Top 15 Realistic Animal Sound Effects for Animations & Social Videos – Free & Paid

Royalty Free Music 11/09/2022 3 min read

Whether you are working on an animation or video game, as well as fictional medieval-themed content, realistic animal sound effects are an important piece to enhance the scenes. Ranging from a pig and a frog to an elephant, tiger and more, this list of popular tracks is definitely helpful for practical sound editing or inspiring for creative sound design. Form thoughtful and powerful video content with these characteristic animal roars, shrieks, cries and more.

1. Angry Wild Cats

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Mimic the classic film opener with a strong lion roar or add realistic wild animal background sound for your safari-themed video games or animations. This pack of 5 wild cat roar variations can also be used as special nature sounds in your podcasts or documentaries.

2. Big Dogs Barking

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Working on a horror or thriller movie? Maybe a haunted house? The best to create additional tension is by adding animal sound effects, especially dogs barking. This set of 5 various strong and powerful snarls is a great addition to your music arsenal.

3. Noisy Geese And Ducks

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Develop a quaint and charming atmosphere in a country scene with the perfectly mixed goose and duck sound effects. Whether it is a scene of a small town or a medieval-themed game video, this pack of farm animal sounds is a great mix to download.

4. Elephant Trumpeting

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Get creative using elephants as they did in Star Wars! For example, the TIE Fighters whirring sounds were created by slowing down elephant sound effects. The trumpeting sound is also a great way to enhance safari-themed animations.

5. Cock Crowing

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Add some fun sounds to your podcasts with the classic crowing sounds available in this royalty-free pack. You can also add this set of sound effects into your animations or video game projects for a more realistic feel.

6. Chicken

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If you are looking for farm animals sound effects, the Chicken track set is a great selection that will build up a great background ambiance. And like the crowing sound, use it within your animations or video game projects to welcome a new day or a new game level.

7. Growling Beast

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If you are working on a suspenseful fantasy animation full of beasts and aliens, Growling Beast includes a good selection of ferocious snarling. Add scary elements to your next big project!

8. Tiger Roar

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This pack of a tiger getting angry, featuring snarls and growls, gives a very vivid sound to your films, TV shows or animations. Featuring 5 different variations of high-quality growls, easily use it within your cinematic projects, nature-related projects, trailers or documentaries.

9. Furious Bear

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Recreate the famed Revenant scene with your own signature! Add some unique and more intense features to your short horror films or science fiction projects.

10. Hawk Eagle SFX

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Working on a scary and suspenseful video? Enhance the feel of your dark-themed project within a forest or mountain with ambient crying big bird sounds. It can also do wonders for your cinematic desert scenes or nature documentaries.

11. Owl

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This royalty-free pack of 5 ambient owl cooing sounds will be perfect for your nature visuals, educational videos or fictional dark forest sequences. It can also add a lovely ambiance for outdoor movies, trailers, teasers or short videos.

12. Frog SFX Pack

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This pack of distinct frog sounds in different pitch variations is an excellent addition to your sound effects arsenal. Ideal for game intros, animal-related content or cartoons, add a bit of fun to your projects by looping them to extend their length to suit your project’s needs

13. Chirping Bird

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Create a romantic picnic scene with these chirping bird sound effects! These natural and realistic bird songs are soothing for spring projects and wedding videos. You can also generate forest ambiances in remote villages or towns for your movie scenes.

14. Sheep And Goats On A Farm

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Farm animations and video games have been popular in recent years. This amazing pack of 3 farm ambiance sounds with sheep baaing and goats bleating is an excellent addition to your arsenal. It is a must-have for your farm-related montages or cartoons!

15. Grunting Pigs

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Whether you are looking for some funny sound effects for your podcast sound design or game audio implementation, Grunting Pigs is a great set! Featuring 4 variations, easily mix it as a background ambiance or use it to add something extra to something missing within your scene.  

Start your search for animal sound effects with this amazing list of royalty-free sound effects! Add depth to a farm film scene and easily immerse audiences into the onscreen world with pig, frog, elephant, tiger or others to draw viewers more closely into the story. These natural animal sounds will be seamless so that even the audience won’t notice. Quickly fill in the aural void and make your scenes feel more realistic.

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