Top 20 Realistic Royalty-Free Thunder & Rain Sound Effects for Editors

Royalty Free Music 19/06/2022 4 min read

Ambient or background sound is a powerful tool to increase the production value of your videos and films. The skill to add sound effects to your footage will help your audience better immerse into the details and tension of a scene. For example, correctly adding thunder and rain sound effects will definitely ramp up your video’s ability to tell a better story. Mix in these popular sound effects to bring your work to life.

1. Rain At Night

This amazing pack of 4 peaceful night rain sound effects is a great selection to use in a variety of film projects. From city atmospheres, video games or even documentaries, create a beautiful and realistic nighttime scene.

Download Rain At Night Now

2. Rain

Add detailed rain-falling sounds to your next nature film, night shots or indoor scenes with a dramatic outdoor background. With 3 variations, this sound can be easily used within a dramatic scene to create a strong emotional connection and pure realism.

Download Rain Now

3. Rain Background Noise

With crisp and clear sounds of rain, storm and thunder, the Rain Background Noise offers 3 different intensities to be used at any time of the day or season. This can be great for a podcast or live reading sessions online where you might want to add some drama.

Download Rain Background Noise Now

4. Rain And Storm Ambience

Looking to add a touch of darker and cold rain ambient sounds to your horror film scenes? The Rain and Storm Ambience is a great fit with 3 different edits that include walking elements and a howling mountain atmosphere.

Download Rain And Storm Ambience Now

5. Rain And Wind

Create a more intense scene with 3 versions of the Rain And Wind sound effect. Enhance your footage of colder winter nights with more detailed stormy sounds. The perfect option for video games or animations. 

Download Rain And Wind Now

6. Heavy Rains And Thunderstorms

The classic cold night when a new scary character enters the scene is made perfect with heavy rain and thunder sound effects. Featuring 3 different short to long-form variations, this sound effect pack is a must-have for editors that work on animations and gaming videos. 

Download Heavy Rains And Thunderstorms Now

7. Rain Showers

This rain sound effect is focused more on drops falling and hitting rainwater pipes. Use it as background sound for smaller scenes at the back of the house or a meeting at the park. Definitely a good option for commercials and animations.

Download Rain Showers Now

8. Intense Thunder Storm

Starting with a lightning strike and thunder, this rain sound effect fits perfectly for powerful stormy weather scenes. Perfect ambiance track for a horror movie or thriller chase through the forest. With 3 variations, easily mix and match the sounds for the perfect sound effect!

Download Intense Thunder Storm Now

9. Rain Before The Storm

If you are looking for a great pack of rain sound effects, the Rain Before The Storm offers you 6 great realistic options. The tracks go from calm, quiet rain to thunder and winds and can be used in different movie scenes and settings.

Download Rain Before The Storm Now

10. Thunder Rumbling

The Thunder Rumbling sound effect is a perfect way to add ambient storm roars to your rainy footage and signal a change of scene coming. Featuring the lightning hits accompanied by flash noises, it can also be used for logo intros or other transitions.

Download Thunder Rumbling Now

11. Rain From Indoor

Create the perfect detail for your indoor scenes using the Rain From Indoor collection. From louder sounds close to the window to quieter rain sound effects for interior home scenes. This SFX pack will easily enhance your projects.

Download Rain From Indoor Now

12. Thunder

For your upcoming creative nature projects, this pack of 4 originally recorded thunder SFX is a great resource to download. All the sound selections are accompanied by rain element sounds and warnings about severe weather.

Download Thunder Now

13. Lightning Storm

From wind and storm to rain, lightning, rumblings and thunder, this pack of 3 weather SFX is a must in your arsenal. With a softer tone, they fit perfectly as a background for animations, nature scenes, documentaries or horror films.

Download Lightning Storm Now

14. Thunderstorm With Rain

Shooting in a colder location known for thunderstorms? Do you have a flooding scene that needs something a little extra? Use this pack of thunder and rain sound effects to recreate a more realistic scene with bad weather.

Download Thunderstorm With Rain Now

15. Stormy Weather

With long, medium and short versions, this pack of stormy rain sound effects will help you easily create your own unique atmosphere in many different scenes. From nature documentaries to audiobooks, Stormy Weather is a great background rain effects track.

Download Stormy Weather Now

16. Strong Rain

Create an atmosphere of a colder fall night with the Strong Rain track. This long continuous sound effect is perfect for longer scenes featuring rain, heavy rain and downpour. You can easily mix and cut the different sounds to shift between scenes.

Download Strong Rain Now

17. Summer Rainy Day

If some of your summer shots also have cloudy footage, you might like the Summer Rainy Day track. With 3 different variations, from light rain sound effects to louder thunder and rain sound effects, you definitely need to include it in your editing arsenal.

Download Summer Rainy Day Now

18. Rain City Under Umbrella

Do you have umbrella props for your scene under the rain? Then you will definitely need the Rain City Under Umbrella collection of 4 rain sound effects. Enhance your scene with these distinct sounds and create your best work yet.

Download Rain City Under Umbrella Now

19. Rain Pounding On The Window

Recorded from various distances and locations within the house, this pack of 3 variations includes natural sound effects for your animations, film projects and even games. It also includes rain hitting on car windows, useful for many scenarios.

Download Rain Pounding On The Window Now

20. Rain Is Dripping On The Umbrella

This pack of 4 softer variations of rain hitting an umbrella is perfect if you have close-up scenes requiring more detail. You can also use these rain sound effects for scenes with camping tents or wedding events. Easily use it in both summer and autumn atmospheres!

Download Rain Is Dripping On The Umbrella Now

Foley and sound design work truly make or breaks a scene. Most scenes use a combination of field recordings and ambient sounds, which means you need to find a good library, like Motion Array or Artlist, to easily enhance your film quality. These rain sound effects will help make your love, fight scenes or nature documentaries grab attention. Not only that, sound effects fill aural voids and make your scenes feel more natural and realistic.

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