24 Epic Royalty-Free Action Dramatic Movie Trailer Background Music

Royalty Free Music 07/04/2022 5 min read

Nothing gets the blood pumping quite like some epic action music. And nothing teases the tastebuds quite like a high-quality movie trailer. Put them together and you get one brilliant video. You might think that royalty-free trailer music on a par with Hollywood is beyond the realms of possibility – and you’d be wrong. There are dozens of great action-packed dramatic trailer music tracks in the Motion Array library, and here are our favorites.

Powerful & Intense Royalty Free Cinematic Trailer Music for Editors

1. Time for Battle

This track is reminiscent of big, bold, colorful anime fight scenes with plenty of action and special effects. It’s the synth that really adds to it. Try using it in your video games, it’s perfect for a boss fight!

Download Time for Battle Now

2. Cinematic Fantasy Trailer

The upbeat staccato strings in this track conjure a fairy tale world where small children can have big adventures. This inspirational orchestral music works well for movies, short films, games, trailers, and commercials.

Download Cinematic Fantasy Trailer Now

3. Epic Cinematic Western Intro

Saddle your horse and ride off into the sunset with this incredible Western-themed soundtrack, perfect for any budding cowboys out there. Whether you’re making a video game or a movie, you need to use this royalty-free track right now.

Download Epic Cinematic Western Intro Now

4. Epic Music

Pounding drums and soaring orchestral immediately conjure epic landscapes, mighty heroes, and adventures across fantastical worlds. Download this royalty-free track and start using it in your projects.

Download Epic Music Now

5. They Are Coming

Buckle up. Whether it’s aliens, monsters, villains, or anything in between, they’re coming for you. Strap into this intense track filled with bass and sound effects, and stick it into your action trailer.

Download They Are Coming Now

6. Adrenaline Rush

Get moving with this intense adrenaline-filled techno music, packed with driving guitars and drums. Try using it in a thrilling chase sequence, sports scene, or opening credits in your film projects.

Download Adrenaline Rush Now

7. The Wild West

The dark, pounding drums in this track create a tense atmosphere, perfect for an epic stand-off between the hero and the villain in your movie. You can also use it for anything with a fast-paced sequence like sports or racing movies.

Download The Wild West Now

8. Sad Trailer

This track comes at an emotional part of the war film. The part when all hope is lost, and the hero must summon every ounce of his remaining courage for the final push to victory. It’s a beautiful orchestral piece with a poignant theme.

Download Sad Trailer Now

9. Into The Storm

There’s a lot going on in this epic piece of music, which makes it perfect for a sci-fi film. Packed with dark synths, big bass hits, sound effects, and a strong melody throughout, it’s awesome. It’s also royalty-free, and you can download it and start using it right away.

Download Into The Storm Now

10. Total Annihilation

This huge royalty-free track is epic on every level. Massive drum hits, bass slams, and a big driving orchestral synth melody make this an incredible piece of music for action movie trailers.

Download Total Annihilation Now

11. Cyberspace

The dark, irregular rhythms in this awesome track are perfect for cyber thrillers and sci-fi projects. Creating a video game, short film, or animation? Grab this royalty-free music for it and watch it come to life.

Download Cyberspace Now

12. The Riot

What happens when you mix epic orchestra with drum and bass? This awesome track. It’s a video game trailer maker’s dream, but it would work brilliantly in movies, adventure sports videos, and so much more.

Download The Riot Now

13. Rebellious

Soaring strings and marching drums make this an awesome, heroic track for your fantasy films, adventure movies, video games, and commercial adverts. It’s a rousing, motivational piece of music that will make your hairs stand on end.

Download Rebellious Now

14. Fantasy Cinematic

Marimba, xylophone, and pizzicato strings come together to make a quirky atmospheric royalty-free music track for your projects. You could use this in anything with a light tone, whether it’s a children’s video, travel documentary, or advertisement.

Download Fantasy Cinematic Now

15. Feel the Fire

The mood gets a lot darker in this track, with rhythmic drums and dark strings driving something much more serious. As well as drama, try using this royalty-free track in a fitness video, social media content, or sports montage. Download it now and start using it in your projects right away.

Download Feel the Fire Now

16. You Better Run

Pounding drums and a glitchy bass create the perfect music for a chase sequence, whether it’s in a high-octane thriller or an extreme sports video for social media. What you do with it is up to you, but it’s an awesome track.

Download You Better Run Now

17. River of Time

River of Time is truly epic and tells a clear story about ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Whether you’re inspired by heroic fantasy stories or Olympic champions, this music can be used in all kinds of epic content.

Download River of Time Now

18. Calm Cinematic Trailer

A soft, subtle piano joins forces with melodic strings in this royalty-free track, which has plenty of uses in presentations, trailers, short films, and video game cinematics. Use it for when things to be a little slower, a little calmer, but still atmospheric.

Download Calm Cinematic Trailer Now

19. Laws of the Empire

Terrifying bass drops and glitch sound effects make this an extremely ominous track for an apocalypse-themed film or sci-fi trailer. It’s scary, it’s big, it’s bold, and it’s available for you to download at just the click of a button.

Download Laws of the Empire Now

20. The Lonely Piper

As expected, pipes are a significant part of this theme. Imagine green rolling hills and a proud country, and you have an excellent track for a historical video or a fantasy film trailer – anything from a personal project to a Hollywood movie.

Download The Lonely Piper Now

21. Dark Obsession

Your next thriller project is calling out for a track like this. Big bass hits, sound effects, and glitches make for an awesome soundtrack for an action sequence, a chase scene, or a movie trailer.

Download Dark Obsession Now

22. Emotional Trailer

This piano track starts low and rises high to soar above the clouds in an epic, emotional orchestral sweep. It’s a brilliant escalation of music and is perfect for travel, big adventure, and epic stories.

Download Emotional Trailer Now

23. Dark Abyss

What lies in the abyss? Do you dare venture in to discover it? This creepy, atmospheric royalty-free track is ideal for sci-fi, mystery, fantasy, or superhero films, heavily inspired by movies like Inception 

Download Dark Abyss Now

24. Dramatic Film Trailer Music

This track is a soaring epic with drums, strings, vocals, and would fit seamlessly in a huge scale fantasy battle or something more grounded. It’s a versatile track and available to download right away and use royalty-free.

Download Dramatic Film Trailer Music Now

If you’re looking for epic music for your trailers, look no further than the Motion Array library which is packed full of tracks for all kinds of projects. Consider the tone when you’re picking the right royalty-free trailer music. Do you need something soaring and emotional, or something more dark and futuristic? Take your pick and have fun.

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