25 Best Podcast Sound Effects for Vloggers (Top Tips & Tricks)

Royalty Free Music 14/01/2022 6 min read

So, you’ve started a podcast but there’s something missing. Something that isn’t quite making it stand out the way your favorite shows do. What is it? Sound effects! Sure, podcasts are primarily an hour or so of people chatting. But realistically that kind of monotone isn’t easy on listeners’ ears. Give your audience a real sensory treat by adding layers of rich sound design to keep things interesting and engaging. 

Read on to find out the 25 best sound effects for podcasts, and check out the tips and tricks on how to incorporate them at the end of the article.

Part 1: Top Handy & Useful Podcast SFX for Vlogs

Spot Sounds

1. Laptop Keyboard Typing

The gentle sounds of a tip-tapping keyboard go a long way in the podcast world. Are you telling stories about writing? Hacking? Modern technology? This keyboard typing sound effect is versatile and unobtrusive that can be used in plenty of different situations.

Download Laptop Keyboard Typing Now

2. Scary Piano Sounds

Creepy, atmospheric, unnerving – if any of those words ring true about your podcast then check out these 14 discordant piano sounds. Use them for transitions, intros, or just to build atmosphere throughout your story.

Download Scary Piano Sounds Now

3. Radio Imaging Effects Pack 1

This is a very cool pack of sound effects, reminiscent of a radio station’s soundboard that brings life to their transitions and stings. Voice soundbites, music jingles, sound effects – with 9 effects to choose from including a softly spoken female voice there is plenty here to build your introduction with.

Download Radio Imaging Effects Pack 1 Now

4. Radio Glitch

Versatile, dynamic, and exciting radio glitch sound effects give you plenty of options to play with when creating an intro or transitions in your podcast. Have fun building them in different ways and layering in voices to tell an effective story.

Download Radio Glitch Now

5. Applause

No audio project would be complete without the tried and tested applause sound effect. From radio stations to live studio TV recordings, the applause sound effect is a reliable effect that can be used in plenty of different situations.

Download Applause Now

6. Intro Sound

This selection of unobtrusive, minimalist jingles is great for the opening of a podcast. Something simple to set the tone and play under a logo sting or a transition. There are 4 versions to choose from in this pack, each one with a slightly different length.

Download Intro Sound Now 

7. Magic Wand

A gentle breeze, a sprinkling of magic dust, and the spell is cast. Check out this selection of magical sounds for use in your podcast – the kind of sound effect that audiences will immediately connect with.

Download Magic Wand Now

8. Cartoon Voice Wow

The title says it all – this file is a few options of a cartoony voice saying the word ‘wow’. You might need it. You might not. It might be just the audio treat you’ve been looking for to complete your podcast. It’s royalty-free!

Download Cartoon Voice Wow Now

Production Element Sounds

9. Intro Drama Teaser

Is your podcast a mystery story? Something akin to Serial or Casefile? Then you might love this dramatic audio intro to kick off the tone right for each episode. Unnerving, mysterious, the kind of music sting that would be perfect in any true-crime podcast. 

Download Intro Drama Teaser Now

10. Powerful Image Opener

The discordant clanging of these audio jingles is perfect for a horror or mystery podcast. Use it in the intro to set the tone or throughout the podcast to transition between scenes. There are 5 stings to choose from.

Download Powerful Image Opener Now

11. Complex Transitions

How do you get between scenes in your podcast without visuals to help you? Try these complex but effective transition sound effects to mark the point at which the scene changes – different chapters, different settings, or flashbacks. It will help the listener.

Download Complex Transitions Now

12. Cinematic Ambient Transition

These 3 ambient transitions sound premium, cinematic, and are thrilling to listen to. If you want to give your podcast a high-end production then choose this atmospheric, cinematic audio for the intro, outro, or transition.

Download Cinematic Ambient Transition Now

13. Intro Score Sound

Get your listeners’ hearts racing with this energetic, cinematic intro score to set a thrilling tone for your podcasts. Perfect for exciting game shows, transitions, mystery podcasts, or trailers. Choose from 3 big, bold options.

Download Intro Score Sound Now

14. Horror Scene Transition

Discordant wails. Creaking groans. Howling winds. All the good stuff you need to create a super creepy horror effect for your podcasts. Use these to transition between scenes and make your listeners afraid to switch the lights out.

Download Horror Scene Transition Now

15. Sci-fi Futuristic Transitions

Glitches, bleeps, bloops, and other sci-fi sounds abound in this fun pack of transition SFX. It’s perfect to add some design to your sci-fi, gaming, or tech-themed podcasts. 

Download Sci-fi Futuristic Transitions Now

16. Sub Bass Drop

This pack of sub-bass drops is the kind of file that every content producer needs up to their sleeves for all kinds of situations. Transitions, intros, outros, or just adding a bit of texture to another moment – they’re very handy to have.

Download Sub Bass Drop Now

17. Sci-Fi Teleportation

These are the ultimate sci-fi sounds, for teleportation, laser guns, alien language, and other fun futuristic textures. Simply download the file to get instant access to 3 versatile sound effects for your gaming and sci-fi podcasts.

Download Sci-Fi Teleportation Now

Background Ambience Sounds

18. Heavy Intro FX

Are you looking for an intro to your podcast? Look no further, here are 3 perfectly good openers ready to go, straight out of the box. Engage your listeners and get them psyched for the upcoming episode with this fx-laden intro sting.

Download Heavy Intro FX Now

19. Intro Tension Sound

This tense pack of sounds is ideal to kick off a mysterious true-crime podcast. Your listeners will be gripped from the beginning if you layer in these creepy sounds to the podcast intro.

Download Intro Tension Sound Now

20. Soccer Atmosphere

Nothing says sports like the sound of a roaring soccer crowd, and this pack has 5 unique crowd roars to choose from. Perfect for sports podcasts and drumming up some excitement in your audience!

Download Soccer Atmosphere Now

21. Multiple News Reporters

5 different versions of a medley of breaking news stories from TV and radio channels. It’s an instantly recognizable sound effect for showcasing news, mystery, and dramatic events. Great for editorial or true crime podcasts.

Download Multiple News Reporters Now

22. Brook Churning In Forest

Exactly what it says on the tin. The relaxing natural sound of a brook babbling through the forest, for natural history, mindfulness, or science podcasts.

Download Brook Churning In Forest Now

23. Mountain Forest

Another excellent long foley sound file, this time of birds and other natural sounds of the mountainscape. This is a great atmospheric accompaniment to a story set in the great outdoors – adventure, natural history, and science podcasts to name just a few.

Download Mountain Forest Now

24. Rain On The Street

The relaxing, persistent sound of rain falling in the street. Use this to build an atmosphere in any kind of podcast, particularly if you’re telling a dramatic story.

Download Rain On The Street Now

25. Soundscape

This soundscape is intense, mysterious, and builds a sense of unease. If you want your listeners to feel uncomfortable, look no further than one of the 3 soundscapes in this audio file. A combination of bass, creaking, and glitches will put your audience on the edge of their seats.

Download Soundscape Now

Part 2: How to Use Sound Effects in Your Podcasts

Just having sound effects to play with isn’t enough to make the perfect podcast. You need to know how to use them. The way you add music and sound effects into a podcast will depend on what message you are trying to put across. Is it a general atmosphere you’re trying to build? Or do you need the audience to understand the story is moving to a different location without telling them specifically?

  1. Adding sound effects of knocking doors, rivers running through forests, news reports, and other foley effects helps with your storytelling. It creates an immersive, inclusive experience for the listener.
  2. Transitions tend to be one-off uses of sound effects that get you from one scene to the next. The kind of transition you use will depend on the kind of story you’re telling. Tech-themed podcasts work well with glitches and digital sounds. Mindful podcasts may benefit more from a gentle swoosh.
  3. Adding atmospheric foley like a chattering cafe or a mountain breeze adds to a sense of realism if your podcast is taking place in a specific location.
  4. You can also use sound effects to highlight certain moments – think of it as an audio version of making text bold or underlined.

Take your podcasts to the next level by incorporating sound effects to help tell the story. There is plenty of pre-built soundscapes, transitions, foley, and other sound effects to drop right into the project to create sound effects, intros, or outros. When adding sounds to your podcasts, make sure you’re using them with intention. Each sound effect should be carefully placed to help tell your story, highlight an important point or transition to a new chapter.