25 Trendy Royalty-Free Background Music for Instagram Videos & Reels

Royalty Free Music 25/04/2022 4 min read

It’s not just the visual that counts when it comes to creating an attention-grabbing piece of content on social media. Nowadays, finding and mixing the right royalty-free music for Instagram videos is a game-changer. Create amazing promos, ads, and fun reels using trendy and popular music without worrying about licensing issues. Start off with these 25 upbeat and fun picks today! 

Game Changer Royalty-Free Music for Instagram Creators

1. Grey Sky

Grey Sky is a smooth jam that would make the ideal tune for the back of a slow-moving travel reel featuring gorgeous settings. This lo-fi hip-hop track features retro synths, deep bass, piano, and tight beats. 

Download Grey Sky Now

2. Set The World On Fire

For something with a little more excitement and a dash of grunge, check out Set The World on Fire. This motivational track features a collection of horns, organs, bass, electric guitars, and pulsing beats. 

Download Set The World On Fire Now

3. Under The Clouds

Soft and stylish, Under The Clouds features a gentle piano, groovy bass, bright sax, trumpets, and tight beats. This low-fi hip-hop track would be the perfect backing for your next lifestyle visual. 

Download Under The Clouds Now

4. This Is My Story

This Is My Story has both a modern upbeat and motivational air to it. Featuring EDM synths, deep bass, air pads, and punchy drums, this track might just fit your next Instagram ad reel perfectly.

Download This Is My Story Now

5. Perfectly All Right

Keeping the cool vibe going but adding a little groove into it is Perfectly All Right. This electro hip-hop track features deep bass, claps, sax leads, and synths, all back by a steady, classic beat.

Download Perfectly All Right Now

6. Urban Sunrise

Urban Sunrise is filled with uplifting vocal cuts sure to keep your audience in good spirits. This piece of royalty-free music for Instagram has a real summer mood to it, featuring cool beats and synths.   

Download Urban Sunrise Now

7. Phony

Phony has a real old-school vibe to it. This funky, lo-fi hip-hop piece features a cool bass with keys, vocal cuts, guitars, and a driving rhythm. It’s the perfect royalty-free track for your next Instagram promo.

Download Phony Now

8. Feeling Inspired

As the opening to a classic teen flick, Feeling Inspired is a fun pop-rock track perfect for starting the day on a good note. This track is perfect for your next short Instagram vlog and features strings, keys, vocal cuts, airy guitars, and drums. 

Download Feeling Inspired Now

9. Go For It!

If you’re looking for the best royalty-free music for Instagram videos, Go For It is for you. This electronic track is perfect for corporations or creatives and features strings, synths, pads, and hip-hop beats.

Download Go For It Now

10. Bright Beam Of Light

Bright Beam Of Light is an upbeat, modern hip-hop beat perfect for your next Instagram video. This track features lite keys, vocal chops, and airy guitars. Whether you’re promoting fashion or travel, it’s a great pick!

Download Bright Beam Of Light Now

11. Perfectly All Right

For a smooth, groovy piece of royalty-free music for Instagram, there’s Perfectly All Right. This track has a classic beat that features bass, sax, claps, and synths. It’s well-suited for your next nightlife travel vlog.  

Download Perfectly All Right Now

12. Walk Away

Walk Away has a vintage vibe with its combination of e-piano, sampled vocals, guitars, and strings. If you’re looking for a groovy track to back some urban footage on Instagram, this is a top contender. 

Download Walk Away Now

13. In The City

If you want an upbeat track that features cool vocal chops, In The City is for you. This urban royalty-free track is perfect for Instagram with its cool beat, guitar, and pulsing piano. You can’t go wrong backing your next fashion video with it. 

Download In The City Now

14. Obey The Fashion

Obey The Fashion features a chill ambiance that is perfect for promoting luxury on social media. This lounge trap track creates a cool experience by featuring airy synths, glitchy beats, pads, and vocal chops.

Download Obey The Fashion Now

15. Technical Flow

For an abstract feeling that dives into the world of tech, Technical Flow is your track. It’s a gritty piece of industrial electronic music that features beats, electronic synths, SFX elements, and distant arpeggios.

Download Technical Flow Now

16. Keep Ya Head Up

Keep Ya Head Up is a punchy track that features stops, claps, brass, bass, percussion, and a cool piano. It’s a great royalty-free Instagram track that you can add behind your next groovy promo video.

Download Keep Ya Head Up Now

17. The Rising Rays

Rising Rays somehow manages to provide both an upbeat and inspiring feeling, while still keeping calm, cool, and collected. Featuring synths, bass, claps, vocal chops, and airy pads, it’s sure to delight your Instagram fans.

Download The Rising Rays Now

18. Inhalation

Those in search of an upbeat, catchy pop tune will find themselves thrilled with Inhalation. Perfect for Instagram reels, this track features cool drums, claps, pianos, guitars, kicks, and vocal bits.

Download Inhalation Now

19. Rhythm Of Life

Filled with uplifting funk, Rhythm Of Life is one of those catchy tunes that could induce scroll stopping if used correctly. It’s jam-packed with brass, guitars, piano, drums, claps, and cool bass.  

Download Rhythm Of Life Now

20. Rock This Way

Ideal for a sports-filled segment, Rock This Way is a catchy, engaging hip-hop track. Whether you want to back a vlog or a promo, it features a cool, groovy bass, uplifting electronic drums, synths, guitars, and scratches. 

Download Rock This Way Now

21. Unstoppable Energy

With strong vocal hooks, Unstoppable Energy is a fun and percussive track. It features synths, sax, rock guitars, stops, claps, spicy vibes, and cool vocal hooks. 

Download Unstoppable Energy Now

22. Rhythmic Decisions

Rhythmic Decisions is a great choice if you’re looking for something groovy and fun. This piece of background music for Instagram videos features guitars, horns, claps, drums, percussion, and slap bass. 

Download Rhythmic Decisions Now

23. The Quiet Sounds

The Quiet Sounds is an urban modern track that features airy piano, synths, mallets, deep bass, and vocal chops. Its versatile sound means you can use it to back anything from fashion to travel.

Download The Quiet Sounds Now

24. Remixed Life

If you’re looking for something with a choppy, beatbox feel, Remixed Life is for you. This hip-hop track features synths, sub-bass, guitar bits, electro percussion, and vocal effects that are a great fit for technology promos. 

Download Remixed Life Now

25. Alive And Well

Alive And Well is an upbeat hip-hop track that could be used to make a real splash on Instagram. This track features scratches, bass, boom-bap beats, brass hits, and vocal chops for the perfect urban mix. 

Download Alive And Well Now

Taking your project to the next level means finding a great piece of music you can pair it with, and Motion Array has you covered. Not only can you find great royalty-free music for your Instagram videos, but there are thousands of tracks to fit any cinematic mood.

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