Top 27 Beautiful & Enchanting Romantic Music for Valentine’s Day Videos

Royalty Free Music 07/02/2022 5 min read

A dramatic and deep-felt love scene would be nothing without a classy piece of romantic music. From intensely sad pieces that break star-crossed lovers, to bright pieces that complement the perfect love at first sight scene, there is a track for every romantic tale. Here are 27 of our popular romantic music you can download today!

Part 1: Top 7 Free Royalty-Free Romantic Music for Love Videos

1. From The Clouds

As you can tell by its name, From The Clouds is an airy romantic piece that features gorgeous textures and a timeless soundscape. This melancholic, deep piece might be the loving inspiration your project needs. 

Download From The Clouds Now

2. Loving Slowly

For a truly romantic background, there’s Loving Slowly. It features a charming, smooth solo piano that is perfect for those romantic scenes – whether you’re building a TV soap or backing a nature documentary. 

Download Loving Slowly Now

3. Slight Dance In The Night

Sad and melancholic, Slight Dance In The Night is an epic and cinematic piece that can easily mold into the back of your next intimate scene. It features a combination of strings, piano, and percussion.

Download Slight Dance In The Night Now

4. Motivation Piano With Cello And Drums

Motivational Piano With Cello And Drums is the perfect opening to your next film project. It features an inspiring piano, cello, and drums, that can all add to a dramatic or romantic scene.

Download Motivation Piano With Cello And Drums Now

5. Romantic Ukulele

You might think ukuleles can’t be romantic, but this track is here to prove you wrong. It features bright bells, piano, acoustic guitar, and a simple but effective melodic ukulele.

Download Romantic Ukulele Now

6. Won’t Be Any More

For something with a little bit of a more romantic vibe in it, Won’t Be Any More is the perfect dramatic opening track. This acoustic track features strings and a piano that’s soft and lyrical.

Download Won’t Be Any More Now

7. Slow Motion

Contrary to its title, Slow Motion is a surprisingly upbeat and inspiring tune. It features a guitar and piano prominently and could be the perfect fit for your next playful romance sequence.

Download Slow Motion Now

Part 2: 20 Royalty Free Perfectly Romantic Music for Dreamy Videos

1. I See

I See has a bit of a romantic country vibe to it, fitting for your next holiday-themed romance project. With acoustic guitars, percussions, strings, and vocals, this track is an easy addition to your next lifestyle piece.

Download I See Now

2. Air On G String

This airy jazz quartet piece features a light romantic tune that’s led by an acoustic guitar. Air On G String is a great royalty-free classical composition that can provide you with the ideal soundtrack for your next slideshow.

Download Air On G String Now

3. My Kind Story

My Kind Story is a cinematic piece of violin romantic music that’s perfect for your climactic love scene. These orchestral strings might just be the piece that slips right into your next project.  

Download My Kind Story Now

4. These Romantic Feelings

Heartwarming, slow, and romantic, this piece of music can really help set the overall feel of your project. This romantic royalty-free song features strings, contrabass, piano, and some light drums.

Download These Romantic Feelings Now

5. Last Call At Johnny’s

With a classic jazzy tune and a cool feel, Last Call At Johnny’s is a grand ole piece of music. It features a soul-filled sax, slinky trumpet, and swinging horns to build the perfect romantic music instrumental.

Download Last Call At Johnny’s Now

6. Nightlife

Nightlife is a mellow jazzy tune that features bluesy licks, double bass, soft brushes, and gentle guitar and piano. If you’re looking for something slow and emotional to add to your next project, this might be the right fit.

Download Nightlife Now

7. Your Light

Your Light features warm soft vocals backed by a folky guitar. The track also features a piano and soft percussion. Whether you’re putting together a road trip vlog or a wedding video, this piece of music might be the perfect fit.

Download Your Light Now

8. Behind The Mirror

If you’re looking for a classier tune that carries a real romantic weight on its shoulders, Behind The Mirror is for you. This intimate and emotional tune comes in four different lengths. 

Download Behind The Mirror Now

9. I’m With My Darling

I’m With My Darling has a more eclectic, folksy tune that would be a great addition to your next project. Featuring percussion, bass, drums, ukulele, and pan flute, the fun combination of sounds makes for a bright and bubbly tune.

Download I’m With My Darling Now

10. Your Love

Light and flowing, Your Love has a way of having both a serious tone while staying fun and bubbly. It features a solo, melodic piano that you won’t want to miss adding to your next project. 

Download Your Love Now

11. Melody For Two

Melody For Two is a quiet and somber tune that is equal parts romantic and creepy. Whether you’re looking for the opening for your next horror or you simply want a romantic music instrumental piece, it has you covered.

Download Melody For Two Now

12. Evening By The Fireplace

If you’re looking for a jazz tune that could easily fit into your next winter romance. It features a soothing piano and soft drums, laid out in a swing style that’s perfect for a romantic scene.

Download Evening By The Fireplace Now

13. Sweet Melancholy

Sweet Melancholy is a jazzy but heartbreaking ballad that’s perfect for the next somber scene in your project. It features a melodic tune that features a beautiful airy piano.

Download Sweet Melancholy Now

14. To Edinburgh

To Edinburgh is a slow, pensive track that features a real true love vibe. This royalty-free piece has some real romantic music characteristics built into the combination of cool drums, pads, piano, strings, and vocal chops.

Download To Edinburgh Now

15. Warm Thoughts

Making the next Christmas romance movie? Warm Thoughts features piano, strings, brass, and guitars. It’s slow, inspiring, and makes the perfect romantic accompaniment.

Download Warm Thoughts Now

16. Holding Steady For You

Holding Steady For You is a catchy, upbeat romantic tune that’s perfect for your next travel vlog. It features a comforting mixture of guitars, piano, percussion, and claps, along with comforting male vocals.

Download Holding Steady For You Now

17. Stay Loose Mi Amor

Stay Loose Mi Amor is an eclectic piece featuring acoustic guitar, percussion, ukulele, Rhodes piano, bass, light drums, and the glockenspiel. There are five different variations you can choose from.

Download Stay Loose Mi Amor Now

18. Seville Romanza

Spanish-inspired Seville Romanza features a duo guitar track that is both haunting and filled with romance. This track could fit a wedding or passionate-filled scene in your project. 

Download Seville Romanza Now

19. Inspire Everyday

Slightly more upbeat than some of our other romantic tunes, the Inspire Everyday features calming acoustic guitar accompanied by a soft piano and some background percussion. Positive and inspiring, it’s perfect for a cute romantic scene.

Download Your Love Now

20. Silent Sunrise

Silent Sunrise has a folksy vibe to it. Featuring hopefully guitars and an emotional piano, this romantic tune might just be the perfect background for that classic reflective scene.

Download Silent Sunrise Now

Your next romantic videos and beautiful love scenes deserve a fitting track to back it up. If you are looking for even more selections, Motion Array has thousands of pieces of music that you can check out. The perfect piece of romantic music for your next project is just around the corner! 

If you are looking for additional options to use in your next projects, check out our Valentine’s day video options, classical royalty-free music, as well as royalty-free wedding music

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