25 Easy to Use Popular TikTok Sound Effects for Perfect Video Edits

Royalty Free Music 26/01/2022 6 min read

Everyone wants to be TikTok’s next biggest star, right? But to get there, you need to think creatively about how you’re making your videos. There are tons of pre-existing sound effects to use in your videos, but why not think outside the box to find what else you can use? 

Whether you’re looking for the next iconic dance tune or hilarious reaction sound effect, check out this list of 25 royalty-free sound effects from Motion Array. Read on to learn how to incorporate sound effects into your TikToks.

Part 1: Top Useful & Polished TikTok Sound Effects for Perfect Videos

1. Merry Christmas Chipmunks

Looking for something festive to spice up your Christmas TikToks? This hilarious collection of soundbites features the words ‘Merry Christmas’ in a chipmunk voice, perfect for reacting to someone falling over in the snow!

Download Merry Christmas Chipmunks Now

2. Minions Voice

Download this pack to get six versions of high-pitched chatter from the lovable Minions from Universal Pictures’ Despicable Me series. It’s a pretty unmistakable sound effect for fans of the films, and great for laying over your funny videos.

Download Minions Voice Now

3. Robotic Voice 15 Seconds

Your very own personal robot servant, packaged up as a 15-second clip for you to cut down and choose your favorite moments. Each one can be used in plenty of scenarios, but the “foolish human” line would go well with so many videos.

Download Robotic Voice 15 Seconds Now

4. Man Says Wow

If you were to guess what’s included in an audio file called ‘Man Says Wow’, what would be your first guess? If it’s a man saying wow, unfortunately, you’re incorrect. This is ten variants of a man saying wow.

Download Man Says Wow Now

5. Baby Talking

If you’re looking for some childish, baby-talking sounds, this file is a great selection. It’s 42 seconds of straight-talking baby talking, all of which would be perfect for your latest TikTok.

Download Baby Talking Now

6. Crowd Reaction

To be honest, you could use this crowd reaction sound effect in pretty much any TikTok video you make. Someone falling over? Crowd reaction. Rejected proposal? Crowd reaction. Amazing dance skills? Crowd reaction. Download the royalty-free crowd reaction now.

Download Crowd Reaction Now

7. Ding Echo Combo

The ding echo combo sound effect is an absolute dream when it comes to game show parodies. If you’re making a video of someone doing something ridiculous, add in some sarcastic ding sound effects for hilarious results.

Download Ding Echo Combo Now

8. Fairy Godmother Arrival

Don’t you wish this played out loud every time you entered a room? Well, you can make it happen in your TikTok, just download this sparkly magical arrival sound effect and add it to a video!

Download Fairy Godmother Arrival Now

9. Orchestral Risers

Looking for a creepy vibe for your TikToks? You found it. Creaking doors, going into dark rooms, a general spooky kind of atmosphere…these sound effects straight out of a horror film are perfect.

Download Orchestral Risers Now

10. Music Rewind

Hol’ up. Wait a minute. Did that really just happen? Rewind the best moments in hilarious videos with the help of this brilliant music rewind sound effect. Choose from three classic VHS-era effects.

Download Music Rewind Now

11. Fail Trumpet And Trombone

Is there any better sound effect than the ‘wah wah wah’ of the trombone? It’s the perfect accompaniment to anyone failing, especially if you caught it on camera and it happened to end up on TikTok…

Download Fail Trumpet And Trombone Now

12. Nervous Vibrato Violin 2

There’s something about the violin that just makes it brilliant in any situation. Whether you want to use it seriously or add it to a funny video of your friends, this nervous vibrato violin is actually pretty versatile.

Download Nervous Vibrato Violin 2 Now

13. Angel Choir

Ah yes, the sound of epiphany. Or the discovery of delicious food. Whether the subject in your video has uncovered the Ark of the Covenant or the perfect chocolate brownie, the angel choir is always the correct sound effect to choose.

Download Angel Choir Now

14. Chord Opener

Looking for funky, retro detective vibes? These three vibrato chords pack a lot of atmosphere into just a few seconds. The audience will get exactly what you’re going for when you throw this into the mix.

Download Chord Opener Now

15. Dance Elements

If this isn’t the next viral dance track for TikTok, I don’t know what is. You can even sample it, take elements and remix it into other tracks and your own videos. The ten elements included in the file are all loopable.

16. Punches

The kind of sound effects that Hollywood could only dream of. These absolutely classic punch sound effects are perfect for retro movies and video game-themed TikToks. It’ll take you straight back to the good old days of Tekken. Yeah, the first one.

Download Punches Now

17. Boy Saying Days Of The Week

Yep, pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. You never know when this might come in handy, and I can definitely think of some hilarious daily habits my partner has that this would go perfectly with.

Download Boy Saying Days Of The Week Now

18. Bouncy Ringtones

Here’s a bunch of looping ringtone sound effects for you, each one more lively and bumpier than the last. You can’t always get away with branded ringtones in your videos, so these help you navigate copyright nicely.

Download Bouncy Ringtones Now

19. Rubber Toy Duck

You know the bright yellow rubber ducks that squeak when you squeeze them? The ones that dogs love? Here’s a whole audio file packed with that sound effect. Why? Because why not? Chuck them into your pet videos to help bring them to life

Download Rubber Toy Duck Now

20. Girl Sings in The Shower

You might want to block your ears for this one…a girl “sings” in the shower but whether she’s any good is up for debate. It’s a pretty funny sound effect that could be great for dubbing over the real audio.

Download Girl Sings in The Shower Now

21. Choir

Another angelic choir, this time much more subdued. Imagine the kind of peace someone gets when walking into an impressive cathedral – these three audio options are perfect for that scene.

Download Choir Now

22. Choir Singing Tada, Amazing, Sweet

There’s something weirdly hilarious about a fully professional choir singing regular words like “sweet”. Imagine a video of someone performing (or failing) with the angelic singing of “Ta-da!” Brilliant.

Download Choir Singing Tada, Amazing, Sweet Now

23. Voice Expression Eww

If you’re looking for a strong expressive sound, you found it. And a few other versions of it. Show your mild disgust with this funny audio recording, the word “eww” spoken by an older girl and a younger girl.

Download Voice Expression Eww Now

24. Voice O My Gosh Welcome Hey Wow

Here’s a bumper pack for you. 17 variants of female phrases like “Oh my gosh,” “welcome,” “hey,” “wow,” and plenty more. You never know when you might need these, so it’s always worth having a big old pack of audio files in your library just in case.

Download Voice O My Gosh Welcome Hey Wow Now

25. Female Robot AI Phrases

Give a voice to a friendly machine with this pack of robot AI phrases. There are 14 to pick from on this audio file, perfect for adding some color to your TikToks.

Download Female Robot AI Phrases Now

Part 2: How to Add & Use TikTok Sound Effects (Voice Effects)

To be able to use some of these custom sound effects, edit your video using software like Premiere Pro, export your video with specific settings then upload it to TikTok. 

  1. Click Ctrl+M or Cmd+M on your keyboard to open up the export settings dialogue box.
  2. In the export settings, under Format make sure H.264 is selected.
  3. Check the Render at Maximum Depth box.
  4. Under the Video tab setting, go to the Bitrate Settings and under the Bitrate Encoding select CBR (constant bitrate). Then set the Target Bitrate slider to 15Mb/s.
  5. Finally, check the Use Maximum Render Quality box.
  6. For the audio options, go back to the top and under Audio Format to make sure AAC is checked.
  7. You can save these settings as a preset as you see fit.

You can upload to TikTok one of 2 ways: exporting to your mobile device or uploading to TikTok desktop. It works better to upload from your smartphone so it can easily seem more native on TikTok. Make sure the video has some captions and effects as well.

  1. Firstly, open up the TikTok app.
  2. Tap the Plus icon to start a new video.
  3. Tap the red Record icon to record a new video. The audio you record will be the audio you save as a sound effect.
  4. Tap the red circle again to finish recording, then tap the red checkmark at the bottom right of the screen.
  5. Edit the audio using the options in the side panel on the right. You can slow it down, speed it up, and add effects.
  6. Tap Next, then tap Post to post your TikTok.
  7. When viewing your TikTok, tap the spinning record in the bottom right of the screen. Tap Add to favorites to use the audio later or Use this sound to use it now.

Sound effects are key to making engaging, shareable, viral TikToks. If you want to create truly customized TikToks, spend a decent amount of time editing your content to make it perfect, then either upload it and save it for later use or post it straight away. TikTok sound effects can be frightening or hilarious, so choose the right one that works for your videos.