27 Elegant Royalty Free Classical Music Tracks

Royalty Free Music 26/04/2022 5 min read

Many of the greatest musical masterpieces we’ve ever heard are arrangements from classical musicians. When your scene calls for a beautiful score, using royalty-free classical music is an outstanding choice.

Check out these 25 stunning classical tracks and contemporary-inspired compositions to add grand elegance to your latest video project! Whether you’re shooting a Victorian-style epic or want something that speaks without words, here, you’ll find a classical piece to fit.

Part 1: Top Royalty Free Classical Music Downloads

1. Classical Music Adagio Albinoni

A lovely rambling piano and violin sonata, this piece brings to mind ballrooms and flowing dresses. It has a melancholic feel to it and would be a beautiful backing track for many a scene.

Download Classical Music Adagio Albinoni Now

2. Chopin – Nocturne In C Sharp Minor

Download this piano-driven classical piece to use when the mood calls for something meandering and yet pacey. It would suit projects of a proper classical nature!

Download Chopin – Nocturne In C Sharp Minor Now

3. Vivaldi Winter 3 Allegro

No classical music list would be complete without Vivaldi. This piano piece is vibrant, fast-paced, and would be a great musical addition to something quick and active on screen.

Download Vivaldi Winter 3 Allegro Now

4. Beethoven String Quartet

You’ll recognize this one. It’s a modified version of No.1, Op.18 No.1 from Beethoven and the speed of the strings will get your video bouncing off the screen.

Download Beethoven String Quartet Now

5. Claude and Maude

Add a layer of sophistication with this track that features a soft piano, lush strings, bells, and gentle percs. Be sure it is ideal for your wedding videos, family memories, emotional and romantic love videos.

Download Claude and Maude Now

6. Moonlight Quintet – F. Schubert

Create a whimsical garden party feels for your next beautiful yet fun scenes. It is truly best for short films, art themes, scenic pieces, cartoons, and social media video series.

Download Moonlight Quintet – F. Schubert Now

7. Brahms Hungarian Dance No. 5

Every editor should have a piece by Brahms in their music collection! This one is expressive and playful and would go well with an elegant-style scene.

Download Brahms Hungarian Dance No. 5 Now

8. Magical Waltz

An old-school waltz heralded in by military-style drums — this one is cheerful and elegant all at once. A complete orchestra adds a lovely sense of fullness and warmth to this composition, which swells as the music builds and takes the audience’s emotion with it!

Download Magical Waltz Now

9. Andante Waltz

Have a listen to this dreamy, moving orchestral piece when you are in the mood for relaxation and deep reflection. A beautiful arrangement of arpeggio piano and strings brings about a lovely sense of reminiscence.

Download Andante Waltz Now

10. Classical Times When Mozart Meets Bach

Arietta is a full, warm, and jaunty composition. It nips along nicely, making it ideal for any upbeat scene.

Download Classical Times When Mozart Meets Bach Now

11. Joy Beethoven

Of course, no list should exclude Beethoven either, and this joyous composition is a tribute to his Ninth Symphony, known to most of the world as “Ode to Joy.” It’s indeed filled with joy, excitement, and a deep sense of anticipation.

Download Joy Beethoven Now

12. Emotional Piano

This is a familiar melody from Chopin. Smooth, somber, and ever so slightly mysterious, it will work nicely across many different genres.

Download Emotional Piano Now

13. Aeolian Harp

This delicate little musical number is a beautiful piece by Chopin. A winding, storytelling piece of music, this classic would be a wonderful addition to any poignant scene.

Download Aeolian Harp Now

14. Hopeful Background

As you can tell by its name, this composition is quietly inspiring. Whether the scene is a romantic one or filled with wonder, this track would make a fantastic backing piece.

Download Hopeful Background Now

15. Chopin’s Dream

This composition has a slightly eerie, echoey feel to it. Piano and glockenspiel backed by drawn-out strings create an emotional and dreamy atmosphere.

Download Chopin’s Dream Now

16. Old Classic

Download this well-rounded composition to add to jolly scenes that take a little bit of introduction. A harmonious string-led intro leaps into a spirited main piece that can only bring about cheerfulness!

Download Old Classic Now

17. Classical Piano Music

This piano-led composition is inspiring and motivating. Accompanied by bright horns and busy strings, this track creates a lovely, excitable mood.

Download Classical Piano Music Now

18. Award

An epic, cinematic-style tune that shouts “victory!” Loud, intense, fast-paced, and exuberant, you should have this classical music in your collection for those triumphant edits.

Download Award Now

19. Small Ensemble

Download this bouncy, merry tune to back scenes that need a bit of brightening up! The strings break the silence to open and get warmer as more are layered. A bubbly piano joins in with the melody to make this an altogether charming piece of music.

Download Small Ensemble Now

20. Sad Orchestral

The beauty of classical music is its ability to speak without words, and this composition is filled with emotion. Sadness pours from every note, and even in the moving swells, we feel a sense of loss. This track is worth having for solemn moments.

Download Sad Orchestral Now

21. Emotional Cello

This track is pure piano and is quietly sentimental. There is an air of sadness along with a sense of moving forward. It’s a soul-stirring composition that will be guaranteed to have your audience feeling the emotion in your scene.

Download Emotional Cello Now

22. Epic Classical Inspiration

A sweetly inspiring tune that starts in a gently teasing manner. An energetic and fresh atmosphere would benefit from this as a backing track!

Download Epic Classical Inspiration Now

23. Classical Piano

This gentle yet firm composition speaks of quiet joy and confidence. It would work amazingly for a wedding video or anything of a romantic nature!

Download Classical Piano Now

24. Classical Minuet

This dynamic string-focused snippet is powerful and triumphant! The mix of strings joined by the horn section and ending off with a bang would make an elegantly dramatic addition. Classic classical!

Download Classical Minuet Now

25. Baroque Polonaise

Inspired by Bach, this is a warm and typical example of Baroque music. Ideal for any kind of historical project.

Download Baroque Polonaise Now

26. Classical Overture

Rising strings and a striking, persistent oboe and bassoon combine to make a remarkable composition that would sit well in the background of any video.

Download Classical Overture Now

27. The Symphonic Overture

The powerful crescendo of this overture makes it a perfect piece for a TV ad or a logo animation. Crashing percussion and rising horns combine to bring the excitement levels up.

Download The Symphonic Overture Now

Part 2: What is Public Domain Classical Music?  

There is a difference between royalty-free and public domain music. Public domain music is not copyrighted (or the rights have expired), while royalty-free music is actively under copyright. The Creative Commons is a non-profit organization created specifically to keep all public domain stuff together and easily findable.

Public domain music is available for download and use in projects with virtually no restrictions. Most classical compositions (pre-1922) are in the public domain. This means you can use these tracks in any project without worrying about copyright infringement. Beware, though — while you can use the original piece as you wish, using a “cover version” will get you into trouble. This is because the artist who does the cover still retains the rights to their own performance of the piece!

With royalty-free tracks, there can sometimes still be certain restrictions on the terms of use. Typically, however, you can make a one-time purchase and use it within your project without paying royalties. It’s essential to be aware of the differences between each track you are downloading and adding to your projects.

For more information about royalty-free and rights-based music, check out this great resource.

Classical music is timeless. It has had a significant cultural impact over the years and continues to do so today. When your project calls for some amazing orchestral compositions, Motion Array will have what you need in their extensive library of royalty-free classical music tracks.

Whether the mood is playful, somber, melancholy, or victorious, classical music is an elegant, sophisticated choice. When you need the music to speak to your audience, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful classical piece.

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