20 Professional Royalty Free Corporate Music Tracks

Royalty Free Music 15/05/2019 4 min read

Whether you’re creating a sales, training or product video, you‘ll want some appropriate background music to set the right tone and mood. Motion Array has thousands of royalty free corporate music tracks to help make your video more professional.

We’ve put together 20 of the best downloadable products for you to find corporate background music, including motivational, energetic, and instrumental tracks. You’re sure to find something on this list that’s perfect for your next corporate video project.

Top Royalty Free Corporate Music Downloads

1. Startup Corporate

If you’re looking for background music to motivate and inspire, check out this track. You’ll appreciate the guitar harmonics combined with acoustic guitar strums and catchy drum beat. This lively music supports promo, training, and presentation videos perfectly.

Download Startup Corporate Now

2. Corporate Timeline

Presenting quarterly sales numbers or a project update video? You’ll love this track with its violin melody. It exudes a positive, hopeful feeling that’s sure to give your corporate presentation a boost.

Download Corporate Timeline Now

3. Corporate Harmonics

This track is a bright, cheery one using a little pop rock to energize. The delayed electric guitars amplify the energy that you’re trying to create in any corporate video project.

Download Corporate Harmonics Now

4. Technology

If you’re trying to build suspense for a big announcement, consider this dreamy royalty free corporate music track. It combines a sense of comfort with wonder and anticipation for your marketing project.

Download Technology Now

5. Inspiring Presentation

Methodic and modern, this corporate background music track is ready and waiting to play a role in your sales, marketing, or training video. Use this track when you’re outlining important points or chugging through key message points.

Download Inspiring Presentation Now

6. Corporate

This is a simple, catchy, modern track that will support any marketing, sales, training, or presentation video. It’s clearly corporate with its snappy, electronic tune that’s ready to motivate and inspire.

Download Corporate Now

7. Corporate Ambient Inspiration

Appreciate the guitar sounds, deep piano, and rhythmic beats of this royalty free corporate music track. Whether you’re putting together a slideshow, brand video, or explainer, this background music will provide that extra kick to hold your audience’s attention.

Download Corporate Ambient Inspiration Now

8. Upbeat Uplifting Background

With a little pop-rock instrumental music, you can motivate your team to start a new project, reach for higher sales goals, or pull together on a new strategy. This royalty free music company provides just what you need for professional, inspiring videos.

Download Upbeat Uplifting Background Now

9. Business Corporate Theme

This guitar, piano, and drum track give you a lively background for slide shows, openers, or web video advertisements. It’s clean and elegant, providing that extra motivation for its listeners.

Download Business Corporate Theme Now

10. Corporate Motive

Whether you’re charged with creating a motivational video for your sales team or an inspiring one for your stakeholders, you’ll love this royalty free corporate music track. It’s comforting and uplifting, perfect for instilling that hopeful ambiance at the beginning of a presentation or conference.

Download Corporate Motive Now

11. Digital Technology

If you’re looking for a lighter electronic sound for a corporate video, consider Digital Technology from Motion Array. This one is great for techie-type projects, marrying the background sound with your corporate content.

Download Digital Technology Now

12. Soft Light Corporate Background

This positive, upbeat royalty free corporate music track is subtle yet positive. When you want your video or slideshow to be the standout feature, use this track for a gentle background.

Download Soft Light Corporate Background Now

13. Burn It Up

For a modern, young sound, grab this music track that incorporates electric guitars, drums, cowbells, and clapping hands. Burn It Up is perfect for high-energy sales videos or web product explainers targeted for a hip target audience.

Download Burn It Up Now

14. Positive Atmosphere

This track, incorporating piano, percussion, and synths, provides an uplifting background for any corporate video project. Use it as part of explainers, customer highlights, or feel-good stories for maximum effect.

Download Positive Atmosphere Now

15. Energetic Upbeat Stomp

A percussion-heavy music track, complete with claps and stomps, makes this corporate background music a great hip-hop selection for video breaks, street projects, or energetic web clips. Add that extra energy with the Energetic Upbeat Stomp track.

Download Energetic Upbeat Stomp Now

16. Corporate Innovation

Incorporate synth, drums, and bass to your next marketing or corporate video project. This uplifting, positive, royalty free corporate music track complements sales, training, promotional, or presentations videos.

Download Corporate Innovation Now

17. Uplifting and Hopeful Background

If you’re looking for something positive and energetic without going over the topic, this track may be perfect for your project. A muted guitar, drum, and piano combination carry a few hand claps and finger snaps to present an upbeat, happy background option.

Download Uplifting and Hopeful Background Now

18. Inspiring Indie Piano

With a gentle, mellow beginning, this corporate background music provides a soft introduction that slowly builds into greater energy. Engaging vocals and an inspiring rhythm make this track a great introduction or lead-in to a presentation or announcement video or YouTube commercial.

Download Inspiring Indie Piano Now

19. Calm Motivation Technology

This comforting, almost meditative, royalty free music track features gentle piano and drums. Whether you’re looking for background music for an inspirational program, a sales video, or a team-building presentation, this one might fit the bill.

Download Calm Motivation Technology Now

20. Corporate Inspiration

Incorporating a pop synth melody, this track is upbeat and youthful. Use this corporate background music in lifestyle ads, youth promotional videos, or any other project that requires a young, hip character.

Download Corporate Inspiration Now


If you’re still not sure you’ve found your perfect corporate video background music from this top 20 list, Motion Array has thousands of royalty free music tracks available. Put on your headset, stop on by for an hour or so, and browse as many samples as you want. You’re sure to find the tune that’s a match for your unique presentation, program, or video.

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