Top 25 Beautiful Classical & Modern Violin Music for Creatives

Royalty Free Music 04/05/2022 4 min read

Some instruments evoke a higher emotional investment than others, and the violin is one of those. With the power to create sad, expressive scenes, along with bright and hopeful ones, chances are there’s a great piece of royalty-free violin music out there for you to add to your next project.

The Best Modern Fiddle & Violin Music for Romantic Video Intros

1. A Gentle Touch

A Gentle Touch features a twirling violin that’s perfect for the opening shots of a historical piece. It’s a short track with a simple sound that’s perfect for an introduction.

Download A Gentle Touch Now

2. Puppet Dance

If you’re looking for a piece of violin music that demands attention, you’ll find it with Puppet Dance. This Italian-inspired piece feature piano and a string quartet that bounces around in a classical tune. 

Download Puppet Dance Now

3. Antique Violin

Cinematic and tender, Antique Violin features a collection of violins, strings, pianos, and soft percussion. It’s a gorgeous piece to pair with your next nature-focused documentary.

Download Antique Violin Now

4. Prelude To Moonlight – J. S. Bach

Featuring the violin, cello, and an orchestra, Prelude To Moonlight – J. S. Bach is a beautiful but somber piece. The royalty-free violin music has a classic vibe that’s a great fit for your next creative photography presentation.

Download Prelude To Moonlight – J. S. Bach Now

5. Life Belongs To You

Cheerful and energetic, Life Belongs to You is an expressive cinematic piece that features violins and cellos alongside SFX. Whether you’re creating a compelling corporate piece or opening a dramatic film, it just might be the perfect fit.

Download Life Belongs To You Now

6. Chin Up

Chin Up has a magical sensation to it, fit for a great modern ballroom dance scene. It combines a cheerful mood and carefree mood with classic instruments for a track that has a little sparkle.

Download Chin Up Now

7. Violin Touch

Violin Touch has a little more of a classic instrumental vibe to it. In addition to the violins, this track also features percussion, drums, piano, and pads. It makes a great backing for a corporate advertising piece.

Download Violin Touch Now

8. Spark Of Hope

Though empowering, Spark of Hope has a more serious feel to it. Combining a series of solo string instruments, including the violin, viola, cello, double bass, and piano, this royalty-free track has a cinematic build.

Download Spark Of Hope Now

9. Faceless World

Faceless World features a circling sound that’s reminiscent of complex drama show openings. Featuring, perc, Glock, strings, and harps it’ll create an inspiring ambiance in your next project.

Download Faceless World Now

10. Old French Jazz Club

Designed as the perfect backdrop for an upper-class garden party, Old French Jazz Club pairs guitar solos with cool violin melodies. This upbeat track puts a fun twist on the classic violin tune. 

Download Old French Jazz Club Now

11. Desert Tension

Desert Tension is the perfect backdrop for your desert sand scene. Culturally inspired, it combines a sad and mournful mood with a touch of thoughtful spirituality.

Download Desert Tension Now

12. Irish Legacy

For something with a traditional Irish feel, there’s Irish Legacy. Featuring classic instruments such as violin, guitars, accordion, fiddle, tin whistle, and bodhran drum, this celebration of Celtic Heritage creates a cheery Irish pub vibe.

Download Irish Legacy Now

13. Celtic Festival

Celtic Festival is another distinctly Irish tune. This royalty-free track features fast-paced guitars, fiddle, violin, tin whistle, accordion, and bodhran drum. Whether you’re creating a Celtic historical piece or promoting a St. Patrick’s Day event, it’ll make for a great fit.   

Download Celtic Festival Now

14. Look Ahead

Bringing a distinct but distinguished corporate vibe, Look Ahead is a cinematic pick for violin music. It features a combination of viola, double bass, cello, violins, woodwinds, piano, bells, and percussion.

Download Look Ahead Now

15. Give Warmth

Give Warmth is a romantic and lyrical track that makes for a great audio partner to your next love story. Featuring a combination of violin, chamber strings, and orchestra, it provides a heartwarming tale of its own.

Download Give Warmth Now

16. Beethoven Symphony No 5

Who doesn’t love the classics? This is exactly what you get with Beethoven Symphony No 5, which brings together a string quartet for their rendition of this popular piece.

Download Beethoven Symphony No 5 Now

17. Can Can

Another historic pick, the Can Can is a fun, recognizable tune that is sure to delight audiences. This royalty-free track is performed by a string quartet that features two violins, a viola, and a cello.

Download Can Can Now

18. Innocence

Innocence is a tender melody that will fit perfectly for your next wedding video or baby announcement. It features a combination of lush strings, telling percussion, and a stand-out violin. 

Download Innocence Now

19. Mediterranean Flowers

While Mediterranean Flowers is inspired by Sicilian, Italian and Mediterranean cultures, it also has a touch of the Middle East in it. Performed by a combination of strings and percussion, this track deserves to join your next film project. 

Download Mediterranean Flowers Now

20. Tragedy From The Past

Tragedy From The Past delivers on its title, serving up airy cellos, a soft piano, and a solo violin. If you need a soundtrack for your next funeral scene, this might just make for an ideal fit.

Download Tragedy From The Past Now

21. Violin Life

Violin Life is dainty and dramatic. Featuring an atmospheric orchestra, staccato violin, and rhythmic percussion, it is a gorgeous piece that will fit as a backing for your nature-inspired or motivational content. 

Download Violin Life Now

22. Fly Over Fear

Romantic visuals become top-of-mind when you start listening to the atmospheric and emotional tune that is Fly Over Fear. This classical score features violin and percussion pads and will match well with your next romance film. 

Download Fly Over Fear Now

23. Early To Tell

Early To Tell is an emotional atmospheric piece that features an orchestral string quartet that’s letting out a melancholic mood. While this might not make the perfect track to pair with your child’s birthday party scene, it will bring the drama to something more intense. 

Download Early To Tell Now

24. Dying Wish

Dying Wish is a beautiful tragic tune. This piece of royalty-free violin music was designed to pull on your heartstrings, evoking an air of sadness and grief that might work well backing a somber scene in your next project. 

Download Dying Wish Now

25. The Spirit Of Eire

If you need a powerful Irish tune that will provide your audience with a burst of energy, you’ll want to check out The Spirit of Eire. It features rock guitar, a violin melody, accordion, Irish whistle, bass, drums, and background vocals.

Download The Spirit Of Eire Now

From backing a visually powerful ballroom scene to providing a somber mood during a film funeral, there’s a piece of royalty-free violin music that’s a great match for every project. If you’re looking for great audio pieces to add to your next project, you can find these and thousands more on Motion Array.

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