Discover the Best 20 Powerful & Dynamic Royalty-Free Running Music

Royalty Free Music 30/06/2022 5 min read

Nowadays, running is one of the most favored and filmed exercises for fitness scenes in movies or social media promo videos. While a good sports video does depend on the quality of the shots and footage, a good music mix is also essential. Whether to enjoy on your own or for fantastic background music for your video, this list of 20 popular running songs is precisely what every editor needs in their arsenal. So download these amazing royalty-free tracks and couple them with eye-catching sports templates to create your best work yet!

1. Running on Fumes

An upbeat royalty-free track with a catchy beat that keeps going up with additional sounds makes the top running music track on our list. Take your viewers on an action-running chase scene that keeps them on their toes, or use it in a new sports product promo project.

Download Running on Fumes Now

2. Another New Day

Featuring bass and dubstep elements, this smooth dance-style music is an excellent option for your upcoming running sports videos. You can also feature it as a signature background sound for fitness promos or ads. This modern and captivating tune will definitely draw your viewers in!

Download Another New Day Now

3. Cross Country Running

Create a cool rhythmic background beat for your sports videos with various percussion instruments. Infuse your clips with a motivational mood to bring your project to the next level. The perfect option for your next fitness intros, promos or sports trailers.

Download Cross Country Running Now

4. Running Trail

Kill it in your next video promo with this modern futuristic background sound with strong beats. Running Trail is a great electronic royalty-free track that can fit into various styles of promos, openers, or sports content.

Download Running Trail Now

5. Running On Waves

Add fun and excitement to your videos with this indie rock track with claps, catchy guitars, and cool drums. This royalty-free running music is great for summer projects to enhance the quality of your scenes and chases. You get a whole set in one download with full, short, and loop versions.

Download Running On Waves Now

6. Breathe Easy

This smooth and powerful track has a fresh new beat for your next sports montage. The polished bass transitions with keys, synths and electronic drums create a great piece of royalty-free background music for various time-lapses and slow-motion shots.

Download Breathe Easy Now

7. The Color Of Sports

Motivate your viewers to follow your sports intros and announcements with this futuristic electronic track. It’s the perfect choice for royalty-free running background music. You can easily promote the new location of a gym, newly launched fitness products or upcoming sports events. 

Download The Color Of Sports Now

8. Tiny Things

Slowly build up between your sports montages from working on a mat to running on a treadmill. Tiny Things features pumping energetic trap-style sounds that make it perfect for transitions in your next fitness vlog posts or social media ads.

Download Tiny Things Now

9. Wild Ride

Boost your video projects with a cool hip-hop beat and pulsing bass to create eye-catching extreme sports montages, promos, or YouTube vlogs. Like its name, Wild Ride is a royalty-free track with non-stop energy that will take your viewers on a powerful running journey.

Download Wild Ride Now

10. Endeavour

A little 80s and a little bit of futuristic atmosphere, Endeavour is an ideal royalty-free music track for your next sports or running-related content. The groovy and energetic beats fit nicely as a background sound for your jogging or treadmill exercise montages.

Download Endeavour Now

11. Running In Circles

This pack of 4 royalty-free music edits features EDM leads, vocal chops and edgy bass that will add a bold style to your running or sports videos. Create an upbeat running or training promo to inspire your viewers to join right away!

Download Running In Circles Now

12. Up And Running

Looking for something with big stomps, claps and snaps? What about some dynamic whooshy hits? Up And Running is a percussion-full royalty-free music track you can use for smooth transitions or as an excellent subtle background sound. Best for action shots, sports scenes or just a simple logo intro.

Download Up And Running Now

13. Confident Start

This is another bouncy beat on our list! Confident Start is a percussive royalty-free track with stomps, hits and shakers that is suitable for fast-paced video montages, openers or film teasers. With 2 variations, the 15-second edit can be used in your social media reels.

Download Confident Start Now

14. You Are Unstoppable

Pump your next sports promo or running montages with this amazing hip-hop royalty-free music track. You Are Unstoppable features percussion, pluck, stomps, hits, claps and even drums that will mix in perfectly with your workout or fitness videos.

Download You Are Unstoppable Now

15. Active Lifestyle

Active Lifestyle is an indie rock style track with 3 edits, featuring electric guitars, live drums, swinging bass and even percussion. Motivational and upbeat, this royalty-free running music is a fantastic choice if you are working on sports content, fitness promos or gym workout openers.

Download Active Lifestyle Now

16. Live For Speed

Feel the speed and energy with bass breakbeats, synths and drums! Live For Speed is a royalty-free music track with a signature sound that you can use for your sports brand intros or social media reels. Including 3 different edits, you can easily mix it for your various fitness, running or workout content. 

Download Live For Speed Now

17. Fun Runs

Start your videos off with a snappy and fun tune featuring stomps, claps, and drums! Your viewers will get down and move to the beat immediately. Fun Runs is ideal for cinematic teasers, extreme sports ads and epic fitness promos.

Download Fun Runs Now

18. Run With Me Tonight

Run With Me Tonight is a dynamic D’n’B royalty-free that will enhance your running action and chasing scenes. With modern and groovy synth elements, it is perfect for your next lifestyle and fitness montages, as well as extreme workout and running promos.

Download Run With Me Tonight Now

19. Run

Infuse your videos with a fun pop beat to create an inspiring summer sports action promo. Featuring bouncy and futuristic techno beats, Run is a royalty-free music track that can easily mix into any style of fitness and workout presentations or social media ads.

Download Run Now

20. Run For The Goal

Run For The Goal is what every carefree and dynamic video needs! From crunchy guitars and pumping basses to stylish pop drums, let the sound inspire you to use your best sports clips and montages. Definitely, the ideal royalty-free music track for fast-paced action running scenes!

Download Run For The Goal Now

Fitness and sports are 2 of the most popular genres for social media reels and stories. Many workout and running enthusiast account holders now make thousands of dollars from their accounts and have millions of followers to show for it. 

If you are looking to create some fun and catchy fitness jogging videos or working on some cool cinematic chasing scenes, this amazing list of 20 royalty-free running music tracks is a great place to start downloading the perfect background sound. From upbeat to carefree and dynamic D’n’B, you will no dobout find precisely what you’re looking for. If you are looking for other sports-themed options, check out our list of royalty-free fitness music and royalty-free workout music