Top 20 Modern Royalty-Free Latin Music (Background) for YouTube Videos

Royalty Free Music 09/06/2022 4 min read

Latin music has been a favorite on YouTube for 2 years now, with many artists getting promoted with a global reach and even collaborating on short documentary series that engage many users. This has impacted the demand for Latin music genres with a mix of traditional Salsa vibes to more modern Latin pop music. If you are looking to spice up your videos on social media, we have created a fantastic list of royalty-free Latin songs with club style and instrumental selections. So take your pick and create amazing promos and shorts on YouTube!

Hot & Popular Royalty Free Latin Music to Pump Up Your Videos

1. Fiesta

Add a Latin house sound with funky beats to your upcoming dance videos. Fiesta features 2 versions: one with original vocals that sing to the beat of trumpets and percussions. The instrumental version is great to use for shorter or longer projects.

Download Fiesta Now

2. Carpe Diem

This uplifting and smooth groove Latin club music track is an excellent option for promos or ads on social media. Featuring a calmer upbeat sound with Spanish vocals, Carpe Diem will help you create your own catchy video and grow your following.

Download Carpe Diem Now

3. Dance Like A Fire

Add a bit of fire and spice to your videos with passionate Latin music vibes! Dance Like A Fire is perfect for your upcoming dance or summer travel projects to create a strong visual story.

Download Dance Like a Fire Now

4. Vem Vai

Vem Vai includes a pack of pop Reggaeton Latin tracks that you can use for creating short and long versions for your promos and videos. Create the perfect summer mood, full of energy and hot pulsing beats.

Download Vem Vai Now

5. Latin Swag

A swift shift from Latin vibes to modern club music, Latin Swag is a unique track. Add this cool Latin club music for projects you want to build up and end with a bang! With 7 variations, it is perfect for promos, ads and reels. 

Download Latin Swag Now

6. To the Playa

To The Playa is a perfect match for your upcoming summer style videos! Featuring Latin hip hop vibes with piano, horns and percussion and 5 different versions, this pack is a definite must-have in your creative arsenal.

Download To the Playa Now

7. Tengo El Fuego

Tengo El Fuego has a smooth rhythm with guitars and cutting brass, creating a modern upbeat Latin background. Add this track to your next fun club party scene or dance promo video.

Download Tengo El Fuego Now

8. Latin Trap In My Mind

When it comes to Latin music, you have to include some cool drum beats. Latin Trap In My Mind is a great track with a reggaeton trap tune vibe that you can easily mix and match with any other song on this list.

Download Latin Trap in my Mind Now

9. Brazil Tour

Hype up your videos with this fresh, bouncy Latin track! Brazil Tour is a fun dance track with upbeat reggaeton beats to create an energetic dance scene or a summer product promo.

Download Brazil Tour Now

10. Latin Beat

Start your intros and promo videos with a bang and hook your audience with this dynamic Latin track. And infuse your dance and promo videos with a cool reggaeton beat and brass hits!

Download Latin Beat Now

11. Latin Dance

Every so often, videos need to have a high note upbeat sound. Latin Dance adds a catchy and groovy hook to create an original unique style with a positive vibe. Deliver a fabulous new promo or trailer with ease.

Download Latin Dance Now

12. Tu Cobardia

This slower Latin bachata-style track is perfect for more romantic yet Caribbean-feel wedding videos. It can also fit perfectly for a short video or clip from travels or a short film dance or party shot.

Download Tu Cobardia Now

13. Baila Como Quieras

Perfect background Latin music for any video opener or a transition scene in a short film. Baila Como Quieras is a definite classic to have in your music mix, featuring piano, guitars, bass, exotic percussion, and drums.

Download Baila Como Quieras Now

14. Mexican Vibe

Looking for something a little more chill with a cool beat? Mexican Vibe is a great choice with acoustic guitar, trumpets, 808 bass and a tight trap beat. You can use it as a background track in most of your tutorial or promo videos, as well as travel updates on YouTube.

Download Mexican Vibe Now

15. On the Spanish Coast

Nothing says a Latin-style song like a strong guitar presence. This pack of 5 variations features a lively Latin rumba vibe for any summer clips, Spanish dancing or event presentation projects.

Download On the Spanish Coast Now

16. Verano Caluroso

Don’t leave anyone guessing what your video is about! This sunny and tropical Latin tune, featuring a piano with fiery trumpets and bass beats, is the right amount of tropical energy for your ad, promo or travel vlog needs!

Download Verano Caluroso Now

17. Rumba Oscura

If you want to start or end your short video with a gentle Latin rumba sound, Rumba Oscura is excellent background music. Definitely a great track to include in your next cooking or family travel videos!

Download Rumba Oscura Now

18. Eres Divina

Latin music is definitely for the passionate, and Spain is nothing less than that. A perfect mix of flamenco vibes with guitar leads and castanets, perfectly suitable for a dramatic scene, romantic serenades or festival promos.

Download Eres Divina Now

19. Spain

Latin music is definitely for the passionate, and Spain is nothing less than that. A perfect mix of flamenco vibes with guitar leads and castanets, perfectly suitable for a dramatic scene, romantic serenades or festival promos. 

Download Spain Now

20. Hot Spicy – Free

Create an inspiring and uplifting mood with this free Latin pop track in your next podcast or vlog announcement. Featuring a smooth mix of piano, organ, bass and drums, add it to your music mix and create your signature sound.

Download Free Hot Spicy Now

Latin music contains a wide variety of styles and influential genres, meaning that as editors, you can create a lot with it. It is also a very passionate style of music with many rhythms and beats, from club music to chill Caribbean vibes. The recent Latin music “explosion” seems to have brought a great opportunity for creatives to infuse their work with this popular trend. So download and enjoy our popular selections of royalty-free Latin music on this list and create your own signature sound style. 

You can also mix and match royalty-free Latin music with other genres, including dance, guitar and even classical music.  

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