The 10 Best & Easiest To Use Cartoon Explosions For Video

Video Effects 16/07/2020 4 min read

Cartoon Explosions are a lot of fun and can be used in various ways across different project types. The sets of pre-animated effects can be used within your video to add a cool effect to movements, typography animations, and transitions.

The fun and vibrant animation style are perfect for fast-paced, exciting videos, such as events, showreels, promotional films, and music videos. Once you have a pack ready to go, it can be used repeatedly, building a library of cool go-to effects.

Part 1: 10 Cartoon Explosions That Will Rock Your Socks Off

1. Cartoon Explosion for After Effects

The Cartoon Explosion Elements pack contains ten stunning neon style animations. The various flashes and electric type explosions can be customized to your own color choice and built up in layers to create new, exciting effects.

Download Cartoon Explosion for After Effects Now

2. Cartoon Explosions Alpha

Offering the same animated elements as number one on the list, you can also download this pack as Alpha layers, transparent layers you can use in any editing software. As these are .mov files, the customization is limited, but the kit comes with both Glow and no Glow options, allowing you to add your effects.

Download Cartoon Explosions Alpha Now

3. Energy Explosion Generators

The Energy Explosion Generator is a powerful Final Cut Pro project containing 12 electrically charged animated elements. The neon glow can be fully customized to suit your needs, and effects can be layered up to create substantial electrical charges. These awesome animations work perfectly in tech and sport-related projects.

Download Energy Explosion Generators Now

4. Flash FX

The Flash FX project can be used to create stunning transitions and action flourishes in your video projects. The beautiful hand-drawn cartoon embellishments work perfectly in sports and events promos, music videos, and trailers.

Download Flash FX Now

5. Liquid Elements Explosions

This Premiere Pro pack of Liquid Explosions offers a smoother, softer feeling explosion than the electrical energy style elements. The dynamic animations and billowing shapes could also be used for cartoon smoke effects.

Download Liquid Elements Explosions Now

6. Liquid Element Explosions 2

The second Liquid Elements pack contains a further 12 stunning hand-drawn animations, with a liquidy, smokey style. Less practical as transitions, these flourishes can be used perfectly in typography style videos to make your text stand out.

Download Liquid Element Explosions 2 Now

7. Liquid Elements Explosions 3

The third and final Liquid Elements Explosions pack contains another 12 beautifully composed and animated embellishments. Together these three packs offer a powerful 36 animated flourishes, ready to use in your Premiere projects.

Download Liquid Elements Explosions 3 Now

8. Hand Drawn Explosion Elements

The Hand Drawn Explosion pack was created for Final Cut Pro and contains eight animated flourishes and two full-screen transitions. The bright electrically charged elements can be used across various projects, including music videos, showreels, and promotions campaigns.

Download Hand Drawn Explosion Elements Now

9. Liquid Element Explosions for After Effects

The Liquid Element Explosions for After Effects contain the same stunning flourishes as number 6 on this list. Editing the elements in After Effects gives you a range of new customizable options and a ton more effects to add to it.

Download Liquid Element Explosions for AE Now

10. Cartoon Explosion FX

The customizable Cartoon Explosions pack by Raving Bots is intended for 2D games, but the animation is so cool that you may want to consider it for your video projects. The six designs are hugely customizable, allowing you to create something unique for your project.

Download Cartoon Explosion FX Now

Part 2: Smart Tips and Techniques When Using Cartoon Explosion Templates

There are many ways in which you can use animated flourishes in your project; only your imagination limits you. The technique for adding them to your project, however, is always the same.

Step 1: Open or Import your Cartoon Elements effect project. Once you do, you should find each of the elements clearly labeled in the Project Browser panel.

Step 2: Import your clips or create your text animation as you usually would. Once you are done, decide on the flourish you want to use and drag and drop it above the video or text layer. Change the size, position, and rotation of the animation until you are satisfied. Remember, timing is incredibly important when adding your animated embellishments. Try and add the explosions where there is an action that could be the cause of it.

Step 3: To change the color of the element, double click the animation composition. Within the element composition, select the layer and go to the Effects Control Panel, here you will find the color controls.

Cartoon Explosions and Energy Effects are a fun and unique way of adding excitement to your video and typography projects. These effects may not suit every video project, but for those that do, you are sure to impress both your viewers and clients. Now you know where to get these awesome effects, and how to use them, get downloading and give it a go.

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