Top 10 corporate music tracks on Motion Array

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If you create business promotions, adverts, or marketing videos, you’re likely familiar with the classic corporate music track sound. The ideal corporate music offers a clean sound with an upbeat and hopeful composition. While Premiere Pros Audio Remix function has removed the length of the track as a concern for editors, it can still take time to search through our massive stock music library. So, we thought we’d make things a bit easier and put together a collection of our top 10 royalty-free corporate music tracks.

How to find tracks on Motion Array

Finding tracks on Motion Array is super simple, thanks to the comprehensive search and handy filters.

The search function allows you to directly search for words contained within the song title or the creator of a collection. The filters include options to type in the exact track length and BPM you are looking for. You can check as many categories as you want from the 31 options, including genres such as Pop, Rock, and Country or feelings such as Fun, Heavy, or Action.

You can also order the search results by Date Added, Relevance, Popularity, and Staff Picks within the music search.

The Motion Array blog also has a selection of themed collections, such as the Top Indie-Pop Tracks, Top 20 Modern Royalty-Free Latin Music, and 20 Epic Fantasy music tracks for you to explore. If that isn’t enough, you can download the Motion Array Adobe Extension and access our music library directly from your editing software.

Download our top 10 corporate tracks

Finding the ideal stock song for your video is super easy with Motion Array. Our vast library includes hundreds of fantastic corporate music tracks available royalty-free, but we’ve narrowed it down to our 10 most popular. 

Dare to Dream by BlueFoxMusic

Dare to Dream is an instantly inspiring and powerful corporate track at the ideal length of 2min 50 seconds. The song builds with a clean and repetitive melody before slowing for a bridge and ramping to its conclusions. This song is ideal for creating an optimistic and hopeful feeling without being distracting for dialogue.

Download Dare to Dream Now

Presentation of New Business by TrendingMusic

Presentation of New Business is a motivational song ideal for presentations, vlogs, and podcasts. The corporate track includes pianos, muted guitars, claps, pads, and drums, with a strong melody and beat. This song would work fantastically under dialogue or interviews but is also interesting enough to be used as the primary focus.

Download Presentation of New Business Now

Positive Ideas by ikoliks

Positive Ideas is a confident, inspirational track featuring whistles, vocal samples, hey’s, claps, guitars, and pianos. The Fun, upbeat tone is ideal for adverts, kids’ content, and motivational messages where no dialogue is required. The track also comes with 5 different versions for varying lengths and options for no vocal sampling.

Download Positive Ideas Now

Let’s Have Fun by Above & Beyond

Let’s Have Fun is an exciting and emotive track, ideal for charity and funding campaigns, advertising, and business presentations. The track features percussion, shouts, bass, bells, and strings and comes in 3 different length variations. This track has a positive vibe that will grab your audience’s attention.

Download Let’s Have Fun Now

Explore Together by ABSounds

Explore Together offers a classic corporate music sound with a quick beat and a synthy vibe. The composition includes percussion, piano, electric guitar, and pads, ideal for branded content and advertising. The pack comes with 3 varying length versions, along with a loopable sample.

Download Explore Together Now

Business Corporate Theme by DPmusic

The Business Corporate Theme is an elegant and calming track, ideal for longer videos that require a peaceful sound without being annoying. The track is composed of electric guitars, piano, bouncy drums, and uplifting harmonies. As you can guess by the name, Business Corporate Theme is a fantastic track for all your business presentations.

Download Business Corporate Theme Now

My Time Will Come! by Sound_Rise

My Time Will Come! is an upbeat, happy-sounding piece filled with percussion, guitars, plucks, claps, and vocal shouts. Following the trend for whimsical Hey’s, shouts, and vocal samples in corporate music, My Time Will Come! is ideal for uplifting promotions, funding campaigns, and business success stories.

Download My Time Will Come! Now

Creating The Future By Rooman Production

Due to its abstract, airy feel, Creating the Future is ideal for technology, science, and software-based content. The song is composed of pads, bouncy plunks, warm bass, and glitchy beats to create a futuristic sound. It offers a simple melody, ideal for use in the background of longer explainer videos and vlogs.

Download Creating The Future Now

Fresh Start by juqboxmusic

Fresh Start offers a distinct pop tone filled with upbeat guitars, claps, cool bass, and percussion. The fun and exciting feel is ideal for inspirational content such as travel vlogs, charity campaigns, celebration events, and business success stories. Fresh Start is sure to inspire your audience and get them to take action.

Download Fresh Start Now

Warm Inside by Markery

If you want to create a comforting and reassuring feel for your content, then Warm Inside is the song for you. The song is composed of airy guitar plucks, pads, drums, and piano, which is a slower, more thoughtful corporate style ideal for explainer videos and business presentations. Warm Inside is a subtle song that is fantastic for background music and creates a trusting tone.

Download Warm Inside Now

Corporate music has a reputation for being dull and boring, but with Motion Arrays’ collection of stunning corporate tracks, you can create unique and engaging promotions and marketing videos. Check out our entire royalty-free corporate music collection to inspire your next business project.