24 Creepy Royalty Free Horror Music Tracks

Royalty Free Music 16/05/2019 4 min read

Music can make or break your horror film. If you’re a filmmaker, you should have a stash of eerie music to use to elevate the terror to your production. Whatever chilling mood you may need to create, you’ll find something in this list of favorite royalty free horror music tracks!

It’s important to remember that “royalty-free” doesn’t necessarily mean the item is available for free. It simply means you can use the track commercially without having to pay royalties to the owner.

Have fun creating some terror with these horror tracks in your next project!

Royalty Free Music Perfect for Horror Films

1. Horror Suspense Trailer

Nothing causes a feeling of suspense and fear quite like a creepy intro of hybrid SFX risers and impacts. Throw in some disturbing screams and elevating drums, and you’ve got a perfect start to something terrible.

Download Horror Suspense Trailer Now

2. Horror Trailer Intro

This mysterious, heart-pounding cinematic intro track is a tense, driving piece of music that will put your audience in a state of terror.

Download Horror Trailer Intro Now

3. Horror Action Trailer

A simultaneously adrenaline-pumping and heart-stopping horror trailer composition. This one begins with alternating build-ups and eerie silence broken by an ominous clock ticking sound.

Download Horror Action Trailer Now

4. Horror Zombie Apocalypse

Some spine-chilling supernatural vocal sounds accompany the slow-building intro to this synthy track. If the screams and groans are too much for you (or your viewers), you can download a version without the SFX, or a “lite” version.

Download Horror Zombie Apocalypse Now

5. Dark Horror Piano Ambient Background

This dark musical track features an echoey violin melody with sporadic piano riffs in the background to create an eerie feeling. There are some ghostly vocal effects in this one, so it would be well-suited to being a background piece for a dark scene.

Download Dark Horror Piano Ambient Background Now

6. Halloween Mysteries

This one is a Halloween-reminiscent theme featuring bells over a creepy, screechy synth melody. Other stringed instruments bring about a feeling of encroaching doom and the anticipation of something spooky.

Download Halloween Mysteries Now

7. Horror Epic Action

Download this intense track driven by heavy bass and drums beneath a powerful electric guitar riff. Some hybrid elements have been added in for dramatic effect, and it creates an aggressive, angry mood.

Download Horror Epic Action Now

8. Scary Tension Creepy Horror Nightmare

Dramatic and anticipatory, this low piano-led piece encompasses some off-the-wall melodies and SFX. It brings to mind scenes of cemeteries and full moons, although you can use it for whatever scary scene you wish!

Download Scary Tension Creepy Horror Nightmare Now

9. Horror Suspense Theme 1

Beginning with a screeching intro, this suspenseful track is the perfect background music for scary videos. It’s intense enough to cause rising fear and steady enough to hold the viewer on the edge of their seat while they wait for the moment it kicks in.

Download Horror Suspense Theme 1 Now

10. Halloween

This track is a bit of a jaunty one, although it has creepy elements. It’s more child-friendly than some but still creates a freaky mood.

Download Halloween Now

11. Horror Thriller Fear Haunted Music

Here’s a hard-hitting and heart-pounding intro that is guaranteed to have your audience waiting in suspense from the beginning. It’s the perfect creepy track to create tension.

Download Horror Thriller Fear Haunted Music Now

12. Action Horror Intense Hybrid

The name says it all. A deep funk horror tune creepified by mystery noises and guttural vocal elements. This one is reminiscent of darkness, werewolves, and things that go bump in the night.

Download Action Horror Intense Hybrid Now

13. Horror Drone

This droning, hypnotizing piece of music creates a frenzied, ominous feeling of impending doom. Scratching and screeching sounds in the background add to the discordant feel.

Download Horror Drone Now

14. Dark Suspenseful Thriller

An unassuming piano melody leads the listener down a path of uncertainty and anxiety. A subtle rise begins to create an ominous feeling of something about to happen, before tapering off into a slow, quiet piece that almost leaves the suspense unresolved.

Download Dark Suspenseful Thriller Now

15. Spooky Horror Video Game

This track is less terrifying and more electronically intense, but it works well to add an element of discomfort to your project.

Download Spooky Horror Video Game Now

16. Dark Synth Retrowave

This track conjures up images of the X-Files and alien conspiracies. An ambient, darkly exciting track, the feeling of intense anticipation is palpable.

Download Dark Synth Retrowave Now

17. Scary Creepy Psycho Music

The hair-raising organ base and breathy vocal effects are enough to create fear almost immediately. The occasional impact and echoing SFX make this one feel really terrifying!

Download Scary Creepy Psycho Music Now

18. Horror Background  

Here’s a muted, creeping intro track sprinkled with random, unexplained sounds. It’s perfect for background music to any suspenseful or mysterious scenes.

Download Horror Background   Now

19. From The Darkness

This ominous, melancholic theme interspersed with bells creates a dark and miserable feeling that is perfect for scenes that contain fear and sadness.

Download From The Darkness Now

20. Dark Horror Background Ambient

This intense, darkly vibrational cinematic piece can be felt in your soul. Orchestral instruments provide the perfect notes to create an atmosphere of mystery and misery all rolled into one.

Download Dark Horror Background Ambient Now

21. Cinematic Horror Tension Intro

This track is one big build-up of orchestral instruments, drums, and SFX. It’s a high-energy, epic action feeling that comes to a climactic ending.

Download Cinematic Horror Tension Intro Now

22. Darkwave Horror

A synth-based, electronic horror track filled with off-key bits and pieces to add to the discord, this one will create wonderful tension in any scene.

Download Darkwave Horror Now

23. Dark Hybrid Horror Trailer

This blood-curdling track starts slow and scary and builds up as though it’s coming up behind you. It doesn’t take long to go from cautious anxiety to full-blown panic as the music swells into a high adrenaline fight for your life.

Download Dark Hybrid Horror Trailer Now

24. Scare Horror Survival

A deep, dark, and intimidating piece of background music that conjures up images of misty, dark woods. The rising texture of the SFX creates a horror-filled, jittery atmosphere just waiting for something to happen.

Download Scare Horror Survival Now

If our top picks didn’t have exactly what you needed, browse the vast selection of royalty free music available in the Motion Array library for more. You can always download some scary sound effects to customize your sound design further. We’re sure you’ll create something that will make your audience jump in no time!