20 Spooky Royalty Free Halloween Music

Royalty Free Music October 11, 2018 3 min read

With Halloween around the corner, comes the need to add entertaining and scary music to your collection. Whether you need a track for a spine-chilling feature, ad, or game, we’ve put together our favorite eerie and menacing royalty free Halloween tracks fit for any ghoulish video project.

Top Royalty Free Halloween Music to Download

1. Halloween Ghosts

Halloween Ghosts’ track features harpsichord, theremin, and orchestral to blend between fun and spooky. It’s great for scary, fun, and mysterious Halloween creations.

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2. Halloween Heroes

With a threatening effect and darkly ambient, Halloween Heroes is one of the best. An excellent fit for tense scenes.  

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3. Halloween Night

The Halloween Night track is scary, spooky, unsettling, and fun at the same time. It will be perfect for high-level Halloween productions.

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4. Halloween Dark Intro

Your search has come to an end if you are looking for a track with a cinematic suspense effect to bring your audience to the edge of their seats. Halloween Dark Intro will make a scary impression.  

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5. Halloween Song

This royalty free music track has great instrument arrangement that includes harpsichord, theremin, orchestra, and choirs that create a scary, freaky mood. It will make your audience feel like they just saw a ghost!

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6. Stressed Trailer Ident 1

Creepy, lurking piano melodies combined with sudden shock crescendos make this trailer ident perfect for any horror shows and movies.

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7. Escaping From Monster

Have a project scene where a character needs to escape from a terrifying monster? This is the track to use. Combining synths, strings, FX, brass, and drums, this soundtrack will leave your audience filled with fear and suspense.  

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8. Dark Evil Creepy Horror Music

Dark Evil Creepy Horror Music is exactly what it says it is – dark and creepy. Its orchestral music arrangement creates a mysterious and ghostly mood for your films and videos.  

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9. Halloween Trap Beat

Halloween Trap Beat integrates piano, strings, synths, and brass to make rhythms that impact your audience with fantasy, suspense, and horror. It will fit any of your upcoming Halloween productions.  

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10. Dark Lullaby

You can leverage this track for any Halloween production or film that requires a creepy atmosphere. It will work perfectly for thriller, horror, mystery, dark, vampire, crime, and dangerous scenes.  

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11. Halloween

Implement this track if you need Halloween background music for commercials, films, ads, animations, shows, and more. It features a clarinet, pizzicato strings, clarinet, theremin, choir, xylophone, tuba, and marimba.

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12. Scary Creepy Psycho Music

Crashing, discordant instruments combine to create a dark and frightening Halloween atmosphere. Useful in scenes that need horror, witchy, evil, and gloomy impacts.

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13. Halloween Background Tension

This royalty free background music quickly introduces your audience to a bloodcurdling mood and tension that makes their hair stand. The Halloween theme features theremin, orchestra, pizzicato, timpani and the harpsichord arrangement that’s perfect for petrifying scenes.

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14. Horror Epic Halloween

High-level suspense that leaves your audience fixed to the screen wondering “what’s coming next” is what this track will do to your creations. Perfect for scary and suspenseful trailers.

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15. Stranger Tension 10

The musical arrangement creates one of the strangest moods you’ve ever come across. It’s inspired by haunted music and influenced by Hollywood blockbusters including thrillers, horror, action, and more. Leave your viewers in intense tension and suspense with this track!

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16. Scary Halloween Horror Music

This terrifying music creates a mysterious, haunted, and horrific mood for your productions. Its professionally played thriller piano music is loaded with excitement, suspense, and tension.

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17. Horror Ambient 2

If you want cold chills to run through your audience, grab this track to use in your video projects. The creepy ambiance and a haunting laugh will leave people cowering behind their cushions.

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18. Action Horror Intense Hybrid

This heart-pounding music is begging to be used in a trailer or an action-packed scene. Imagine the slavering monster chasing after our hero in this gripping sequence.

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19. Cinematic Suspenseful Piano (FREE)

If you have a scene where you want to depict a scary atmosphere, you need to grab this track! It comprises a short piano opener with intense suspense and creepy mood for amazing results. And it’s free!

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20. Dark Movie (FREE)

It’s not without reason that this track was so named. It will create a creepy and darkly ambiance for your video projects. Great for scary cinematic trailers, blockbuster, film score, background music, and more.  

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There you have it! 20 royalty free Halloween music tracks to help get you started making frightening video projects. We’re sure you’ll find something here that will add to the spirit of Halloween!