Motion Array Wrapped 2022: Top 13 Royalty-Free Music & Sound Effects

Royalty Free Music 06/02/2023 3 min read

Soundtrack your videos and promos in 2023 with this incredible list of our most popular royalty-free music and sound effects. Whether you’re working on horror movies, eye-catching fashion promos, or beautiful family slideshows, we have amazing tracks that will make your work stand out. Easily match your content with these unique tunes to impress your audience and make a strong impression.

Top 8 Royalty-Free Music for Editors

1. Night City Lights

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We start our list with one of the top tracks of 2022 that features incredible snaps and tight beats, with vocal chops that will match with fast-paced videos. Add this modern house royalty-free music to your upcoming sports or events promos.

2. Keep It Moving

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Another great upbeat music track with cool sax leads, brass, and guitar beats that will make your Instagram reels pop! Filled with energetic hip-hop tones, Keep It Moving can be used in short and long clips as a background for promos or urban videos.

3. Lifting Spirits

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If you’re looking for a more cheerful and inspiring sound for your next project, enjoy this royalty-free music track, featuring acoustic guitar, ukulele, and piano. Available in 5 different edits, it will fit perfectly in your YouTube podcasts or business promo videos.

4. Oh That’s Real Good

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Start your videos off with a retro hip-hop beat, including vinyl scratches and chopped-up rhythms. The perfect theme or background music track for your festival, fashion, new product, or event videos.

5. A Time To Remember

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We may be biased but this Motion Array Originals royalty-free music track is the perfect indie rock tune for your family or travel slideshow videos. Chronicle your memories and adventures with this fun and uplifting tune. 

6. Golden Stairs To The Sky

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This is another inspirational music track with airy/muted guitars, piano, keys, strings, and cool drums. Use it in your explainer videos, business videos, or new product launches to elevate your work.

7. Someone Made You Feel Good

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Working on some cool dance videos? Or new fashion show promos? Take your video production to a whole new level with this joyful and upbeat royalty-free music track that will add an extra punch.

8. Dreams Come True

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Some videos require a softer background sound with a smooth beat. Our final track is the perfect balance of upbeat and light mood that will work as an ideal background for your business presentations or corporate slideshows.

Top 5 Sound Effects for Movies

When editing your promo, family, or slideshow videos, it’s important to make sure to draw your viewers’ attention to specific details that matter to you. This is where this great list of sound effects can come in handy to enhance your production quality.

1. Big Dramatic Whooshes

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If you want to create a strong intro to your reels and want to draw attention with some titles and words on your screen, this pack of dramatic whooshes is what you are looking for. These 6 powerful sounds are perfect to use as cool transitions as well.

2. Woosh And Boom

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Similar to the top sound effect on our list, the Woosh And Boom features 9 different transitional sounds that are great for video games or cool title animations and logo reveals. A cool way to enhance the look and feel of your title sequences or trailers. 

3. Heartbeat

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Nothing makes a horror trailer or sports promos leave the audience with a strong emotion like a heartbeat. Whether you have action-packed scenes or just scary stills, this sound effect pack of different heart rates and cardio beats is a must for your arsenal.

4. Sea Waves

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Are you into meditation? How about traveling to exotic places? Do you also work on documentaries? No matter the project focus, the Sea Waves sound effects will always be handy to create smooth transitions between scenes and help focus the audience on what you are about to share next!

5. Reverberant Hits

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Make simple scenes feel full of emotion with these powerful and deep hit sound effects. They’re especially useful if you’re working on video games to add some extra punch and intrigue.

Nothing beats enhancing your videos with royalty-free music and sound effects! Our top downloads and most popular tracks of 2022 are guaranteed to help you push your creative boundaries this year.

If you’re looking for more professional music tracks or sound effects to add to your arsenal, sign up for our monthly or annual account plans today.