Royalty Free Jazz Music: 13 Tracks for Classy Videos

Royalty Free Music 14/05/2019 3 min read

If you’re looking to add some royalty free jazz music to an upcoming project, or add some retro vibes to your videos, here you’ll find a great collection to download.

Jazz music started in New Orleans at the beginning of the 20th century. It has since earned recognition as a significant form of musical expression and now stands as one of the world’s great artistic compositions. It’s a complex and diverse genre requiring a combination of a diverse set of instruments including the trumpet, piano, saxophone, cornets, trombone, clarinet, and the drum set.

Check out this list of curated tracks and hear the variety of styles for yourself!

Top Royalty Free Jazz Music to Download

1. Jazz Big Band Audio Logo

Jazzy Big Band Audio Logo is perfect to deliver an extraordinary feel to your media. The vibrant royalty free jazz music comprises an exceptional brass section, upright bass, piano, and jazzy brushes. This track is perfect for enhancing your openers, intros, teasers, YouTube channels, vlogs, podcasts, cartoons, and video game titles. Its unique and stunning music theme will make your projects sound amazingly cool.  

Download Jazz Big Band Audio Logo Now

2. Jazzy Detective Spy Music

Jazzy Detective Spy Music is the ideal royalty free jazz music theme for an amusing and energetic film piece. It’s a great choice if you are looking to evoke feelings, thoughts, and images of mystery and intrigue in your projects.

Download Jazzy Detective Spy Music Now

3. Jazz Drum Jam

Drum set tempos are an essential part of any jazz section. So, if you are looking for drum rhythms, this Jazz Drum royalty free track is a perfect choice. It’s specially designed with dynamic features to enliven and energize your projects.  

Download Jazz Drum Jam Now

4. Fast Jazz Now

Want a great original jazz track for your next project? Fast Jazz Now is a royalty-free piano style track with a perfect musical arrangement featuring a grand piano, upright bass, classical Wurlitzer piano, and jazz drums. You will be amazed at the fantastic results it brings to your promo videos, commercials, movies, and much more.  

Download Fast Jazz Now Now

5. Jazzy Hip Hop Lounge

Looking for a soothing smooth sound for your next project? Jazzy Hip Hop Lounge has got you covered. Its unique musical arrangement including keyboards, double bass, drum kit, and brass delivers fantastic and relaxing sound effects.

Download Jazzy Hip Hop Lounge Now

6. Jazzy Drum and Bass

A good track brings life to your projects and inspires your audience. This Jazzy Drum and Bass royalty free jazz music — comprised of powerful drums, energetic synths, pumping bass lines, and electronic percussion — will do exactly that.

Download Jazzy Drum and Bass Now

7. Acoustic Jazz Peace

This dynamic and flowing royalty free jazz track is ideal for a wide variety of video and film projects. Acoustic Jazz sports a unique musical arrangement including acoustic guitars, gentle piano chords, pumping basslines, and light drums to make the sound in your projects warm and energetic.

Download Acoustic Jazz Peace Now

8. Jazz Violin

Jazz Violin is yet another royalty free jazz track that’s up for grabs. It combines a chilled rhythm with a characterful violin to introduce a playful piece with an optimistic mood. It will absolutely make the sound in your project intros capture and glue your audience to the screen.  

Download Jazz Violin Now

9. Jazz Club

Jazz Club brings together the ideal instruments including piano, drums, bass, and synths for a cheerful and energetic mood. Like its name, it is a perfect club scene soundtrack, especially where two characters fall in love.

Download Jazz Club Now

10. Expressive Jazz Piano Intro

Expressive Jazz Piano Intro royalty free track is both captivating and fascinating! It packs innovative and cool features as well as a buoyant piano music theme to enable you to create exquisite and amazing projects that will leave your audience hanging in there for more.

Download Expressive Jazz Piano Intro Now

11. French Jazz Cafe

Featuring smooth guitar improvisations, French Jazz Cafe royalty free music delivers a smooth foot-tapping experience to perfectly complement your projects when you want a quirky, fun, morning mood.

Download French Jazz Cafe Now

12. Circus Jazz Acoustic Music

Circus Jazz Acoustic Music royalty free jazz track features a solid 2-minute piece of pure jazz. It’s perfect for bringing a confident and proud mood to your videos. It integrates a piano, trumpet, saxophone, vibraphone, and acoustic bass which a truly unique musical arrangement.

Download Circus Jazz Acoustic Music Now

13. Romantic Date

This is a charming piece of mellow jazz music, perfect for romantic nights in or out. Light drums and a free-roaming melody sit nicely together with an elegant bass. Enjoy some fine food, fine wine, and let the music do the work when it comes to setting the mood for your audiences.

Jazz combines fantastic rhythms and chords from a combination of either drum, bass, piano, trumpets, trombones, sax, and synths for energetic and optimistic moods that are great for a variety of video projects. Here at Motion Array, we have tons of royalty free jazz music tracks available to help you create fantastic videos and films. Good luck with your projects!