18 Royalty Free Video Game Music: Download Trailer & Gaming Tracks

Royalty Free Music 21/05/2019 4 min read

Quality royalty free game music can be hard to find. The tracks that we love the most can be some of the most heavily protected pieces of music out there. But what can we listen to and use for our own projects?

Here at Motion Array, we offer thousands of royalty free game music tracks for your enjoyment and use. Trailers, apps, retro and modern games can all benefit from a stunning soundtrack behind them.

And that’s exactly what we provide in this roundup of our favorite video game tracks. Let the games begin!

Top Royalty Free Game Music to Download

1. Free Intense Trailer

When you need an extra punch or startle effect, this download is for you. Starting with a crash of cymbals and continuing in aggressive waves to a dead stop, it can be used in multiple different ways, yet never sound quite the same. And it’s free!

Free Intense Trailer Download

2. Gaming Introduction

Are you revealing a brand new world to your users, set in the future far away? A hopeful, upbeat beginning surges into a beating background pulse coming to a quiet close 21 seconds into the clip. And it’s only a click away.

Download Gaming Introduction Now

3. Synthwave Video Game

Not all royalty-free game music needs to stand on its own. Sometimes, it should take a backseat to the rest of the production. If you want a strong, steady beat with layers of interest, this track delivers!

Download Synthwave Video Game Now

4. Cinematic Video Game Ambient Theme

With a feeling both haunting and heavenly, this music is sure to stand out in your projects.  It’s perfect for a gentle reveal, a dawning realization that things aren’t so bad or a discovery of something vibrant.

Download Cinematic Video Game Ambient Theme Now

5. Happy Video Game

Sometimes, everything’s amazing and your music needs to reflect that. An upbeat, vibrant music track, this free download is just waiting to fill your needs.  

Download Happy Video Game Now

6. Children Adventure Game

Let’s not forget that kids have their own games too! This sweet, carefree melody is one that the kids will enjoy in the background as they play.

Download Children Adventure Game Now

7. Epic Heroic Adventure

The words “epic” and “heroic” will never grow old, and neither will this moving music. It’s perfect for fight scenes, tense moments, and other thrilling shots. Listen to it today and give it a whirl in your projects!

Download Epic Heroic Adventure Now

8. Peekaboo

Here we have another kiddie-inspired download. This happy track features handclaps, cheerful bells, and ukulele strums. It’s bright, sunny, and kids will love it.

Download Peekaboo Now

9. Retro Gaming Music

Art takes all sorts of forms, some from the past and some from the present. And there’s no quicker way to recall the past than to play music from it. Take a whirl back to the 80s with this retro track.

Download Retro Gaming Music Now

10. Instrumental Video Games Loop

Traditional instrumental game music has a perfect time, place, and project waiting for it. If that’s what you need, that’s what you’ll get, right here and right now.

Download Instrumental Video Games Loop Now

11. Interstellar Voyager Mission

Fast-paced synth leads combined with an ultrasonic buzz effect create a music clip that’s hard to describe in words. Give it a listen today and see where the music will take you and your viewers or users.

Download Interstellar Voyager Mission Now

12. Spooky Horror Video Game

For a very different kind of feeling, check out this spooky horror music. Strong bass lines and synthetic trills come together to create an air of mystery, wonder, and fear.

Download Spooky Horror Video Game Now

13. Powerful Inspiring Rock Background

This metal-inspired tune starts with a muted drumbeat and soon kicks into high gear. Electric guitar riffs dominate, and some electronic synth pieces make an appearance too. Excellent for action, aggressive, or adventurous scenes.

Download Powerful Inspiring Rock Background Now

14. Video Game Hard Overload

Options in your art are always good. So here is another fast-paced track for your enjoyment and needs.

Download Video Game Hard Overload Now

15. Choose Your Hero

There’s nothing is quite as quirky as hyper old-game music with a playful upbeat, and that’s what’s here today. It especially shines in retro games and videos.

Download Choose Your Hero Now

16. Funny Game Loop 2

This music clip is a steady upbeat track that is perfect for adding background, texture, and/or a little extra interest value to your projects. Check it out today!

Download Funny Game Loop 2 Now

17. 8-Bit Arcade Platform World  

Not all games need to be darker and more mature. Some are childish, brightly colored, and cute, and that’s what this music embodies.

Download 8-Bit Arcade Platform World Now

18. Apple Online

For a new-age sound and vibe, check out this royalty free option. You won’t regret listening to it, and it might be just what you are looking for your next project, game, or app.

Download Apple Online Now

That’s a wrap, but it doesn’t end just yet! These 18 royalty free game music tracks are only a sample of Motion Array’s unlimited royalty free music library. Whether you are creating a game, app, interactive experience, or a host of other video or audio projects, Motion Array has the music you need!

What’s not to love?

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