25 Cinematic Royalty Free Piano Music for Film and Videos

Royalty Free Music 29/05/2019 4 min read

When it comes to conveying emotion, the piano is an instrument like no other. Using royalty free music with piano is a sound option to improve any audio-visual project and make it more evocative.

Think of the most beautiful movies that you have ever seen. The odds are that the accompanying piano score helped enhance the cinematic experience to an even higher level. Any visual experience becomes that much more poignant and moving with the soothing keys of a piano weaving magic in the background.

Whether it’s amateur films, wedding shoots, documentaries or intimate videos, a piano melody can help make it better. With this in mind, we’ve compiled our favorite piano tracks to make the search for the perfect music easier. Why don’t you have a listen and see if there’s anything that moves you?

Top Royalty Free Piano Music to Download

1. Modern Piano Corporate Theme (FREE)

This uplifting piano track evokes a feeling of chasing goals and achieving them, making it a perfect choice for inspirational or motivational videos.

Download Modern Piano Corporate Theme (FREE) Now

2. Soft Piano Ambient (FREE)

This slow and soft ambient music is perfect for invoking a feeling of love and bonding. It’s an ideal combination of piano, strings, and percussion instruments.

Download Soft Piano Ambient (FREE) Now

3. Cinematic Suspenseful Piano (FREE)

Do you want your viewers to get chills down their spine as a thrilling scene unfolds? Then this dramatic and slightly unnerving short piano clip is perfect for you.

Download Cinematic Suspenseful Piano (FREE) Now

4. Royal Piano Intro (FREE)

This positive clip starts by grabbing your attention and then slowly withers away to leave you focused on the screen. It’s an excellent track for corporate videos.

Download Royal Piano Intro (FREE) Now

5. Piano Cinematic Arpeggio

This magnificently composed piece in minor plays around a main theme and explains a wide range of emotions through sound. It’s a good accompaniment to long drawn scenes cover a range of different feelings.

Download Piano Cinematic Arpeggio Now

6. Pained Emotive Piano

The combination of piano and violin drags you down a path of raw, anguished emotion, and moves your very soul. It’s ideal for a sad scene or video that shows tragedy in its most devastating form.

Download Pained Emotive Piano Now

7. Inspiring Classical Piano

This particular track allows you to give your audience a taste of the exquisite! It may sound familiar, as it draws heavily from well-trodden classical paths.

Download Inspiring Classical Piano Now

8. Romantic Wedding Song

They say the piano is the ultimate weapon of romance, and this short clip proves it with a soothing, ambient sound laced with a sensual and passionate vibe. It’s perfect for anything wedding or love related.

Download Romantic Wedding Song Now 

9. Romantic Piano

This is a beautifully wrought masterpiece that oscillates between warmth and desolation in perfect motion. It’s a great audio clip to compliment a story of love or a memoir of something beautiful.

Download Romantic Piano Now

10. Calming Piano

A slow, melodic, and entrancing piano clip that helps bring out the feeling that we are all connected somehow.

Download Calming Piano Now

11. Piano Emotions

This piano clip is a beautiful escalation of feelings of emancipation and relief, which is suitable for ads, films, or any other videos that aim to inspire the viewer.

Download Piano Emotions Now

12. Piano Cinematic Soundtrack

This track plays at a medium slow tempo and gives a grand, cinematic vibe perfect for movies and large-scale productions.

Download Piano Cinematic Soundtrack Now

13. Piano Inspirational

This is another trip into the deepest wells of sorrow, with the notes steadily rising to a crescendo and dramatic additions making it even more emotional.

Download Piano Inspirational Now 

14. Inspirational Piano Background

This melodic masterpiece will inject you with positive feelings as it slowly wraps its way around your heart. Perfect for adding a deeper emotion to videos which aim to inspire feelings of love, inspiration, and bliss.

Download Inspirational Piano Background Now

15. Piano Uplifting Corporate

This pacey piano melody is combined with percussion to engage and inspire the viewer — ideal for positive and uplifting business videos.

Download Piano Uplifting Corporate Now

16. Documentary Music

This lovely combination of pianos, cello, and violin runs smoothly on the ear. It’s a great accompaniment to a video which showcases love, tenderness, and joy.

Download Documentary Music Now

17. Cinematic Advertising Piano

This entrancing clip is perfectly accompanied by percussions and strings to create an immersive and attention-grabbing track. The download includes two versions of different durations, too.

Download Cinematic Advertising Piano Now

18. Rush Piano

This fast-paced track is ideal for a chase scene, action sequence, or dance scene. It runs by like a melodic train of piano music and comes to an abrupt end.

Download Rush Piano Now

19. Dramatic Piano Background Music Score

This clip just slowly eases you into a world of pain and emotion, filling you with a sense of longing and loss. It’s perfect for any video clip which looks to show the viewer what it’s like to feel sadness.

Download Dramatic Piano Background Music Score Now

20. Piano Ambient

Just like the title implies, this tune fills one with nostalgia as it moves along its slow tempo to tenderly unravel the layers of the viewer’s emotions.

Download Piano Ambient Now

21. Soft Inspiring Piano

A dreamy little clip that evokes a sense of blissful accomplishment and veers into a fast tempo, duly accompanied by majestic percussion and strings.

Download Soft Inspiring Piano Now

22. Epic Romantic

Romance has inspired epic struggles and battles, and this is perfectly captured in this beautiful combination of soft piano and urgent percussions, with mournful strings playing the perfect outro.

Download Epic Romantic Now

23. Inspiring Moments

This clip slowly taps into your inner emotion to paint a picture of inspiration, realization, and emancipation. It’s perfect for reflective videos with a moral at the end of the story.

Download Inspiring Moments Now

24. Drama Sad Emotional Touching Piano

A somber and melancholic tune, this piano clip is ideal for any video that wants to take a moment to say goodbye.

Download Drama Sad Emotional Touching Piano Now

25. Ethereal Piano Strings

This track starts by creating an ethereal feeling of your soul-bonding with something larger than itself. It then transitions beautifully into a clip that motivates you to withstand it all despite the emotion that you feel.

Download Ethereal Piano Strings Now

This list represents some of the many evocative and soulful tracks that can appeal to the listener’s emotions. If you’re working on an ad, film, TV production, YouTube video, or family video, then you’ll definitely want to use royalty free piano music to truly capture your audience and make them feel your content on a deeper level. You can also check out our totally free music section where you will also find a generous selection of piano music.

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