Make a Perfect Blast: 22 Best Explosion Sound Effects for Pro Editors

Royalty Free Music 06/07/2022 5 min read

Many cinematic scenes include explosions, impacts, booms and blasts. Movies and gaming videos will seem incomplete, dull and ultimately boring without strong and powerful explosion sound effects. Most editors need a selection of royalty-free sound effects that will work with various scenes in a pinch. This fantastic list of the top 22 explosion sound effect packs is a great place to start downloading what you are looking for.

22 Best Royalty-Free Explosion Sound Effects

1. Explosion

This intense and loud explosion sound effect pack includes 4 different variations. Each blast is followed by crashes and debris-shattering elements, perfect for your action movies with car scenes, building impacts or even battlefield scenes.

Download Explosion Now

2. Explosion Destruction

The Explosion Destruction pack features not just 5 or 7 but 15 variations and styles of blasts. Each explosion sound effect is specifically mixed for high-impact scenes, like demolitions scenes with debris flying. Perfect for games, cartoons and animations.

Download Explosion Destruction Now

3. Explosions with Debris

Picture this, a kidnapping has gone wrong, or police are cornering the bank robbers. This pack of strong yet slightly muffled explosion sounds is a great match for these action films, chase or fight scenes.

Download Explosions with Debris Now

4. Big Explosions

As the name suggests, this pack of 6 distinct explosive ambient sounds is exactly what your next war or fight montage needs. Big Explosions features debris elements and long tails that can also work well in gaming videos that include air raids and robot battle scenes.

Download Big Explosions Now

5. Bomb Explosion

This classic set of explosive bomb sound effects is a great pack for massive explosion scenes in your short films. It perfectly mimics hand grenade and bomb sounds for historical documentaries or war montages!

Download Bomb Explosion Now

6. Deep Explosions

This collection of 3 deep explosions uses elements like debris or glass with the blast and can be used to create explosive sounds by layering. It is a great sound mix for military strike scenes and video games.

Download Deep Explosions Now

7. Explosion Clap

Looking for explosion or powerful shot sound effects? This pack of 7 variations is a great collection to have in your arsenal when you need different firearm-type effects. These powerful projectile shots and bangs are great for projects related to attacks, army and military movies.

Download Explosion Clap Now

8. Explosions

If you are working on historical battle scenes or an ambush scene in your short film project, this pack of explosions gives the perfect bang! These cinematic explosion sound effects instantly add intensity with powerful hits and impacts.

Download Explosions Now 

9. War Zone Ambiance

This track on our list features war zone ambiance soundscapes that include explosions with debris and gunfire with bullet sounds. With 3 variations, you can easily mix and layer these sounds in different scenes in movies or video games.

Download War Zone Ambiance Now

10. Car Fire Explosion And Sirens

If you are looking for the perfect background sound for a car crash scene, the Car Fire Explosion And Sirens pack fits right into any cinematic footage. It features fire, explosion, sirens and ambulance sounds and perfectly complements your trailers and teasers.

Download Car Fire Explosion and Sirens Now

11. Boom Impact

Another cool pack of 5 different boom and explosion impact sound effects. Download the Boom Impact and enhance your video projects! Featuring epic and powerful ambient boom hits, it is ideal for your trailers, horror films, video games and animations.

Download Boom Impact Now

12. Grenade Blast

Featuring 5 edits in one cool pack, Grenade Blast is specifically designed for video games and animations. The intense bangs are useful in scenes of destruction and explosions and will add exceptional productional value to your project.

Download Grenade Blast Now

13. Massive Explosions

This is a smaller pack of destructive explosion sound effects that can be easily added to your animations or used as a background atmosphere sound. It can fit nicely into your title sequences and intros and provide a dramatic feel to your scenes.

Download Massive Explosions Now

14. Distant Explosion

Create tension and suspense, and focus on the exciting moments in your video games, animations or short films. Featuring 3 powerful edits, the Distant Explosion sound effects are great to be used as transitions between war scenes as well. 

Download Distant Explosion Now

15. Cinematic Explosions in Reverse

Enhance your action montages or attack scenes with this pack of 15 atmospheric abstract cinematic sound effects. You can easily use them to transition between different close-up shots of your war scenes to create an epically powerful experience.

Download Cinematic Explosions in Reverse Now

16. Distant Explosion And Blast Wave

Intensify your action scenes with an epic destructive blast wave and distant explosions! Featuring a total of 6 different edits, the Distant Explosion And Blast Wave is a great sound effects pack for your thriller movie teasers and trailers. 

Download Distant Explosion And Blast Wave Now

17. Strong Rumbling Booms

Energize your projects with this set of rumbling booms and dark hits, filled with metallic echoes and deep ambient blasts. Ideal for your cinematic trailers, title sequences, and even logo reveals, add intense layers into your scenes and cuts.

Download Strong Rumbling Booms Now

18. Shocking Explosions And Booms

High frequency and powerful hits, these explosive ambient sounds are perfectly designed to create more intense and dramatic moments in your short films or videos. Each edit also includes glass and debris scattering sound elements that create a truly terrifying atmosphere!

Download Shocking Explosions And Booms Now

19. Practical Explosions 3

Make your projects more thrilling and suspenseful with this pack of 5 explosion sound effects. They are perfect for sound design in war thrillers or intense action scenes. 

Download Practical Explosions 3 Now

20. Explosions And Shots

Create scenes with the true horror of war and destruction using the Explosions And Shots sound effects. With several types of firing guns and distant explosions in 6 variations, you can increase the production value of your cinematic teasers or war movies.

Download Explosions And Shots Now

21. War Explosions

Working on war documentaries? Do you create podcasts on historical events? Then, the War Explosions is an ideal soundscape to use in your next edit. It fits perfectly as the background ambiance sound to deepen the experience for your audience.

Download War Explosions Now

22. Powerful Explosions

Planning several car crashes and buildings being blown up in your next project? The Powerful Explosions pack is an excellent collection of 7 explosive edits filled with loud and intense booms that will strengthen your blast scenes.  

Download Powerful Explosions Now

Whether working on your first war documentary or a short action film, you will always need a good collection of explosion sound effects for post-production. Editing and mixing unique royalty-free ambient blast sound effects will also increase the production value of your project. Our comprehensive list of the top 22 explosions sound effects is a great place to start your search. Add several to your arsenal today; you never know when you might need to use a strong hit or boom sound for your next scene transition or title reveal.

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