32 Top-Rated Scary & Creepy Sound Effects for Halloween Videos

Royalty Free Music 24/08/2021 6 min read

Visuals aren’t the only thing to focus on when scaring your audiences with a horror film or Halloween videos. Sound effects are a huge part of horror filmmaking, as they help build atmosphere, tension, and foreboding, whether you are using them in your soundtrack or as sound design to bring a scene to life. Good use of sound effects can elevate a scene from creepy to terrifying, and here are 32 of the top-rated to choose from.

The Best List of Spooky Sound Effects for Editors

1. Creepy Whistle Drum

4 cinematic impacts with a resounding creepy whistle, designed for your creepy trailers and to build suspense within a scene. Download the 5-second WAV file and use these together or as isolated moments in the soundtrack.

Download Creepy Whistle Drum Now

2. Creepy Intro Effect

These 3 foreboding risers and crashes give a strange alien vibe, perfect for frightening sci-fi trailers and UFO invasions. Download the WAV file to use in your film and video game projects right away.

Download Creepy Intro Effect Now

3. Scary Caverns Ambiance

If the characters in your film or video game are exploring a dark, ominous cavern, this is the soundscape for you. Dark, echoing, creepy atmospheric audio to build the perfect ambiance in your project.

Download Scary Caverns Ambiance Now

4. Scare Effect

Striking, discordant haunting violins jar and jump the audience from their seats. There are 3 different variants of sudden scare audio effects in this WAV file, so experiment and choose the one that works for you.

Download Scare Effect Now

5. Scary

This short selection of soundscapes is varied and useful in all kinds of projects. Whether you’re creating a short film about zombies or ghosts or aliens, or a hard-hitting crime documentary, use these ominous creepy sound effects in your soundtrack to build a tense atmosphere.

Download Scary Now

6. Ghost Breath

Choose from 7 of our favorite chilling ghost breath sound effects to accompany the poltergeists in your video projects. Will your characters turn and run when encountered by these terrifying sound effects? Or will they offer the ghost an inhaler?

Download Ghost Breath Now

7. Scary Horror Ambience Pack

Choose from five variations of creepy horror ambient soundscapes in this audio file. Use them in your horror projects from video games to film trailers. Have fun creating the perfect tense atmosphere.

Download Scary Horror Ambience Pack Now

8. Scary Beast Growling

A monster in the woods? A rabid dog on the loose? An alien on the spaceship? Whatever your monster is, it’s not happy. Crank up these sound effects and give your audience the creeps in your monster movie and video games.

Download Scary Beast Growling Now

9. Nightmare

Filled with dark and spooky buzzing drones, pulses, and background children’s voices and screams, this terrifying atmosphere is definitely the stuff of nightmares. Use it as a creepy soundscape in the background of your projects – trailers, short films, and video games.

Download Nightmare Now

10. Ominous Scary Nature Sounds Pack

It’s useful to create a collection of relevant sound effects for your project because you never know when you might stumble on the perfect sound. There are 3 audio clips in this pack and it’s entirely up to you how you use them.

Download Ominous Scary Nature Sounds Pack Now

11. Creepy Eerie Rumble

5 short sound effects that create suspense, available for you to download right away and include in your video projects. 5 perfectly creepy rumbles perfect for trailers, short films, video games, and other eerie projects.

Download Now

12. Scary Forest

High-pitched violins shriek and wail in this terrifying soundscape ideal for conjuring the atmosphere of a scary forest. Silhouetted trees, screaming bats, and strange footsteps not far behind you…do you dare enter the haunted wood?

Download Scary Forest Now

13. Scary Piano Impact

This audio file includes 3 discordant piano clashes, which are great for transitions, text animations, and pulling the attention in exciting moments of your film. Build suspense with audio effects like this to grab your audience’s attention and never let go.

Download Scary Piano Impact Now

14. Creepy Flashback Transition

This is a brilliant set of sound effects to accompany creepy flashbacks. Imagine a scene in which your film’s main character begins to realize who they really are, or supernatural powers grant them a vision into the future. This audio will bring the audience right along with them.

Download Creepy Flashback Transition Now

15. Evil Infernal Atmospheres

These haunting ambient sounds will be perfect for your underworld scenes, cinematic intros, horror projects, dark and bizarre video games, evil film sequences, and other suspenseful moments.

Download Evil Infernal Atmospheres Now

16. Creepy Low Drone Atmosphere

If you’re looking for a generally creepy drone ambient soundscape to play in the background of your films and video game levels, look no further than this atmospheric drone sound effect. Simply download the WAV and insert it directly into your project.

Download Creepy Low Drone Atmosphere Now

17. Creepy Dark Textures

These cinematic horror sounds are ear-piercing, throbbing, and metallic sound effects that will be more than suitable for your modern video games, horror movies, and scary online videos. All you need to do is download the audio file and pick the moment you like the best.

Download Creepy Dark Textures Now

18. Essential Horror Ambience Pack

If you’re not looking for a specific sound effect, but need an ongoing ambient soundscape that conjures a creepy horror atmosphere, look no further than this 2-minute audio file. Perfect for scary videos and video games!

Download Essential Horror Ambience Pack Now

19. Transitions For Horror Productions

This audio file is exactly what it says on the tin; a set of 5 creepy sound effects for transitions in your horror productions. Use them with your video transitions, intros, title sequences, logo reveals, and trailers to elevate the quality of your projects.

Download Transitions For Horror Productions Now

20. Creepy Movie Background Halloween Pack

This is a creepy soundscape inspired by Halloween and other celebrations of horror imagery. The audio file contains a long, 2-minute background soundscape, a shorter 30-second edit, and a 12-second edit for social media videos.

Download Creepy Movie Background Halloween Pack Now

21. Creepy Trailer Stinger

Use these short 7-second stings in your creepy movie trailers to create a suspenseful atmosphere and pull your audiences in. This one is especially great if you have gargoyles and creatures as part of your shots.

Download Creepy Trailer Stinger Now

22. Dark Texture

An evil temple, an underground lair, an alien spaceship…this creepy synth audio track is the perfect accompaniment to any kind of location you just don’t really want to find yourself in. Perfect for films and video games, all you need to do is download the audio file and drop it into your project.

Download Dark Texture Now

23. Scary Metal Groan Sounds

The royalty-free sound effects pack makes for great sound effects in your film but also creates a creepy vibe in your trailers and Halloween-themed logo stings. The rumbling audio is low and barely noticeable…but it’s super scary.

Download Scary Metal Groan Sounds Now

24. Exorcism

What does a demon sound like when it’s being forced from its mortal host by a powerful priest? Well, hit the play button and find out for yourself. These terrifying sound effects were created with exorcism in mind, but you can use them in all kinds of other creepy projects too.

Download Exorcism Now

25. Wind Sound Effect

Add an intense, dramatic, and slightly terrifying ambiance to your thriller or horror videos with these wind sound effects. Especially to build your story for your audience, the howling wind sound will give anyone the creeps from the get-go.

Download Wind Sound Effect Now 

26. Gloomy Dark Soundscape

Picture a haunted house on a dark, lonely hill or a dungeon, deep underground or a long-abandoned mine where people have gone missing. If you’re looking for a gloomy soundscape to accompany your creepy film locations and video game levels, look no further.

Download Gloomy Dark Soundscape Now

27. Creepy Lullaby

Is there anything creepier than a lullaby in a horror film? The steady, rhythmic glockenspiel and violins come together to create a wonderfully mysterious piece of music, perfect for your Halloween projects.

Download Creepy Lullaby Now

28. Dark Scary Creepy Horror Music

The music in this track would be right at home in any Halloween-themed horror movie. Feel the hairs standing up on the back of your neck and increase the tension with this royalty-free music.

Download Dark Scary Creepy Horror Music Now

29. Desolated Ambience

This audio file contains 3 long, pulsating, and dark synth drones with lots of evil sounds and creepy textures. It will work perfectly as a soundtrack for your sci-fi alien planets or desolate places in your movies.

Download Desolated Ambience Now

30. Creep SFX pack

Mysterious alien clicking. Creepy static. Scratching. All the kinds of horror sound effects you need for your Halloween project. Choose your favorite from the 4 sound effects included in this pack.

Download Creep SFX pack Now

31. Voodoo

Include some mysticism in your projects with these exotic-sounding instruments. 3 synthesized, dark, and foreboding sound effects would be perfect for any kind of film exploring voodoo and shaman magic.

Download Voodoo Now

32. Pass By Scary Music

This series of short audio stings is ideal for trailers, movie titles, and short creepy social media videos. There are 5 clips to choose from in this pack, so pick your favorite and have fun!

Download Pass By Scary Music Now

Creepy sound effects can make the difference between making a forgettable video and making an incredible one. The right suspenseful atmosphere can come down to the kind of sound effects used in the background or over a transition, so choose carefully. Motion Array has a huge range of creepy sound effects to choose from, so dig in and pick your favorites to download.

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