25 Royalty Free Happy Music Tracks for Cheerful Videos

Royalty Free Music 31/05/2019 5 min read

With right royalty free happy music, you can easily turn your video project into a cheerful masterpiece. Whether you’re looking for inspiring music for a corporate project, background for a romantic scene, or an energetic beat for your next feature film, the right music will make your scene radiant with happiness.

The musical composition of happy music typically uses a combination of guitars, pianos, and electronic beats to keep the energy up. Your audience will feel the joy when they engage with your multimedia project!

Without further ado, here are our picks of the happiest and best royalty free music tracks you can download today.

Top Royalty Free Happy Music to Download

1. Happy Claps (Free)

This positive piece features a collection of bells, ukuleles, drums, and a prominent piano. It’s a fitting piece for a mid-feature daylight montage or the backing to an upbeat commercial project.

Download Happy Claps (Free) Now

2. So Happy (Free)

Featuring claps, whistles and a ukulele, this joyful piece of music would make a perfect backdrop for a vacation destination promotional video.

You can also find some good and free music using ukuleles to set up positive vibes in your videos.

Download So Happy (Free) Now

3. Summer Beauty Lounge (Free)

With a futuristic vibe, this upbeat track is an inspiring piece that can lighten any mood. As its title suggests, you’ll find this composition is a perfect fit for a summer-themed, corporate advertisement.

Download Summer Beauty Lounge (Free) Now

4. Piano Bells Happiness (Free)

A cheerful piano and ukulele lead this toe-tapping piece of music. This pleasant beat would be a great addition as the backdrop for the opening credits of your next heartfelt short film.

Download Piano Bells Happiness (Free) Now

5. Upbeat Indie Pop Corporate

This inspiring track could provide an upbeat opener for a corporate presentation or recruitment video. It features a collection of electric sounds accompanied by bass, guitars, piano, strings, and synths.

6. Happy Advertising

Check out this arrangement if you’re looking for music for a cute romantic montage or corporate advertisement. It features an array of instruments including piano, guitar, and even a xylophone.

Download Happy Advertising Now

7. Happy Tropical Travel

An eclectic piece of upbeat royalty free music features a combination of happy sounds including synth melodies and strumming string instruments. Consider using this one for a travel project!

Download Happy Tropical Travel Now

8. Happy Bright Motivation

This quaint piece of happy music features a quietly happy melody with a palm-muted guitar and percussion keeping the rhythm up. It would be a great background addition to your next commercial advertisement piece.

Download Happy Bright Motivation Now

9. Happy Hip Hop Ident

While it’s short, this track is mighty. Featuring a piano melody mixed with modern electronic sounds, it would be the perfect opener to your next YouTube vlog.

Download Happy Hip Hop Ident Now

10. Happy

The name says it all. This is a bright, bubbly piece featuring prominent ukulele melody. Joining in are an acoustic guitar, some sparkly bells, and a solid bassline and foot-tapping drumbeat. It would be perfect to turn a frown upside down!

Download Happy Now

11. Happy Pop Rock Sunday

This upbeat track has a rock-vibe with its creative use of guitars and drums. Making it the ideal backdrop to the high school hallway scene or riding at the skatepark in your next family feature.

Download Happy Pop Rock Sunday Now

12. Happy Indie Folk Song

This tune inspires hand-clapping and head-bobbing! Some catchy electric guitar starts it off, and acoustic takes over and keeps it flowing. Chilled and happy, and great for commercial videos!

Download Happy Indie Folk Song Now

13. Happy Summer Synth Pop

This track is perfect for a fun beach promotional video or the hopeful first day back at high school for your next teen feature. The arrangement has fresh, synthetic electronic sounds and a joyful piano.

Download Happy Summer Synth Pop Now

14. Happy Upbeat Music

A slower but bright tune, this would make a fitting backtrack for your next uplifting corporate promo. It features a mixture of piano, synth, and drums.

Download Happy Upbeat Music Now

15. Happy End

As its title would imply this upbeat track is perfect for the ending of your next feature as a car drives away over a majestic summer landscape. It features guitars, piano, and the sounds of a xylophone.

Download Happy End Now

16. Happy Upbeat Electronic

Looking for energetic and fun music? This piece would be perfect for a summer beach scene. It features a collection of electronic sounds, vocal, synth, all while keeping a steady beat.

17. Happy 8 Bit

This electronic track features a collection of sounds reminiscent of the Mario games of the past. It would be a perfect addition to your fun and energetic video games today to add a retro feel.

Download Happy 8 Bit Now

18. Uplifting Folk

Vibrant and relaxing, this happy music features multiple guitars, a little bit of piano, and drum claps to bring it all together. It would provide an inspiring ambiance for your corporate advertisement.

Download Uplifting Folk Now

19. Beautiful Life

Featuring calm but happy guitars, piano, xylophone and percussion, this track would be perfect for your animated product promotional video.

Download Beautiful Life Now

20. Inspiring Happy Upbeat Pop

Looking for the right music to accompany your next beachside resort promotional video? This upbeat track features lively bursts of guitar, a cheerful beat, and an electronic melody.

Download Inspiring Happy Upbeat Pop Now

21. Inspiring Ambient

This piece of royalty free happy music features climbing pianos mixed with electronic vibrating sounds. Use it as an impactful introduction to a vibrant, futuristic city in your next sci-fi feature.

Download Inspiring Ambient Now

22. Hip Hop Upbeat Positive

Featuring a classic hip hop beat and electronic sounds, this arrangement is a reminder of a lazy scene featuring sun, sea, and a drink in hand. This is one for the really chill moments.

Download Hip Hop Upbeat Positive Now

23. Cinematic Happy Inspire

If it’s a light cinematic piece you’re looking to feature in your promotional wilderness travel video of climbing mountains and lush forests, then look no further. This mesmerizing track is filled with light synthetic sounds, piano notes, and inspiring tones.

Download Cinematic Happy Inspire Now

24. Optimistic Pop Rock

Get drawn into the beat with a collection of guitars, subtle piano, and synthesizer elements. Along with clapping and excited crowd chants, this piece of music would work perfectly for your next corporate promotional video project.

Download Optimistic Pop Rock Now

25. Happy EDM

If you’re looking for a buoyant electronic piece of royalty free happy music this inspired track features cheery piano, synth elements, and a dance-inspiring beat. It’s a perfect fit for your next corporate presentation video.

Download Happy EDM Now

If you’re looking for music to pair with cheerful moments, Motion Array has thousands of royalty free happy tracks to take your next project from nice to joyful. Draw in and captivate your audience with these upbeat melodies!