The 18 Spookiest & Scary Sound Effects for Halloween Projects

Royalty Free Music 06/10/2022 4 min read

What eerie sounds come to mind when you think of horror movies? Possibly church bells, howling wolves, ghost breaths, or evil laughs. All these sounds play a vital role in setting an ominous tone. Improve and enhance your movie scenes with this comprehensive list of our top spooky ambiance, atmosphere noise and scary sound effects.

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1. Scary Soundscapes

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Need something intense, dramatic or extra suspenseful for your next horror video? Create a deep gut reaction with your audience using this spine-chilling background noise featuring deep eerie atmospheric soundscapes.

2. Free Scary Halloween Ambiance

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Add this Halloween ambiance pack with zombie voices, dark strings, eerie whispers, tense synthesizers, creepy piano notes, and other scary background effects in your next spine-chilling video scenes. This free sound effect pack is a great starting point to help you create something unique and special.

3. Ghost Breath

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If you are working on supernatural-related content or horror video games and animations, this pack of 3 ghost breath variations will add a touch of dark intensity. These scary ghost whisper sound effects will elevate any haunted house scene!

4. Scary Deep Sub Booms

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This set of 5 powerful and scary royalty-free SFX is a great way to enhance action or fight scenes in your horror video games or animations. Use them as transitions between actions or enhance signature moves specific to your characters.

5. Low Frequency Rumbling

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Silence and stillness are great for building momentum and chills for your audience. It sets the scene for the actual horror to begin. The Low Frequency Rumbling sound effects are ideal for audio backgrounds or ambiance for futuristic and sinister visual content.

6. Horror Textures

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Let your audience immerse into the main horror scenes with these realistic texture sound effects. From clock and bell sounds to eerie, ghostly and scary sound effects, this pack of background sounds is sure to set your work on a new level of creativity.

7. Scary Industrial Alarms

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Working on a zombie apocalypse video game or film content? Or possibly monsters from out of space attacking the cities? These strong and chilling alarms will set the stage for something scary to arrive and attack. Definitely, a must-use sound effect for your trailers and teasers.

8. Horror Glitches

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Looking to add intensity to your horror movie scenes? This pack of 5 different scary horror stutter glitches is ideal for short teasers and intros to your Halloween content. Featuring high-pitched noises and chops, use them as transitions or abrupt cuts from one shot to the next.

9. Scary Tension Booms

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Create an eerie and frightening atmosphere in your horror projects with the Scary Tension Booms. Featuring dark, intense hits and blasts, this pack of 5 sound effects will fit perfectly with your horror teasers, Halloween intros, outros and other modern content.

10. Designed Male Freefall Scream

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Add a touch of human fear with these panicking male screams that can work for any freefall scenes, as well as just yelling before an attack. These classic terror and tension-building sound effects will shudder hearts and enhance your work’s impact!

11. Scary Clocks

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Easily heighten the tension and uneasiness in your scenes with the Scary Clocks sound effects! Use these dramatic and creepy clock-ticking sound design elements in your intense scenes, thriller trailers or Halloween montages.

12. Scary Cinematic Trailer Drones

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Looking for a dark set of futuristic sound effects? This pack of 5 long scary and eerie ambient drone sound elements will fit perfectly in your sci-fi flybys, space fiction animations or modern horror movies.

13. Horror Tension Strings

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These creepy and chilling sound designs will definitely increase the tension in your scenes to help put your audience in discomfort. Featuring intense violin screeches and string sound elements, create the perfect petrifying ambiance to increase the fear factor.

14. Spooky Scary Ambience

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Another background atmosphere sound effect pack featuring 3 long and short variations for animations or video games set in creepy and spooky locations. Build tension and friction within your scenes and end with a strong finishing touch.

15. Horror Sound Effects Pack Vol I

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The Horror Sound Effects Pack Vol I is the perfect mix with every scary sound effect included! Especially if you don’t want to download multiple SFX options, this pack features everything from thunder, chainsaw, and evil monster roars to zombies, female screams, and heartbeats. So make your ghost stories, Halloween content and spooky sequences stand out!

16. Tension Piano Horror Hit

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In every scary movie, we always wait for that moment when the shoe drops. These intense piano sound effects will definitely set the stage for your horror scenes. Mix it in as a transition SFX from different scenes as your signature style!

17. Scary Church Bell

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The classic scary sound effects list cannot be complete without deep, long church bells. And with 3 different variations, you can use it within your thriller movies or creepy animations to add the limitation of time or the beginning of the next intense scene.

18. Scary Laugh

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Every horror content in any genre will only be as eerie with the classic evil laughs. This SFX pack features 10 scary laugh sounds, ideal for your witches or villains in your Halloween games and animations.

Horror and Halloween content will always feel more realistic with the use of spooky ambient sounds. Creating real suspense and conveying the eerie presence of something or someone that the audience can’t see is only achieved with ambient sounds. Check out our extensive list of sound effects to create intense horror movies without breaking your budget.