Best 28 Realistic Royalty-Free Movie Sound Effects for Filmmakers

Royalty Free Music 24/01/2022 6 min read

Whether you’re looking to add big booming footprints or a door slam into your film, the best (and easiest) way is going to be by finding killer sound effects that are made for you. This helps cut down the work significantly for you and helps to make your film sound great.

Part 1: What are Movie Sound Effects?

In the simplest terms, movie sound effects are recorded sounds that are added to a scene to enhance the experience for the viewers. The most common ones are often as simple as keys typing or doors slamming, added to make the overall process of filmmaking a tad bit easier.

While not all movie sound effects are foley, many of the most-used ones are. Foley is the act of reproducing common, everyday sounds, like coughing or closing a book, that is added in and manipulated within the editing process. A filmmaker can make their own sound effects or they can purchase them from foley artists who have done it for them.

Films are typically produced using 3 distinct types of sounds – human voices, music, and sound effects. At their core, sound effects describe anything that doesn’t fit into the first 2 categories. 

Part 2: Top Striking Royalty-Free Movie Sound Effects

1. Man Clearing Throat

Man Clearing Throat gives you ten different sounds that might fit perfectly into your next project. It’s perfect for the opening scene of the film where the professor clears their throat right before the beginning of the lecture.

Download Man Clearing Throat Now

2. Sword Swing

Whether you’re editing a fantasy project with a sword fight or your animation film has a comedic sword scene, Sword Swing might be the perfect addition to your sound toolset. It features 9 different sounds that you can cut up and slot in.  

Download Sword Swing Now

3. Bodily Functions

The Bodily Functions download isn’t as gross as it sounds. It provides you with a collection of chewing, breathing, and snoring that can help enhance the background sounds of your next project. 

Download Bodily Functions Now

4. Boat Ambience

Boat Ambience provides you with the perfect steady water churning, motor rumbling sound for your project. With 3 variations to choose from, they’ll make a great addition to your movie. 

Download Boat Ambience Now

5. Tense Heartbeat Cinematic Trailer

The perfect addition to the opening of your next medical drama, Tense Heartbeat Cinematic Trailer provides a whooshing clang mixed with a steady, dramatic heartbeat. It’ll help get your audience hyped for what’s coming next.

Download Tense Heartbeat Cinematic Trailer Now

6. Trailer Boom

Trailer Boom provides you with 3 bold and distinctive booms that can be added to your next project. Whether you want to open a scene with a real bang or switch quickly somewhere else, adding one of these can really help.

Download Trailer Boom Now

7. Cinematic Whoosh Impact Sound

Cinematic Whoosh Impact Sound gives you 10 different effects that can be added to your next project. These sounds are perfect for your next sci-fi flick, or you can use them to provide a compelling transition. 

Download Cinematic Whoosh Impact Sound Now

8. Complex Trailer Transitions

Trying to build an engaging trailer that could use some sharp sound effects added to it? Then Complex Trailer Transitions is for you. It gives you 5 different contemporary-sounding transitions that you can add to your trailer.

Download Complex Trailer Transitions Now

9. Knife Sharpening

With 4 distinct, menacing knife sharpening sounds this is the perfect sound effect for your next medieval or horror flick. Knife Sharpening provides you with a distinct metal sliding sound that your audience really needs to suck them into the reality of the scene.

Download Knife Sharpening Now

10. Dinosaur Footstep

While dinosaurs definitely don’t fit into every project, if you’re making your own version of Jurassic Park you’ll need a few sound effects. Dinosaur Footsteps provides 4 deep, heavy monster footsteps that you’ll want in your collection. 

Download Dinosaur Footstep Now

11. Owl

Owls make a truly distinct, spooky sound that’s a must-have at least once in your horror film. If you’re looking for a sound effect to add to your next project, the Owl download is here to deliver.

Download Owl Now

12. Ambulance Car

Even if there’s not an emergency in your scene, it’s not uncommon to hear them in the middle of the bustling city. Ambulance Car makes for the perfect film foley to add right into your project. 

Download Ambulance Car Now

13. Thunder

Storms are never truly spooky without the crack of thunder, so you’ll want to find the perfect sound effect to add to your project. Thunder provides 4 original sounds that you can add to your film.

Download Thunder Now

14. Rain

Who doesn’t love the calming sound of rain? If you want to add a little something to the background of your next movie, Rain is the perfect ambient sound that you’ll want.

Download Rain Now

15. Coffee Shop Ambiance

Every coffee shop scene needs some solid ambiance added to it. Background chatter and the soft whir of machines can be found in the Coffee Shop Ambience download, and you won’t want to miss it. 

Download Coffee Shop Ambiance Now

16. Door Open And Close

Door Open And Close features 4 different door creeks, clicks, and slams that you can add to your own project. Whether you’re adding this to a dramatic scene or want it in your next opening scene it’ll make for a great movie sound effect.   

Download Door Open And Close Now

17. Pouring Coffee

You’d be hard-pressed to find a movie where someone’s not pouring or at least drinking a coffee, so chances are yours has one too. If you’re looking for the perfect addition, Pouring Coffee is for you.

Download Pouring Coffee Now

18. Industrial Ambience

Machine’s whirring, people chattering and metal clanking makes Industrial Ambience a great addition to your project if you’re setting up a factory scene. This free movie sound effect gives you 5 different options to choose from.

Download Industrial Ambience Now

19. Large Fire

You’ll find 3 variations of a dramatic burning sound with Large Fire. With these various variations, this track makes the perfect sound addition to your next project — saving you from having to set your own!

Download Large Fire Pack Now

20. Church Bells

Throwing some bells off into the distance can help provide a somber mode or even establish a setting. If that’s up your alley, the Church Bells download offers five ambient sounds for you to choose from. 

Download Church Bells Now

21. Explosion

Adding drama to a scene has never been easier than with Explosion. Whether it’s on-screen or off, far-off in the distance, or right in front of the camera, this movie sound effect can be dropped into your project and make a real splash.  

Download Explosion Now

22. Old Clock

Old clocks can be loud and distinct, they can also help add a little extra suspense into a horror flick. Old Clock gives you exactly what it sounds like, providing you with 4 different ticking choices. 

Download Old Clock Now

23. Flying Plane And Helicopter

Planes and helicopters can get pretty loud, so adding them into your project with foley helps you better control what the audience hears. It features 3 different easy-to-use variations.

Download Flying Plane And Helicopter Now

24. Wooden Door

If you have a wooden door in your film, chances are you need the Wooden Door pack. It features a combination of door slams, kicks, and knocks that you can add right into your project. 

Download Wooden Door Now

25. Eating Bag Of Chips Foley 

Chips have a distinct crunch to them, but they can be really loud to get while you’re filming. That’s where Eating Bag of Chips Foley comes in. It makes it easy to add the perfect crunch without having to capture it yourself. 

Download Eating Bag Of Chips Foley  Now

26. Night Urban Ambience 

Whether you’re building your film or transitioning between scenes, Night Urban Ambience might be the perfect foley for your next film. While the title is a little misleading, the sound depicts the unique quietness of a small town.

Download Night Urban Ambience  Now

27. Crowd People In The Hall

Filming with a bunch of background performers on set can be costly, time-consuming, and predictable, not to mention they’re not there for the noise. Crowd People In The Hall is the perfect movie sound effect if you want to add in some controllable background ambience. 

Download Crowd People In The Hall Now

28. Old Creaky Wooden Door

Whether you’re doing your own film version of The Tell-Tale Heart or the neighborhood teens are breaking into the local haunted house, Old Creaky Wooden Door is for you. This download features 8 variations with 16 edits of a classic creaky old door. 

Download Old Creaky Wooden Door Now

The perfect sound effects can really make or break a scene. While audiences don’t always notice the little things like ambient crowd noises, they do notice when it’s not there. So, if you’re on the lookout for the best movie sound effects, head to Motion Array where there are thousands to choose from! You can check out additional resources, such as DJ sound effects, video game sound effects, even cartoon sound effects

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