17 Energetic Royalty Free Electronic Music to Bring the Beat

Royalty Free Music 18/05/2019 3 min read

Electronic music lends itself well to all kinds of projects. Commercials, documentaries, corporate videos, presentations — you name it. Generally heavy on percussion, bass, and synth, electronic music can achieve anything from a chillout vibe all the way to a pumping club anthem. But have you thought about licensing? Because this is where royalty free electronic music excels.

Using royalty free tracks is an excellent way to make sure you’re covered no matter what you are working on. Here are Motion Array’s favorite electronic music tracks to make the perfect finish for your video projects.

Top Royalty Free Electronic & EDM Downloads

1. Acid Network

Your dynamic, fast-moving videos are begging for you to use this action movie-inspired electronic track. Grab your audience’s attention with this exciting beat!

Download Acid Network Now

2. Door Punch

Bring some humor into your projects with these bright and airy synths and fun percussion. This sugar rush will get things moving in no time.

Download Door Punch Now

3. Tech Logo

Need a sting for the front of your video channel or podcast? This classy electronic logo sting will sit perfectly beneath the introduction of any kind of content.

Download Tech Logo Now

4. Electronic Background

This smooth, experimental electronic track ebbs and flows to create a great backing track for corporate videos.

Download Electronic Background Now

5. Percussion and Bass

This full-on track isn’t for the faint-hearted. There’s plenty of percussion and stomping bass to keep things going, with some dips in the tempo to catch your breath before quickly building up again.

Download Percussion and Bass Now

6. Club Dance

Perfect for something that needs to get the dance floor jumping, with its pounding bass and thrilling synth melody. Pair it with your adrenaline-fueled sports and travel videos to get perfect results.

Download Club Dance Now

7. Uplifting Energetic Downbeat

Uplifting Energetic Downbeat is a thrilling sugar rush that will keep the audience hooked thanks to a pumping bassline and a tempo that doesn’t let up. This one will really wake people up.

Download Uplifting Energetic Downbeat Now

8. Club Fashion Futuristic Background

When your messaging doesn’t deserve anything less than premium, unforgettable electronic music, this inspiring track steps in. It’s not for just any old video.

Download Club Fashion Futuristic Background Now

9. EDM Cinematic Stomps

Subtle minor chords and a steady build-up makes this an awesome royalty-free electronic music track for showing off your business’s services and motivating audiences into action.

Download EDM Cinematic Stomps Now

10. EDM Future Upbeat Promo

Rich layers of percussion, effects, and a unique time signature make this EDM track a truly stand-out piece to add to your video.

Download EDM Future Upbeat Promo Now

11. Glitchy Stylish Future Bass

If you want a cool pacey rhythm with some chill-out vibes and an easily editable track, this is the music for you. Try using it in your events, software, and recruitment videos.

Download Glitchy Stylish Future Bass Now

12. Club Banger Loop

This beautifully loopable track is a dream for editors. Keep the momentum going as long as you like in your podcast, video, or event.

Download Club Banger Loop Now

13. Chilled

Relax your audiences and take them wherever they want with this chill-out electronic track — easy-going Sunday vibes in this one.

Download Chilled Now

14. Lounge Club

Take things real easy in this royalty-free lounge music track from Motion Array. Perfect for property videos, vacation videos, fashion commercials or anything you want to add a premium feel to.

Download Lounge Club Now

15. Action Extreme Sport Electro-Rock

This action-packed electronic music track doesn’t mess about. Throw it into your extreme sports or events promo videos and let people know this isn’t a walk in the park.

Download Action Extreme Sport Electro-Rock Now

16. EDM Green Technology

Step into the future with this ethereal, layered music that pairs perfectly with content about new technology. Podcasts, YouTube videos, commercials — you name it.

Download EDM Green Technology Now

17. Action Stomps and Trap Trailer

There’s a lot going on here. Punchy bass and distorted guitars join some almost Middle East style vibes and vocal kicks to make an awesome, positive electronic track for your films.

Download Action Stomps and Trap Trailer Now

If you don’t want to get caught out by the legality of music licenses in your projects, royalty-free music is a stress-free solution. Hopefully, the tracks listed above have at least given you some inspiration on the kinds of music that would be a fit for creative works. Or have fun exploring Motion Array’s thousands of royalty free music and bring up the beat of your video projects.

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