27 Memorable Royalty Free Wedding Music Tracks for the Special Day

Royalty Free Music June 21, 2019 4 min read

Summer is upon us, and with it comes wedding season! For some, this is a stressful time, for others, a joyous one. Rest assured, though — when it comes to finding music for your special day or tracks for your wedding videography clients, Motion Array’s royalty-free music library has thousands of royalty-free wedding music choices that will make this the easiest part of the planning process.

Wedding music is most often soft, moving, and emotional. Piano, acoustic guitar, and orchestral instruments are commonly used to create a feeling of love, romance, and quiet joy. Of course, once the ceremony is done and the party begins, that’s when the upbeat funky tunes come out to play!

From family arriving, to the wedding party walking down the aisle, to celebrating being official, this collection has you covered for every wonderful matrimony moment.

Top Royalty Free Wedding Music to Download Today

1. Wedding March for Piano

If you’re the traditional type, Mendelssohn’s Wedding March is perfect to walk down the aisle to. This is a must-have classic to have on hand!

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2. Wedding Beauty

This track is a touching piano and strings duet that suggests quiet, deep love and elegant romance. If you’re going for emotion, this one won’t leave a dry eye in the chapel.

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3. Love Wedding

This beautiful acoustic guitar-led track is romantic and heartwarming. It’s a harmonious composition of guitar, strings, and gentle piano that will cause even the toughest best man to shed a tear (in a good way)!

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4. Wedding Music

A lovely piano melody backed by a cello and orchestral strings, this is a moving and emotional piece of music. Softly hopeful and inspiring, this track will add something special to any moment.

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5. Wedding Romantic

This beautiful tune features a prominent piano supported by tender orchestral strings. It will light up any moment with deep emotion and loving joy.

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6. Wedding Wishes

This one is a mellow, intimate piano arrangement that brings about feelings of bliss, romance, and slow dancing. It would be perfect for moments of high emotion where words aren’t enough.

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7. Romance

What’s a wedding without some old-fashioned romance? Piano and classical strings bring the love to the forefront in this beautiful, touching track.

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8. Romantic Acoustic

This tune won’t fail to make the wedding party (and guests) smile. A warm, happy-hearted acoustic guitar piece, it brings about a content, peaceful, happy feeling.

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9. Family Day

Of course, family is a large part of a happy wedding, and this track embodies the loving happiness that comes with being surrounded by the people you love most. A light, optimistic piece of music, it will fit into almost any happy scene.

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10. Wedding Uplifting Celebration

A stunning melodic track, this one will inspire emotion in every person at the wedding. It’s an uplifting, celebratory piece of music that lifts the heart and is guaranteed to bring a smile!

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11. Wedding Background Orchestral Strings

Emotion-inspiring musical pieces are wonderful for touching wedding scenes, and this one will not disappoint. It’s a cinematic, orchestral piece with beautiful interlocking strings and piano.

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12. Soft Piano Romance

The name says it all. A soft, idyllic piano tune that inspires love and caring, and would be perfect for wedding day emotions.

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13. Wedding Piano

The piano is confident, strong, and conveys a sense of quiet passion and longing. The gentle nature of the music evokes emotion and might draw out a tear or two!

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14. Wedding Film

This gentle piano piece speaks of devotion and all-encompassing true love. It’s elegant and emotive, speaking without words.

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15. Wedding

For moments that require a beautiful fairytale feeling, this piece of music will do the job. It’s bursting with happiness and bliss and the perfect piece to start off a happily wedded life.

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16. Wedding Piano

A low-key piano-led piece with stunning strings in the background, this is a sentimental and nostalgic track, but with a hopeful, inspiring feel to it.

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17. Inspirational Wedding Anniversary

Anniversaries are just an emotion-inspiring as weddings, and this song takes the listener on an emotional journey through a love-filled and heartfelt marriage. This is what all weddings aim for.

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18. Beautiful Family Romantic Music

This tune is gentle and thought-provoking, and promises love and peace through hard times. It’s a musical invitation to a life of love and magic.

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19. Upbeat Summer Party Pop

Once the vows have been said, it’s time to celebrate! This track will get you in the mood to dance the night away!

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20. Upbeat Energetic Summer Pop

Another upbeat, vibey track with positive and uplifting energy, this one will have the whole wedding party on their feet to celebrate with the couple.

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21. Spring Vibe

Spring is about new beginnings, and what better metaphor to begin married life with! This song is fresh, optimistic, and energetic, and will bring a sense of joy and excitement.

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22. Summer Happy Pop

This track is designed for party vibes! What better way to celebrate the big day than to go all out with close friends and family and have a ball on the dancefloor!

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23. Free Slow Motion

This chilled-out royalty-free music is full of soft happiness and gentle love. It brings to mind sunrises, slow drives, and making new memories.

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24. Free Pump

A lovely mellow composition including a gentle acoustic guitar riff, light piano, and soft percussion. This is a tender musical representation of blissful wedding vibes.

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25. Free Lightness

Light-hearted, free, and joyous, this piece of music creates contentedness and fun-filled feelings. Led by acoustic guitar and sprinkled with a bell melody, it brings to mind lazy, loving summer afternoons.

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26. Free Small Dream

A wedding day is just the beginning of bigger dreams, and this charming track makes one think of fairytale scenes to come. It’s an inspiring tune reminding us that this is just the beginning.

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27. Free Moment of Inspiration

This elegant, graceful piece of music would make a stylish backing track to a meaningful moment. The orchestral string elements and piano melody are motivating and uplifting.

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Get a head start on your wedding video and planning with Motion Array’s library of royalty-free wedding music tracks. There’s a song for every moment, so get downloading and tick that off your to-do list!