle scenes, films and other modern battle montages.

10. Sci-Fi Gun Shot

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Fast and powerful low-frequency gunshots are ideal for futuristic sci-fi weapon sounds. Whether you are working on war animations, video games or warfare content, Sci-Fi Gun Shot provides all the detailed sounds you need with 8 different edits.

11. AK-47

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Strong and intense machine gun sounds are the mark of the terrifying yet powerful AK-47. These deadly bursts of power perfectly complement themes of gangs, army, battlefield and military-type content.

12. Gun Sound Pack

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This pack includes a little bit of everything in one for those editors that like not to download more than 1 sound effect track. Featuring guns like AK 47, machine gun, pistol, rifle gun and even a sniper rifle, you will definitely not need to use any other sound effect pack!

13. DDm4 Multiple Shots

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If you are working on close-up action scenes, including assassinations or terminations, this pack of DDm4 shots is a great way to enhance your action sequences. These intense multiple shots will help your projects explode in a matter of seconds!

14. Shot

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Another detailed pack of gunshots featuring single, double and triple shots, you actually don’t need to make any additional edits! Just download them and use them in your next trailers, animations, TV episodes and documentary films to add more intensity and suspense.

15. Futuristic Weapon Shot

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Last but not least on our list is one of the larger packs featuring 10 different gunshot edits. It is ideal for sci-fi games, films and space animations. This will be one of your favorite sound tools for creating full-fledged battle scenes!

From westerns and crime movies to war and adventure films, shootouts and gunfights are a very rich cinematic tradition. Enhance your scenes with these top selections of gun and weapon sound effects from Motion Array. You can choose from multiple shots in one package to machine gun shots or use them together for various action scenes. And if you are looking for additional sound effects, you can also download police siren effects, explosion effects, and even rain effects. So get creative and make your best video yet!

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