25 Beautiful Royalty Free Instrumental Music Tracks

Royalty Free Music 13/05/2019 4 min read

As the name suggests, instrumental music relies on a musical composition to convey a message rather than lyrics. The choice of instruments, tempos, and melodies all contribute toward creating a specific emotion or atmosphere to engage the audience.

While vocals are great for some videos, sometimes you need something purely instrumental to give the scene the emphasis it deserves. Check out these great royalty free instrumental tracks to use in your next project — all are worth downloading!

Top Royalty Free Instrumental Music Downloads

1. Free Soft Piano Ambient

This uplifting composition features a prominent piano melody and light hi-hat and bass drums, joined by gentle strings and some acoustic guitar. It’s quietly inspiring and would make the perfect accompaniment to promo videos, YouTube vids, or to add to a scene that calls for something motivational but not too energetic.

Free Soft Piano Ambient Download

2. Free Technology

Download this relaxed yet driving track to add a sense of quiet determination to your footage. A repetitive acoustic guitar riff gives a sense of moving forward, and the bass drum kicks in lightly halfway through to increase the powerful upliftment.

Free Technology Download

3. The Power of Inspiration

Have a listen to this poignant tune, and you’ll be sure to find a fitting scene for it. Powerful strings form the base of this composition, with piano and guitar making a subtle appearance.

Download The Power of Inspiration Now

4. Lovely Piano

This peaceful piece of music would make a great backtrack to a wedding video, nature footage, or something more on the romantic side. Emotional and dreamy, this gentle piano-based melody will add a wonderful sense of quiet joy.

Download Lovely Piano Now

5. Upbeat Uplifting

This cheerful instrumental music track is chilled out and would be perfect backing music for commercials, YouTube videos, or explainer videos.

Download Upbeat Uplifting Now

6. Casual Stroll

An inspiring, jazzy piano is perfect for this no fuss, no rush accompaniment to your laid back videos. Take your time and enjoy the scenery.

Download Casual Stroll Now

7. Inspirational Orchestra

Download this epic orchestral piece to back your triumphant, heroic scenes. It begins with a fast-paced piano riff and builds up into an emotional instrumental masterpiece, before fading down to just the piano to end off.

Download Inspirational Orchestra Now

8. Love

A tranquil, thoughtful piano melody starts this one-off and is joined by gentle strings before building up softly but powerfully. This dreamy composition is perfect for creating emotion. There are 3 variations of the piece included in the download.

Download Love Now

9. Inspiration Corporate

Designed for corporate use (as its name suggests!), this upbeat composition brings a feeling of confidence to any presentation! Make your point and own the room with this royalty free melody.

Download Inspiration Corporate Now

10. Corporate Movement

Highly quality, bouncy strings give a fairly chilled out vibe and would suit a scene of the same feeling.

Download Corporate Movement Now

11. Nostalgic

This piano and strings piece is a more mournful one than others on this list. A moving and emotional musical composition, it would suit a scene with intense sadness or a sense of loss.

Download Nostalgic Now

12. Live Americana

A twangy, country-style song that will take you right back home to Virginia thanks to the guitars and rushing rhythm. Home sweet home.

Download Live Americana Now

13. Inspiring

With a powerful, cinematic beginning, this composition is all about victory. Featuring a shorter version which packs a punch, and an extended version which is slower-moving, this one should be a part of your collection.

Download Inspiring Now

14. Indie Inspiring

With a lone piano to start then building into a moving string piece, this background track evokes feelings of nostalgia and sadness.

Download Indie Inspiring Now

15. Acoustic Guitar Peaceful Calm

Download this peaceful acoustic guitar and light click drum track to back your promos, how-to videos, or anything that needs some warmth and relaxation!

Download Acoustic Guitar Peaceful Calm Now

16. Epic Documentary

A striking, suspenseful orchestral composition, this one brings to mind heroic quests and epic adventures! Dramatic percussion will have your heart pounding alongside your protagonist, and the tension-building string elements will take you on a musical journey.

Download Epic Documentary Now

17. Modern Orchestral Beat

Here’s a real mysterious, bouncy track that kicks off with the bass and drums. A cheeky vibe makes for a super fun tune to add to your project.  

Download Modern Orchestral Beat Now

18. Wedding

Every editor needs a good stash of wedding backtracks, and this gentle but loving track fits right in there. Starting with bells and strings and with the paced addition of the bass drum halfway through, this one kicks into a lovely, romantic melody that would be a perfect backing to a wedding video.

Download Wedding Now

19. Nature


Warm and comforting, this tune would be best used for anything needing some quietly uplifting and confidence-inspiring music.

Download Nature Now

20. Ambient Inspiration

This scale of this track is as large as its potential. Melancholic, mysterious, conjuring feelings of wide-open space, travel, and reminiscence. Use this versatile royalty-free music track with a wide range of video projects.

Download Ambient Inspiration Now

21. Piano

This thoughtful piano track will bring a sense of melancholy to your video. With no accompanying instruments, only a solo piano, this tune creates an unsettling feeling.

Download Piano Now

22. Dark Horror Ambient Instrumental

A creepy, unsettling ambient composition that lends itself perfectly to horror films and videos of a darker nature! Chilling strings and hair-raising breath sounds contribute to the horror of this track.

Download Dark Horror Ambient Instrumental Now

23. Soft Instrumental Hip Hop

A deep, groovy bassline and solid drum beat make this one a great backing tune for chilled but inspiring videos! It creates a great atmosphere and is sure to brighten things up.

Download Soft Instrumental Hip Hop Now

24. Crying Strings

Download this heavy, melancholic tune to add gravity to scenes that need some dramatic tension. The orchestral string ensemble is chillingly sinister.

Download Crying Strings Now

25. Cinematic Piano And Orchestra

A confident piano builds into a beautiful, cinematic melody accompanied by swelling strings. Perfect for those heartfelt movie trailer movements that bring a little gentleness to your life.

Download Cinematic Piano And Orchestra Now

Royalty free instrumental music can be used in just about any sequence. Action, romance, battle scenes, adventure, sad scenes — you can find an instrumental track for every emotion, to keep your audience engaged through sound, just as much as the visuals.

Whatever backing track you may need to finish your project off perfectly, Motion Array has thousands of royalty free instrumental music tracks you can browse through to find something more suitable. Happy editing!

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