30 Killer Royalty Free Hip Hop Music Tracks

Royalty Free Music 25/05/2019 6 min read

Hip hop is all about the beat. With rhythmic vocals, breakbeat percussion, and energizing electric melodies, this musical genre is upbeat and vibrant. Check out our curated list of awesome hip-hop stock music tracks that enhance a wide variety of scenes in your video and film projects!

And if you need to add some hip hop to your background music collection, Motion Array’s stash of royalty free hip hop music tracks should be your first stop.

Top Royalty Free Hip Hop Music Downloads

1. Free Smooth Funk

This tune begins with an uplifting, bouncy piece of piano. It’s all about being cheerful, and the bassy drumbeat adds a sense of deep satisfaction.

Free Smooth Funk Download

2. Free Hip Hop Corporate

Download this one for free to use in corporate presentations, promotional videos, or to back anything else you can think of. It’s a smooth, inspiring piece of music and is guaranteed to bring an air of cool self-assuredness to any project!

Free Hip Hop Corporate Download

3. Hip Hop

The list begins with an energetic, upbeat “urban hip hop” track. It’s perfect for backing action videos, such as sports, adventure travel, or video games.

Download Hip Hop Now

4. Hip Hop Timelapse

For scenes that need something a little less intense in the background, this track works well. It’s an electronic piece that starts low-key. Deep bass and light drums come in halfway through, to give it a chilled but driving feel.

Download Hip Hop Timelapse Now

5. That Epic Hip Hop

This epic rhythmic hip-hop track will pair well with adventure, sports, or travel footage. The slow bass vibration and faster-paced rhythms make for an engaging and stimulating background track!

Download That Epic Hip Hop Now

6. Is Hip Hop

A high-vibe, positive tune, this is another one that would make a great backing track to sports, adventure, or gaming videos. If you’re looking for something to bring the fun, this one will deliver!

Download Is Hip Hop Now

7. Motivation Sport Orchestra Hip Hop

With a powerful start, the hip-hop beat kicks in around the 20 seconds mark. A steady drumbeat and driving bass, orchestral strings pieces, and background vocal elements, make this tune a comprehensive and suspenseful track.

Download Motivation Sport Orchestra Hip Hop Now

8. Old School Hip Hop

If you’re looking for something with a real electronic and retro feel, this one will do! A funky beat and some serious synths create a tune with a groovy feeling. It would work great for promo videos that have a bit of action in them.

Download Old School Hip Hop Now

9. Hip Hop On The Beach

Download this modern, hip-hop track to add to your scenes that need some chill. Sports videos, promos, YouTube vids… This would pair well with just about anything!

Download Hip Hop On The Beach Now

10. Cinematic Epic Hip Hop

This one keeps the listener engaged from the start with an ear-catching horn intro, before an energetic drum solo into the full-instrumental track. Evoking a sense of strength and positivity, this option would go great with scenes that need a powerfully charged anthem. Two different versions are included!

Download Cinematic Epic Hip Hop Now

11. Sports Breakbeat

Check out this spunky, grooving beat that begins deceivingly calm before leaping into the beat. The drumbeat is the driving force and is interspersed by some funky scratches and the occasional electronic effect to add a bit of fun. It definitely says “action!”

Download Sports Breakbeat Now

12. Club Hip Hop

Download this super chill, modern hip-hop track to add some cool to your project. Deep bass and a variety of synth pieces add something unique to this tune. It comes in 4 different versions, so you’ll be able to fit it into any length piece of video.

Download Club Hip Hop Now

13. Smooth Funky Hip Hop

A bright guitar sound greets you when this tune starts while the groovy beat keeps it flowing throughout. This piece of music would be great backing to something old-school and upbeat.

Download Smooth Funky Hip Hop Now

14. This Is Hip-Hop

This upbeat track is a fantastic mix of elements. A short sax riff joined by some guitar picking makes this one pretty stylish.

Download This Is Hip-Hop Now

15. Hip-Hop Logo Opener

This little sound bite of a track is direct and in-your-face. It’s got all you could want in a musical logo — an exciting intro with a strong beat, a solid bass line, and cool vocals and synth effects.

Download Hip-Hop Logo Opener Now

16. Vlog Hip Hop

This track brings some chill to any project. It’s an easy-listening track that would be perfect backing to a how-to or travel video. Or, as the title suggests, any vlog.  

Download Vlog Hip Hop Now

17. That Hip-Hop Beat

A modern tune led by a stylish melody and smooth drumbeat. You can use this easy-listening track in just about anything that would benefit from it’s chilled but fun energy.

Download That Hip-Hop Beat Now

18. Hip Hop Fashion

An old-school classic-sounding hip hop tune, this one jumps right in with a punchy guitar intro. It’s a confident, almost cheeky piece that could be used in a variety of situations.

Download Hip Hop Fashion Now

19. Hip Hop Background

Some modulating organ adds a hazy texture to this track, and a classic hip-hop beat brings it back to stability. Use this relaxing background track for projects that require an easy-going feeling.

Download Hip Hop Background Now

20. Power Hip Hop

A modern, dancey tune like this one would be an awesome addition to promo videos, adventure scenes, or sporty projects. It’s high-energy without being too driving and creates a cheerful yet chilled atmosphere, featuring mpc style drums, cool sampled brass chops, fresh melodic vocal cuts, and thick electric bass.

Download Power Hip Hop Now

21. Dark Downtempo Abstract Hip Hop

If you’re looking for something more dark and dangerous, this one fits the bill. The intro is a little creepy and is joined by funky bass and a glitchy drum beat as the track progresses. Abstract electronic elements add to the twitchy feel of this one!

Download Dark Downtempo Abstract Hip Hop Now

22. R&B Soul Funky Hip Hop Beat

You can’t listen to this track and not walk away in a good mood! A pleasing little arpeggio guitar melody catches the ear straight away. It kicks into full force with booming bass, rhythmic drums, and some awesome synth elements, before jumping into some funky strumming guitar work. It’s definitely worth having!

Download R&B Soul Funky Hip Hop Beat Now

23. Dramatic Hip Hop

Beginning with some tension-building strings, the “dramatic” in this one’s name rings true. Joined by an echoey solo piano, and later by an unusual bassline and a prominent drumline, this tune is a little eerie and even futuristic.

Download Dramatic Hip Hop Now

24. Hip Hop Energy

As the name suggests, this is a highly energetic, classic hip-hop beat. It would go perfectly with urban-style scenes that need something bright and upbeat in the background.

Download Hip Hop Energy Now

25. Urban Logo

Another short, but sweet-sounding logo reveals track. Horns create a bit of an ominous feeling, and the glitchy synths that come along with it add a modern flair to an old-school base.

Download Urban Logo Now

26. Action Old School Hip-Hop

This one creates a mood from the very start. A confident piano riff intro drops into a strong rhythmic beat, and keeps the pace and feeling up throughout. When your edit needs a dose of lazy positivity and self-assurance, this track can help bring it.

Download Action Old School Hip-Hop Now

27. Chill Vlog Background

An old-school vinyl crackle begins this track, and that laid-back vibe sticks around for the whole tune. It’s a unique, easy-going track that would be a great accompaniment to relaxing videos such as cooking, travel, and promo videos.

Download Chill Vlog Background Now

28. Mafia Hip Hop

This track calls forward a smokey, swaggery kind of feel. It’s an edgy piece that would be fantastic backing for something that requires a jazzy atmosphere.

Download Mafia Hip Hop Now

29. Hip-Hop Upbeat Positive

Check out this modern, happiness-exuding track, complete with a danceable beat and synth melodies. If you need a tune to bring the party feel, this one can!

Download Hip-Hop Upbeat Positive Now

30. Hip-Hop Opener

There are 4 versions of this piece included in the download, so you’ll be able to fit this to anything. A classic beat and synthesizer effects create a relaxing background atmosphere.

Download Hip-Hop Opener Now

Hip hop is a versatile genre spanning from edgy and upbeat to chilled-out vibes. Its modern, urban nature is well-received by audiences, and having a bunch of royalty-free hip hop music tracks in your collection is always a good idea.

If your requirements are slightly different from the tracks on this list, have a look through Motion Array’s extensive hip-hop stock music library. You’ll be guaranteed to find something you like — if not for this project, then for the next!