20 Epic & Moving Royalty-Free Celtic Music for Fantasy Video Projects

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From Braveheart to King Arthur to Lord of the Rings, Celtic music and culture have taken the movie industry by storm. Evolved from folk music traditions, it is also a favorite for fantasy games and animation shows. Whichever project you are working on, this list of 20 popular royalty-free Celtic music is definitely a great resource to start. Mix in these iconic tunes to make even a budget film stand out and create an emotional connection.

Top Riveting & Inspiring Royalty-Free Celtic Music for Creatives 

1. Celtic Festival

Create a fun atmosphere with this folksy Irish royalty-free track, an excellent option for your next festive pub celebration. Mainly featuring fast-paced beats of the bodhran drum and fiddle violin, it can also be used in animations and even travel videos.

Download Celtic Festival Now

2. Sweet Hills Celtic Harp

This soft and gentle harp sound is perfect for those romantic or sad scenes filled with memories. You can also use it to transition between scenes in historical documentaries or even gaming videos.

Download Sweet Hills Celtic Harp Now

3. Celtic Forest

Looking to add depth to your mystical scenes? Are you working on a sci-fi fairy tale film? Then the Celtic Forest is a great background royalty-free music that will fill and enhance your scenes. Featuring the classic flutes with airy harp ambient sound effects, create the perfect ethereal and dreamy textures!

Download Celtic Forest Now

4. Dublin’s Jig

Add bounce and rhythm to your next dance video with this traditional royalty-free Irish folk jig track. The perfect dance beat for folk story documentaries or Irish-themed podcasts to evoke the feeling of a cheerful pub atmosphere with the scent of freshly brewed beer and friends sharing a good laugh.

Download Dublin’s Jig Now

5. Celtic Holiday

Use uplifting music as you begin or end your scenes with the Celtic Holiday royalty-free music track. This exciting acoustic sound is an ideal mix for medieval films, fantasy games and historical content.

Download Celtic Holiday Now

6. Legendary

Take your viewers on a journey through the forest or mountains with commanding violin and tin whistles adorning your screen. This classic and epic Irish flair sound is great for movie trailers and teasers that will lead your character to the final goal.

Download Legendary Now

7. Celtic Ballad

This is a more gentle and melodic music track featuring a flute, a romantic harp and a quiet guitar that fits into any style background. From historical clips and documentaries to video games and animation clips, the Celtic ballad will make your projects sound unique and original.

Download Celtic Ballad Now

8. Celtic Lullaby

Enchant your viewers with delicate melodic waves and soothing stringed instruments. Celtic Lullaby is a resonant and warm piece featuring a violin, soft piano and acoustic guitar. It’s a perfect match for drama shows or films featuring the great outdoors, cliffs and hills.

Download Celtic Lullaby Now

9. Irish Pub

Enjoy this soft yet boisterous Celtic folk-style royalty-free music track for your next pub or bar-themed scenes. Featuring the Irish flute, mandola, bouzouki and even drums, the Irish Pub is also a fantastic option for medieval movies, travel documentaries or other ethnic films.

Download Irish Pub Now

10. Celtic World

Another slow and peaceful royalty-free music track, Celtic World is a wonderful choice for funeral scenes or mourning characters. With a delicate violin melody over soft pads, you can use it as a background sound to fill your scene with deeply felt emotions.

Download Celtic World Now

11. Medieval Adventurer

Whether you’re working on fight scenes or adventures through distant lands, Medieval Adventurer is perfect for any cinematic theme, with 6 unique versions to easily mix in. Take your audience through a Celtic journey with uilleann pipes, acoustic guitar, string drones and percussion.

Download Medieval Adventurer Now

12. Celtic Highlands

Featuring a perfectly balanced mix of acoustic guitars, mandolins, flute, bass, claps and drums, Celtic Highlands will surely be one of your go-to music tracks. Download this bright, inspirational royalty-free Celtic music track and create uplifting travel, wedding or promo videos with a catchy beat!

Download Celtic Highlands Now

13. Late In The Glen Tavern

Looking for a happy and nostalgic royalty-free music track? Maybe a touch of energetic Irish folk jig in the mix? Late In The Glen Tavern is infused with both traditional and lively sounds, featuring acoustic guitars, bodhran, claps and fast kicks. Your cinematic scenes, festival videos or travel montages will feel more professional.

Download Late In The Glen Tavern Now

14. Medieval Celtic Fantasy

Take your viewers on a great journey with scenes chasing through old streets and pub fights with the Medieval Celtic Fantasy. As the name suggests, this Celtic soundtrack also has an inspiring fantasy flair with fiddles and cool guitars that perfectly fit gaming videos and animations.

Download Medieval Celtic Fantasy Now

15. Medieval Celtic Castle Sunrise

This long, calming, royalty-free Celtic track is just right for transition scenes showcasing landscapes or lovers seeing each other for the first time. Immerse your viewers deeper into your film with this ambient soundscape music featuring airy harps, strings, and ethnic flutes!

Download Medieval Celtic Castle Sunrise Now

16. Celtic Fairytale

Build a whole fairytale atmosphere with this spectacular cinematic Celtic composition. Featuring both lute and flute and female background voices and drums, it sets a more sentimental mood and feeling. A great find for your film trailers, teasers, and fantasy animation openers.

Download Celtic Fairytale Now

17. Ancient Pub

Ancient Pub is a cheerful, fun and uplifting Irish tune that is ideal for a variety of different film scenes. Easily create a lively atmosphere with fiddles and acoustic guitars that you can mix in pub dance montages, medieval films or travel documentaries.

Download Ancient Pub Now

18. Celtic Troubadours

This pack of 7 versions of bouncy royalty-free Celtic music features instruments such as flutes, violin, guitars, and percussion to create feelings of victory and celebration. With long to short options, you can easily use them in your film trailers, transitions, or opening and ending credits.

Download Celtic Troubadours Now

19. Celtic Spirit

Heartwarming and emotional, it is a piece of ideal royalty-free background music for cinematic projects. This score features a traditional flute, acoustic percussion, guitars and soft strings to create a mystical fairytale atmosphere.

Download Celtic Spirit Now

20. Celtic Legends

Get ready for battle with this epic and intense nordic style music track and inspire your viewers to follow along with the action. This classic folk score, which features bagpipes, medieval viola, percussion and strong female vocals, is ideal for fantasy games, adventure, historical or war montages.

Download Celtic Legends Now

Inspire and enthrall your viewers with classic Celtic tunes in your next battle montages or historical stories. From slow and peaceful to cheery and festive, the Irish folk sound can easily be used in various different scenes. You can now easily mix and match sounds from this list of popular royalty-free Celtic music to create the perfect ethereal and mystical atmosphere.

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