18 Retro Royalty Free 8-Bit Music Tracks for Video Games

Royalty Free Music 20/05/2019 4 min read

Royalty free 8-bit music is a highly specific form of music — but one that is wanted by a discerning group of people and projects. First coming into the public’s eye in the very early days of video gaming, these simple melodies and metronomic beats are here to stay. But where is 8-bit music used now?

The short answer is in pop music and avant-garde talent. While this video game music went out of style as technology moved on, some discerning minds realized that 8-bit music had much more potential than was being used. Today, stars such as Kesha and Robyn have brought 8-bit music to their songs and others are following suit.

Today, Motion Array’s selection of 8-bit royalty free music enables you to bring these sounds and melodies to your projects without worry. Check out our selection today and explore all of our royalty free music to find the exact tune you’ve needed to complete or begin the project of your dreams.

Top 8-Bit Royalty Free Music to Download Today

1. 8-Bit Logo

Starting this list with a zip, we offer three seconds of fun! At 70 beats per minute, this sound bite is fast and to the point — perfect for any situation that needs a little extra jolt of sound.

Download 8-Bit Logo Now

2. 8 Bit Retro Game Level Music

One of the most charming aspects of 8-bit music is the head-bopping beat. This tune delivers that in just over 2 and a half minutes. Five variations are also available if you want something close to this music, just not this music.

Download 8 Bit Retro Game Level Music Now

3. 8-Bit Arcade – Jump

Sometimes your project needs a bit of a mix between modern and old-school, and this 8-bit track mixed with some new-age melodies is the perfect hybrid.

Download 8-Bit Arcade – Jump Now

4. Choose Your Hero

Some people need some time to choose their avatar, equipment, or other aspects of their gameplay. The music needed in these situations should not be overwhelming but still needs to provide background interest and texture. This clip steps up to the plate and delivers just that.

Download Choose Your Hero Now

5. Happy 8 Bit

Want to take a time machine back to the past? This music takes you and your listeners right to the beginnings of 8-bit music with a fun, happy beat and bouncing melodies all tumbled together in a gleeful minute.

Download Happy 8 Bit Now

6. 8-bit Arcade – Platform World

Reminiscent of 80s style gameplay, this one brings back fun memories! Pair it with retro graphics or gameplay for a match made in heaven.

Download 8-bit Arcade – Platform World Now

7. 8-Bit Light Melody

This short clip starts fairly minimalistic and incorporates some more modern touches as it goes. Give it a listen today and download it for your own use!

Download 8-Bit Light Melody Now

8. 8-bit Hip Hop Arcade

A hip-hop style tune takes the best of 8-bit sound and combines it with a classic arcade structure that this article is all about. Perfect for when you want that sound, but not that style. Give it a listen and see what we mean.

Download 8-bit Hip Hop Arcade Now

9. 8-Bit Future Bass  

For a glitchy, trendy sound with the classic 8-bit elements underneath it, pick this track. It would make a great addition to games, adventure projects, tech vids, or presentations.

Download 8-Bit Future Bass Now

10. 8-Bit Arcade – Wonderboys

Here come the 80s in a nutshell! This music takes you straight back to the arcades of 40 years’ ago in a whirl of sound. Check it out for yourself!

Download 8-Bit Arcade – Wonderboys Now

11. 8-Bit Game

Classic old-school video game sounds add something special to this track. When you need old mixed with new for nostalgia-inspiring moments, this one will have you covered!

Download 8-Bit Game Now

12. 8-Bit

With a name like “8-bit,” you know this one is a blast from the past. Old-school digital style brings a retro spin to your project in a very vivid way. Check it out!

Download 8-Bit Now

13. 8-Bit Party  

Classic 80’s sound and 8-bit elements make this a blast from the past! Dance the night away to this tune, or use it as backing for cheerful, energetic, fun atmosphere projects.

Download 8-Bit Party Now

14. Retro Gaming Music

Back to more retro styles of music, this clip is made for games of yesteryear. At nearly 1 minute and a half in duration, you’ll have plenty of time to either loop or simply play. Try it out today.

Download Retro Gaming Music Now

15. Indie 8 Bit

These old gaming tunes take the listener right back to in front of their TVs with a joystick in hand — and this track is no exception! Fun, funky, and alluring, this one will have listeners digging their old consoles out for another try.

Download Indie 8 Bit Now

16. Game 8-bit Music Loop and Logo

The word “bounce” has been used a lot, but there’s no better word for this clip. Upbeat and positive, it’s a great accompaniment to bright colors and simple graphics. Listen for yourself and see what you think.

Download Game 8-bit Music Loop and Logo Now

17. Pixel Music – Loop

Everyone can use a little more joy in their day, and this track rises to the challenge. High whistles and a playful beat come together to provide a cute mix of sound suited for many different uses.

Download Pixel Music – Loop Now

18. 8-Bit Arcade – Fighting Dudes

Anyone who has battled a friend on an old-school console knows the feeling this tune inspires! Not only fun, laughter, and joy, but also determination, anticipation, and victory!

Download 8-Bit Arcade – Fighting Dudes Now

If you didn’t find what you were looking for, this list includes only a selection of Motion Array’s royalty free 8-bit music collection. We hope you can find the perfect match for you and your projects, whether that’s in this article or in the broader library. Best of luck to you all and your projects!