20 Attention-Grabbing Animated Fonts & Texts for Creatives

Video Effects 26/03/2021 4 min read

Whether you’re creating a typography video or just trying to add some excitement to a business presentation, animated fonts and texts are a great tool to use. Whatsmore, you don’t need to spend time and energy creating your title animations from scratch when you have these awesome animated font presets to add to your library.

Top 20 Animated Fonts & Texts to Spice Up Your Videos

You can find downloadable animated fonts for all of the main editor suites. Some will come as projects that you can open and customize; others will be plugins that you can install and are usable from your editing suite title browser.

1. Maze Animated Typeface

The Maze Animated Typeface for Premiere Pro is a stunning stroke-based font with a smooth dynamic animation. The single stroke lines forming a maze-like block lettering offer a vast range of customization with other effects, ideal for neon, glitch, and glow styles.

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2. Gabrielle Animated Font

Gabrielle Animated Font for After Effects is a beautiful handwritten font with smooth-flowing animation. The minimal style and clean lines make the font easy to read, even as paragraphs, while the long stretched capital letters offer a unique twist.

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3. Sci Fi Circuit

Taking your viewer inside a world of circuits and screens, the Sci-Fi Circuit projects of Adobe After Effects are ideal for futuristic and technology-based content. The neon electrical pulses and elaborate circuitry are sure to help your video stand out from the crowd.

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4. Animated Text Presets Vol 1

The Animated Text Presets Vol 1 pack is a massive, action-packed template set for Final Cut Pro. With 30 dynamic title animations, you are sure to find something for your project. The variety and quality of these text presets make it a must-have for any FCP Editor.

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5. Watson Animated Handwriting

The Watson Animated Handwriting template for Premiere Pro offers a beautifully designed cursive font elegantly written across the screen. Its cursive nature can make it tricky to read in large blocks, so it is best used for short messaging and title fonts.

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6. Avocado Animated Handwriting

Avocado is a stunning and modern cursive typeface with a fun and friendly design. Ideal for creatives and independent businesses, the eye-catching text is swiftly drawn on the screen in random order. At the same time, the pump lettering offers plenty of opportunity for added effects.

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7. Esquire Animated Text

The Esquire Animated Text template for After Effects is a stunningly designed, old-fashioned style font. With thin tapered lines and enormous swirl flourishes, this eye-catching typography template is sure to wow your audience.

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8. Engineer Animated Handwriting

Engineer Animated Handwriting is a powerful preset for Premiere Pro. The handwritten font is clean and minimal, allowing you to use it for longer messaging, while the smooth and subtle write-on effect adds a touch of elegance.

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9. Ash Tree Animated Font

This After Effects project includes the whole English alphabet, numbers, and special characters in a wonderfully designed and creatively animated typeface. The smooth curvy lines and simple flourishes offer an elegant touch for event videos and slideshows.

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10. Calligraphy Animated Handwriting

Calligraphy Animated Handwriting is an easy-to-use After Effects project perfect for a variety of video types. The clean lines and chunky text make the typeface easy to read, while the curvy flourishes add elegance and sophistication.

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11. Glow Titles

Glow Animated Titles is an extraordinary Premiere Pro template, sure to grab your viewer’s attention. The bold typeface is modern and straightforward, while the glowing, shimmering colors provide a glossy finish to your text, perfect for music, fashion, and event videos.

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12. Paper Animated Typeface

This After Effects template includes the whole English alphabet, numbers, and special characters in a unique flip-book style animation. The customizable colored layers and swift flip animation give the feel of sticky paper notes being stacked up, a fun twist to the corporate typography style.

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13. Anarchy Animated Typeface

The Anarchy Animated Typeface for After Effects is a modern, grunge-looking typeface with two-tone colors. The jagged front gives the impression of chalk or spray paint writing, complete with additional paint drop flourishes for a truly artistic look.

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14. Style Animated Typeface

The Stylish Animated Typeface project for Premiere Pro offers a simple and beautifully designed font, great for short and long messaging. The template’s uniqueness is in the stunning, dynamic animation, offering three color combinations that cause each other to form the lettering.

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15. Chalk Board Animated Handwriting

The Chalk Board Animated Handwriting template for Adobe AE is precisely what the name suggests; a chalkboard style write-on typography animation. Not only does the template come with a great typeface with dynamic animation, but the template also offers a chalkboard-style wipe-off animation.

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16. Animated Sketch Style

Recreate the hand-drawn style with this charming After Effects template that features the whole alphabet, punctuation, and numbers, all 100% drawn by hand. Simple to use and creatively animated, this is perfect for social media, educational videos, promotions, presentations, and slideshows.

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17. Retro Titles

Featuring nine stunning era-appropriate-themed text animations, Retro Titles has all the 8-bit inspiration you could need to add that authentic feel to your gaming videos, reviews, or demonstrations.

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18. Lyrics Animated Text

Lyrics Animated Text is one After Effects template that nobody should be without as it is highly versatile, thanks to its dynamically animated text. Easily add lyrics to music videos or fun on-screen text in a Vlog, trailers, or even presentations. 

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19. Atrium Animated Font

Atrium is an impressive After Effects template that offers a wide range of more than 40 sophistically animated glyphs (letters, figures, and main signs). Atrium goes one step further with three characters’ variations for even more choice; a must-have for anyone starting their editing journey.

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20. Animated Text

This vibrant and modern Premiere Pro template feature offers 6 bold full-screen title animations. The 2 lines of text are as easy to edit as the background and text colors. Animated Text is ideal for adding impact to your opening titles, presentations, slideshows, and music videos.

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Animated Fonts are a great way to grab your viewer’s attention and drive home your message. Using pre-animated text templates is an excellent way of saving time and energy without cutting on the quality. If you’d like to learn to create your text or typography elements from scratch, check out this handy tutorial for kinetic typography in After Effects or creating your own text animations in Premiere Pro.

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