Best 24 Royalty Free Upbeat Music for Your Next Production

Royalty Free Music 18/06/2019 5 min read

Music can always put an extra bit of pep in your step. Adding the right upbeat music track to your next video productions can make your audience feel happy and motivated. Achieve this with groovy bass lines, slick vocal cuts, effervescent piano, or even tropical ukulele. With lots of ways to be positive, Motion Array has tons of royalty free music including upbeat music to choose from.

Happy viewers are engaged viewers. The right upbeat music can take a piece of content from being enjoyable to something you have to show your friends. Good vibes are contagious after all! Great for everything from travel vlogs to new product launches, upbeat tracks are inherently social.

Top Upbeat Royalty Free Music You Should Download

1. Free Startup Corporate

This upbeat corporate track features delay guitars and energetic synth elements. Great if you’re looking to punch up to your next corporate presentation or product launch video.

Free Startup Corporate Download

2. Free Positive Upbeat Happy Ukulele For Children

With a strumming ukulele, this upbeat track dances along without a care in the world. While it’s for sure a track for children it’s youthful vibe will appeal to all ages.

Free Positive Upbeat Happy Ukulele For Children Download

3. Free Success And Motivation

This song is full of energy to get you and your next project moving. The pumping synth beats ramp up and gives this track a blast of tropical intensity.

Free Free Success And Motivation Download

4. Hip-Hop Upbeat Positive

Deep bass and a groovy hip-hop beat bring this upbeat track to life. Use it for a video with a modern urban vibe. This track would work well in a sneaker commercial or unboxing video.

Download Hip-Hop Upbeat Positive Now

5. Upbeat Fashion Lounge House

Get funky with this song that comes to life! Featured are strings that inspire and a bass line that pumps. Add zest to a slideshow of photos celebrating and remembering a great night out.

Download Upbeat Fashion Lounge House Now

6. Action Advertising Background 3

Establish urgency into your next video and get hyped with this rock-influenced track. Overdrive guitars riffs and rock on drums are accompanied by guttural vocal chops to drive home the physical vibe.

Download Action Advertising Background 3 Now

7. Spring Vibe

Get ready to feel hopeful and full of life, like a bright Spring day. Electro piano chords and spaced out synth hits mix to give this track an upbeat and positive feeling that you could easily slip into any lifestyle or fashion video.

Download Spring Vibe Now

8. Uplifting Indie Rock and Roll

The bouncing and stylish guitar riffs in this song just exude positive energy. The back and forth between the bass lines rock guitar is accented with “Hey!” vocal samples. You can already picture smiling faces and people having a good time.

Download Uplifting Indie Rock and Roll Now

9. Future Bass

This festival-ready track features pop music elements and a catchy bass riff. Keep this in your repertoire for your next event promo video!

Download Future Bass Now

10. Uplifting and Upbeat Inspiring Pop

This catchy upbeat song is jam-packed with pop music elements such as positive synths over a steady bass line. Cheerful vocal samples also make this track a great fit for commercials or intro videos.

Download Uplifting and Upbeat Inspiring Pop Now

11. Boom-Bap Dynamic

This hip-hop inspired track makes heavy use of its vocal samples and slaps on a healthy helping of record scratching. A perfect pairing for any project looking to add an upbeat urban style.

Download Boom-Bap Dynamic Now

12. Upbeat Summer Party Pop

Party Pop opens with playful background synths and acoustic guitar strumming before the huge bass kicks the party up a notch. This track feels like a summer beach party that everybody got invited to.

Download Upbeat Summer Party Pop Now

13. Stomp Clap Drums

Have a listen to this percussion-centric track with its rhythmic claps and stomps joined by a full marching drumline. This song was made to promote school spirit or anytime you need to get a crowd on their feet.

Download Stomp Clap Drums Now

14. Urban Opener

At 30 seconds, this track is an absolute solid opener for podcasts or a transition piece for longer videos. A vinyl sample gives it a classy retro feel over top of a smooth hip-hop beat.

Download Urban Opener Now

15. Upbeat Energetic Summer Pop

The muted guitar riffs and kick drum drive this party track forward. With atmospheric vocal samples that help push it along this track would work great in any event promotional video.

Download Upbeat Energetic Summer Pop Now

16. Corporate Motivational

This hopeful track combines piano chords with muted guitar and clean synth. Then, just when you think it can’t get anymore hopeful, the strings come in. Perfect for a year-end compilation video with a smiling crowd.

Download Corporate Motivational Now

17. Funk Kitchen And Food

With funky piano and popping trumpets, it’s safe to say this track really cooks. As the name suggests, this getting-down-to-business-in-the-kitchen track that would work great for a foodie montage.

Download Funk Kitchen And Food Now

18. Summer Vlog

Fresh and trendy this tracks electro-dance influences are on full display. With Caribbean-influenced synth drums, this track is one for the travel vlogger in all of us.

Download Summer Vlog Now

19. Dance Workout

Put on the spandex and move to the uplifting pop beats this track is bumping. The song even ebbs and flows, making it feel like you’re interval training. If you’re putting together fitness videos, this track will do just the trick.

Download Dance Workout Now

20. Summer Upbeat Travel Pop

A warm and playful track that would find itself right at home in a corporate video or vlog. It features modern styled synth samples plus warm yet funky electric guitar.

Download Summer Upbeat Travel Pop Now

21. Upbeat Commercial Sports Rock

Stomp and clap along with this modern rock inspired track with a country twang. With its stadium rock electric guitar solos, it’s perfect for pre-game shows or commercials.

Download Upbeat Commercial Sports Rock Now

22. Happy

This cheerful tune features swinging bass lines and uplifting electric guitar chords. You could use this track as introduction music or over an upbeat montage.

Download Happy Now

23. Fashion Disco

A 70’s disco-inspired track with fat bass and bright synth chords. A song that would feel right at home in a nightlife montage.

Download Fashion Disco Now

24. This Hip Hop Upbeat

A modern and upbeat hip hop track that makes good use of its dynamic synth and vocal samples. A slick addition to a video project that needs some trendy trimmings.

Download This Hip Hop Upbeat Now

We’re positive the right upbeat music choice can make your audience beam with delight. Whether you’re working on a travel vlog, a corporate event promo, or an indie film, there’s an upbeat instrumental track to help get you there.

Hopefully, you’ve found the perfect upbeat track on our list, but if you didn’t we’ve got good news! Motion Array has tons of royalty free upbeat music to help you kick up the beat.